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The 2012 Olympics: The Greatest Show on Earth

“The 2012 Games will bring hope, then euphoria”

 The Olympics offer a unique chance for everyone to be involved, says the Mayor, starting with London’s Host City Volunteer Project. 

In retrospect I think I made one false prophecy at the Beijing Olympic Games a year ago.  I said that the euphoria would soon die down, and that the memory of Team GB’s amazing success would start to fade. I predicted that public attitudes to the London Olympics would curdle, and the murmur of complaint would turn into a roar.  I warned that the press would be seized by a fit of Olympo-scepticism which would last until the Games were about to begin.
And then suddenly, just as the eyes of the world were turning to London, the mood would turn again, and the nation would be gripped by optimism and enthusiasm in 2012, just as they were in the summer of 2008.