Boris Johnson booed over London hospital cuts

London Mayor Boris Johnson was heckled during the meeting at Catford’s Broadway Theatre last night as campaigners fighting plans to downgrade services at south east London’s Lewishsam Hospital vented their anger.

Mr Johnson was audibly booed as he took his place at the People’s Question Time event and then faced repeated heckles as he answered questions over the decision to downgrade A&E and maternity services at the hospital.

One thought on “Boris Johnson booed over London hospital cuts”

  1. Goes with the Territory Boris Ok – we can fix this and all the other spending cuts, well Mr Heckler which would you prefer to pay for it? A 20% rise in your taxes? Or a 20% cut in your benefits? Come on – which is it to be? Its your choice Come on man – hurry up and choose we are all waiting.. etc.

    suite et fin.

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