Olympic and Paralympic Athletes’ Parade: Boris Johnson pays tribute to Athletes and games makers

Mr Johnson promised to keep it short as the hundreds of athletes behind him had been on floats all day waving their way through the capital and not allowed to “touch a drop of beer”.

Describing the wrap-up as the “final tear sodden juddering climax” Mr Johnson wowed the thousands of revellers in a speech full of patriotism and humour.

He elicited a massive cheer when thanking the military, police, volunteers and helpers, he included G4S after their security fiasco.

“We say thank you to the Armed Services and the police and, and G4S and all the people who work for them, yes.”

3 thoughts on “Olympic and Paralympic Athletes’ Parade: Boris Johnson pays tribute to Athletes and games makers”

  1. there seem to have been very few arrests and almost no need for police. Is it possible that we as a nation have rediscovered our manners?

  2. I loved the bit about it not just being talent or luck, but graft and hard work. A good philosophy and the achievements from the hard work of the less lucky and less talented should be acknowledged – like a C grade in a GCSE foundation course. If they got it, it should be given to them! We are not a nation of losers. Some wins are just a bit bigger than others!

  3. Delighted that Boris thanked security staff. There were thousands of security officers working long hours and always smiling. It has become very tiresome listening to the media congratulating the armed services with little regard for the security staff. There were many more of them than there were armed service personnel. Whilst I appreciate G4S may not have fulfilled their contract, their staff worked well and should not be ignored.

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