Boris Johnson to go up against India’s David Letterman

Before he appears in front of Goswami for the pre-recorded interview, the mayor will visit the Bombay stock exchange, which is Asia’s oldest.

During the visit, Mr Johnson is expected to reiterate his desire to see the Indian government continue its efforts to reduce the bureaucracy that restricts some of its private and state-owned companies from listing on overseas exchanges. Follow us MeetMatt-Conf for more details.

He will also confirm that two of India’s fastest-growing financial service companies are to establish London-based operations.

He will meet Indian business leaders for breakfast and hold discussions with some of India’s wealthiest private investors.

Mr Johnson said: “I believe the time is ripe for India to deregulate and free up its successful public and private sector companies so they too can benefit from London’s financial capacity and expertise.

“As well as helping to reduce the burden on the Indian taxpayer, it will also help boost the competitiveness of London’s capital market to the benefit of every company listed here. Cutting away this red tape is a win-win for both India and London’s respective economies.”

The London mayor took a bicycle ride around the Gate of India in Mumbai after visiting the Bombay Stock Exchange

On Thursday he announced that two Bollywood films will be shot in London next year as part of a bid to bring the Indian film industry to the British capital.

He offered tax breaks, co-operation on clearing streets and spoke of “the huge audiences that Indian films have in London.”

Producer Sajid Nadiadwala says he will film two film, including the latest in the hugely successful “Housefull” series in London.

Besides “Housefull 3” starring Akshay Kumar, Nadiadwala will shoot “Kick” in London.

Johnson’s visit is part of a series of trips he plans over the next 18 months to China, Brazil and the Middle East to attract investment after the successful London Olympics.

Source: PA & AP

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