Boris Johnson: The first London Mayor of ‘Muslim extraction’

Addressing the 9th World Islamic Economic Forum, the London Mayor told the story of his great-great-grandfather Ahmed Hamdi, a Muslim entrepreneur.

“I am very proud to be here this morning because I am sure that I am the first Mayor of London of partly Muslim extraction, and indeed the descendant of a Muslim entrepreneur by the name of Ahmed Hamdi.

“My father’s father’s father’s father – a pious man of Anatolia who made the Haj and who more or less cornered the beeswax market in Istanbul, which was a very good idea because you needed beeswax candles to light the mosques.

“So he was in the same commercially agreeable position as the big six energy companies in Britain today, though his prices were obviously more reasonable.

“He flourished mightily minding his own beeswax, as we say in England.”

One thought on “Boris Johnson: The first London Mayor of ‘Muslim extraction’”

  1. My Life, you are an Apostate Already!

    Fortunately civilised people do not care at all about another chap’s religion. Just about the way be behaves. Lets keep it that way.

    But Respect is a two-way street – something of an alien concept to the fundis

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