Tory Party Conference: hundreds of supporters queue to see Boris Johnson

Boosted by the London 2012 Olympics, the Mayor of London, arrives amid the sort of expectation and speculation more often associated rock stars.

Mr Johnson is favourite among many Conservative supporters to replace David Cameron as leader of the Conservative Party.

His reception – in a city not noted for its Tory support – was more suited to a rock star than a politician, with crowds of passengers chanting his name at New Street station.

At the conference centre, he was surrounded by a scrum of cameramen and photographers so intense that one was thrown to the floor and required medical attention.

One thought on “Tory Party Conference: hundreds of supporters queue to see Boris Johnson”

  1. There have not been many people in public life who transition from hopefully elected with all their policies to someone who interests and excite young and old alike. However Boris manages this and continues to inspire more and more support rather slip into the usual political life post election.
    The young who generally are uninterested in the political life are simply enthralled and the elder members are energised that we have someone who has broken the mould in some kind of Churchillian way.
    Do not give up on the Estuary Airport and continue to bring a breath of fresh air to normal governance.

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