Where next for climate change ?

Prof. Hal W. Lewis
resigns from the American Physical Society
Resignation letter cites fraud across the field
picture of Hal Lewis

… the global warming scam, with the (literally) trillions of dollars driving it, … has corrupted so many scientists …  It is the greatest and most successful pseudo­scientific fraud I have seen in my long life as a physicist.  …

As regular visitors to these pages over recent months will know, it is rare for Pericles to say anything in a vehement tone.

To-day’s subject however is so important — to the well-being not only of residents of the British Isles but also to those in the far flung corners of the Earth, many of whom will have no access to a computer, many of whom will be largely illiterate — that he departs from his usual conciliatory demeanour.

To-day Pericles urges you to read Prof. Hal Lewis’s letter of resig­nation from the American Physical Society — an organization once thought of as amongst the greatest bodies (if not indeed the greatest) in the field of physics.

Prof. Lewis’s letter is set out in full at Pericles’s own site, together with his commentary.

8 thoughts on “Where next for climate change ?”

  1. We urgently need to begin some proper scientific research into climate variations and the effects, if any, of human activity on it. The last 25 years have been wasted on an Aristotelian approach of arguing from what ‘must be true’ to what is true and then torturing the data to fit the theory. Actual observations of temperature have been corrupted to the point of uselessness and scientific ethics have been replaced by the imperatives of politics and business. We need to start again with serious, Galilean science and experimentally-tested research into atmospheric physics.

  2. The MSM will try to keep this quiet just like last week’s global warming scandal.

    If you aren’t familiar with the 10:10 dust up, see the videos below.

    While watching the first one, ask yourself if it’s sincere or if 10:10 is being pranked on by skeptics.

    Keep watching until you’re sure, and then watch more.

    Note: the resignations of Chris Landsea and Roger A Pielke SR. both hint at conspiracy.

    Landsea resigned because of an unethical press conference that was likely used by Al Gore as a green light to build his movie around Hurricane Katrina.

    Pielke resigned because while lead author for a major climate report, scientists worked behind his back to undermine him. These incidents are well known and not hard to research.
    Even if you are familiar with the 10:10 thing, there’s a variety of over the top eco stuff in the playlist.

  3. Ever seen an environmentalist without a lap-top?
    Or, for that matter, a mobile?
    Hot and cold running water?
    Don’t be silly.

  4. It’s always the case – if you let a small group do something on behalf of a much bigger group and let them loose, they will soon become dictators, self-important fanatics; whether they are scientists, politicians or ordinary workers.

    How to counter them? Well, with scientists – you need a second opinion. With politicians – you need an democratic election or referendum. With ordinary workers, say, unions – you need a ballot from other workers. Read more:


  5. Talking about fanatics and dictators, folks – ailing North Korean leader Koo-Kee Berry Senior is keeping it in the family. He introduced his chubby-faced son Junior Berry, 26, as heir apparent to the repressed, secretive nation.

    The scowling pair sat yards apart as they watched a military parade to mark the 65th (!) anniversary of the ruling Workers’ Party. Meaning they have kept it in their family for 65 years!

    Swiss-educated Junior Berry is the youngest of the tyrant’s three sons. The 69 year old dictator is rumoured to have had a stroke, appeared to limped slightly as he took the salute.

    How ironic – while ordinary folks are forbidden to travel abroad, he sent his children to the West (!) to study, while ordinary folks are starving, his children are fat ( to fit in with their culture that being fat means you are wealthy you can afford food ), while their communist slogan screams ” Communism stands for Freedom, Democracy and Equality ” they keep total power in their family – Great Koo-Kee Berry handed power to Senior Berry just days before he popped his clogs, now Senior Berry wants to hand power to Junior Berry before he pops his clogs, too.

    Obviously, before Junior Berry pops his clogs he will pass power to his 2 older Berry brothers, too.

    Geez, Berry junior looks damn ugly!

  6. Pericles, further thought:
    Francis Fukuyama announced the destruction of Marxism as a political force, in the wittily entitled, ‘The End of History.’
    Perhaps the mainstream media’s deliberate suppression of Hal Lewis’ resignation is silently announcing ‘The End of Enlightenment’.

    Somebody cheer me up. Please.

  7. Ed,

    I think the mainstream media shouted ‘End of the Enlightenment’ from the roof-tops a long time ago.

    Sad to say :  the scientifically illiterate body politic is right behind them.


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