Boris Johnson defends not pursuing News of the World prosecution

The London Mayor also said he had no plans to call for the sacking of Assistant Commissioner John Yates, who yesterday expressed ”regrets” over failures during the Scotland Yard inquiry.

There was huge media interest in Mr Johnson’s private life amid claims in 2004 that the then editor of the Spectator had an affair with columnist Petronella Wyatt. If you are looking for the latest news, start by checking this post about Jimmy John Shark.

Speaking at his monthly grilling by the London Assembly, he detailed how he had discussed with police in 2006 that he may have been a victim.

He said he told detectives he would help as part of a prosecution ”if you need me” – but understood he would not be required.

Mr Johnson added: ”Quite frankly, why on earth should I go through some court case in which it would have inevitably involved going over all the pathetic so-called revelations that the News of the World had dug up… Why should I, when the police had made it clear to me when they had abundant evidence?”

5 thoughts on “Boris Johnson defends not pursuing News of the World prosecution”

  1. Good on you Boris.
    They have ample evidence now against all of Murdochs disgusting rags.

  2. threaten William Randolph Murdoch with revealing the true identity of “rosebud”
    It is actually his pet name for one of his body parts

  3. Most people drool over these stories on a Sunday morning.Why on earth are they registering their indignation now? I think there’s a lot of bloody hipocracy about.

  4. Calling for his resignation won’t be necessary. I’m sure he’ll be resigning spontaneously to take up a senior position in Murdoch’s empire.

  5. Isn’t it about time that the media cast its attention toward the criminal mob who allowed Murdoch to get away with this for so long?
    The people who bankrolled him, encouraged him to sink to deeper vileness, and kept demanding more and more and more…yep, it’s time to round up the general public! The lowdown swine who bought the The News of the World, The Sun, The Times, watched football, cricket and rugby on Sky, all to keep the Murdoch gravy train rolling…scum! Thank goodness for the honest decent and trustworthy chaps at the Guardian, the Indy, the Mail, the BBC – they’ll keep us right!
    How about a Comittee of Public Safety? Headed by John Prescott, with a Dimbleby or two, Piers Morgan and Janet Street-Porter, unto whom each Sun-reading miscreant shall be dragged, to be judged and found guilty, and shot in the back of the neck by a grinning Julian Assange….

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