Nick Clegg brushes off ‘Cleggster’ praise from Boris Johnson

“It is time for us Clegg fans to echo those kindly folk who are trying to save the sweet furry badgers from the wrath of farmers,” the mayor wrote.

“Never mind the badgers – save the Cleggster from extermination!”

Mr Johnson went on: “His wife, Miriam Gonzalez Durantez, is every bit as lovely and clever and funny as she appears.

“I have always thought that if you leave out Europe, he is probably a natural Tory.

“He is certainly tough, and can take a joke.”

Mr Clegg was asked about the article on a visit to an engineering firm during the Lib Dem conference in Brighton.

“I actually haven’t read it but I have heard about it,” he replied.

“Boris is the nation’s greatest celebrity politician and he is much held aloft by the people of London. He is an extremely amusing writer but I don’t think I will be taking my guide from Boris about my own future.

“But I will read the article when I have some time to do so later in the afternoon.”

3 thoughts on “Nick Clegg brushes off ‘Cleggster’ praise from Boris Johnson”

  1. most people simply want a civilised meritocracy sensibly and fairly administered, and that about all. It is true that inherited wealth is not admired, and Eton is a convenient symbol of inherited wealth and the British caste system. We do not want a Britain that is safe for Bankers and Dukes but one that is open and challenging, polite free and secure.

    Nothing to do with left and right wing – outdated terms.

    Decency rules – Orwell would understand that

  2. Inherited wealth is very much admired in this country. And not only by those who inherit it. You may recall a great deal of brouhaha this summer, due to the matriarch of the wealthiest family in the country celebrating sixty years of wealth.

  3. imho the queen is supported despite her inherited wealth fortunately she does not flash it around like a middle-eastern prince, thus avoiding the unpopularity that would bring.

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