Boris Johnson accused of sexism after joking that women go to university to find a husband

Mr Johnson then interjected, saying that the female students Mr Razak was referring to “have got to find men to marry”.

Kate Green MP, Labour’s Shadow Equality Minister, called on Mr Johnson to apologise for his “outdated opinions”.

“Boris Johnson may think his buffoonery allows him to get away with his outdated opinions but this isn’t funny,” she said.

“These comments are insulting to the women across the country and across the world who have gone to university, worked hard and used their talents to get on. He should apologise.”

The Everyday Sexism campaign group tweeted that the remarks were “pathetically archaic, unacceptably sexist and hopelessly out of touch”.

A City Hall source said that Mr Johnson’s comments were “off the cuff” and said they were “clearly intended as a joke”.

“He does not, of course, think that at all,” the source said. “It was completely light-hearted. It has been misconstrued.”

Another official present at the event said there was laughter and groans from the audience following Mr Johnson’s comment, but insisted that it was seen as a joke by the audience.

Mr Johnson met his first wife, Allegra Mostyn-Owen, while studying classics at Oxford.

Mr Johnson last month described David Cameron as a “girly swot” because he got a first class degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics at Oxford.

The Mayor of London got a 2:1 degree from Balliol College.

2 thoughts on “Boris Johnson accused of sexism after joking that women go to university to find a husband”

  1. who cares what the humourless classes think? particularly someone concerned about the equality of shadows,

    Lord protect us from righteous piety.but particularly lefteous piety

    Glory in their contempt!

  2. most of men become fat and lazy after marriage and all they do are sitting on a couch drinking watching tv or secretly hooked by free porn on their computers after work. the women have to work too but women also have to work the house keeping and taking care of the kids.

    husband is not a good deal for women nowadays because too many husbands bring home little bacons and in many case less than the wives bring home. male species are deteriorating fast. why do we need more males then it’s necessary? in other animal kingdoms they only need few strongest and the most superior males with large population of females to keep the population going. there are no needs for more males since females do most of the works.

    societies are more efficient and economical when there are either 1) a brad pitt with his group of women, or 2) like the bees or ants family: a queen bee or queen ant with the rest of her working bees or ants.


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