Boris Johnson: give children two hours of sport a day

The Mayor, who went to Eton, said he wanted children to have the sort of compulsory sports regime he had at school.

“I would like to see, frankly, the kind of regime I used to enjoy – compulsory two hours sport every day… I’ve no doubt that is the sort of thing that would be wonderful for kids across this country.

“I think it is of profound importance for the happiness and success of this country that we have more sport in schools.”

8 thoughts on “Boris Johnson: give children two hours of sport a day”

  1. Please could you explain to me in educational terms exactly how 2 hours of PE/sport a day can be included in an overcrowded curriculum? I am a retired head teacher and school governor so I do have a good working knowledge of how a primary school works alongwith the experience of introducing phases of the National Curriculum, Literacy and Numercay Stratagies, Assessments, LMS and financial management. I do not expect I will receive a response from you as it looks as if you do not actually have a working knowledge of education and the day to day management of a school!

  2. Good idea, even if it might not be practical with the current epoch of thought.
    A link between university sport science departments with local schools would help with man power. I am sure many students would like the chance to practice science/skills learned, undertake research of how to involve more children in sport/physical activity or helping them find a sport they like and gain work experience. Also maybe the morning assemblies could be done with 30 minutes of light physical activity somehow like the Japanese taiso. 🙂

    Ex RN medic and current sport science student

  3. Boris feels forced to make this statement of the patently bloody obvious. Children benefit from compulsory physical activity and competitive sport. Amazing that we can get to this state of affairs, under a so-called Tory leadership.

    Maybe he should next announce that smoking is harmful, that speeding motorists are bad, and that more policeman on our streets would be welcome. You may have heard a member of the public complaining to the Prime Minister that vital cancer drugs were not available on the NHS due to austerity, but that many,many millions of pounds of aid are given to India, a nuclear power with a space program.

    On the other hand, perhaps it’s me that’s losing it, and not the Tory leadership….

  4. quite a lot of people hate sports at school. young Albert Einstein never understood the offside rule. we seem to be winning lots of medals as things are. Do we want fitter rioters? or would 2 hours literacy education a day be a wiser investment?

  5. I couldn’t agree more with Boris’s comment. I had the same experience at school but, back in the day, we didn’t have personal computers and games consoles in our bedrooms just to ‘keep us quiet’.

    The prevalence of online (facebook) and other social media and computer games are creating a much more lethargic youth, especially after school hours and all schools need more sports, sports time and activities both for physical well-being and for developing the sense of competition.

  6. The only way to progresss is to increase literacy time, numeracy time, and all other educational time by…110%!

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