Boris Johnson: ‘Margaret Thatcher was a revolutionary and a liberator’

The Mayor of London said that Margaret Thatcher’s greatest achievement was to “knock on the head the defeatism and the pessimism of the post-war consensus”.

“She freed millions of people to buy their own homes, to buy shares in British companies and yes, sometimes the things that she said were tough, but I think when you look back, she was overwhelmingly right in her judgements,” he said.

“She was right about the unions, she was right about the threat of Soviet communism and I think she’s been proved overwhelmingly right about the euro.”

He added that her memory would live on and that Britain remained “very much in her debt”.

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Source: ITN

One thought on “Boris Johnson: ‘Margaret Thatcher was a revolutionary and a liberator’”

  1. Her problem was that she was usually right. “Usually” is not “always”, for any of us. Only mad people do not sometimes u-turn, sometimes she did (quietly) – personally I made her once in 1981 when she tried to ensure that a Central Government IT procurement went to ICL, contrary to the EU Second Supplies Directive. its a shame someone did not stop her getting the poll tax horribly wrong, despite the correctness of the philosophy. Where was her consigliere?

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