Fowl play in London mayoral race

A different type of chicken run has been spotted outside City Hall.

A man dressed as a chicken was seen running after a Boris Johnson double on a Boris bike.

“Boris Johns-hen” as the chicken is known, is the brainchild of Ken Livingstone’s campaign to raise money and to draw attention to the Mayor’s apparent failure to debate with his opponents.

Boris Johns-hen‘s” website says that the chicken is “going to be following the Mayor of London over the next few months to expose how he has chickened out of debating his opponents and defending his policies.”

The real Boris Johnson was quick to belittle the stunt: “On the day when I announced that I’d once again frozen council tax, and confirmed that 1,000 more police will be on the beat than at the start of my term, this tired old gimmick shows that Ken Livingstone has nothing new to say and nothing to offer Londoners.”

The London Mayor elections will be held on May 3.