Cameron is PM

Leader of the Conservative Party David Cameron is the Prime Minister


Ministers announced here

First Cabinet appointments in the Cameron-Clegg Cabinet here 

See photos of Dave’s first days in Downing Street via flickr

Keep up to date with all the Cabinet and Ministerial appointments on the Number 10 website including the Cabinet appointments list

Boris Johnson is delighted at the news and felt that the public would:  “want to hear what these guys are going to do to sort out the country .. it’s a robust and interesting new specimen.”

33 thoughts on “Cameron is PM”

  1. Will Cameron and Clegg co-habitate? If so, do you think they’ll get a clergyman to bless their union or just go with the standard “living in sin” model? Oh wait, that’s not even a legal option in your country, is it? So civil partnership it is, then!

  2. It’s what’s best for the country at the moment and everyone has to forget about partisanship.

    I might feel that a partnership with a double dealing, ruthlessly ambitious, anti-British, fanatical Europhile is not an easy option for Dave, but needs must. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

    In certain ways, it might work out well. Dave has already ditched the allowance for married people, a victory for common sense if ever I heard one. I’m sure that the news that the Lib Dems will continue to attack the Mayor at City Hall is because Dave is only too aware of how capable Boris is of taking care of himself and if anyone needs assistance in a knock down drag out fight, it would be the Assembly Members. But of course, Boris is far too adept a politician ever to let it come to that.

    Gordon made a moving resignation speech. In spite of everything, I am sure the British people all wish him, Sarah and his two adorable little boys a peaceful and happy future.

    As for Ali C., the rest is silence.

  3. Fantastic news – Congratulations! & Superb speech by David Cameron yesterday evening. A 21st century Disraeli in the making …


  4. Well, maybe it’s a good thing that we now have a Cameron-Clegg joined force, folks- two heads are better than one, also one is to keep the other one from being extreme. Look at Labour being let loose on their own for 13 long years!

    Of course, it doesn’t work all the times but Cameron and Clegg look very compatible- young and full of ideas. As I said the other day: Clegg can learn a few things from Cameron and vice versa. We hope they will do their best for our country.

    Talking about Labour-who?, folks. A condensed biography of Gordon Brown on BBC ceefax reads: ” Labour has a reputation for economic incompetence “. It’s a fact. It’s not a propaganda.

    I feel sorry for the new government who has to fix this broken and tattered country left behind by Labour. Broken in every sense: economy, morals, attitudes…

    This reminds me of Germany. When communism collapsed in East Germany, West Germany had to pour lots and lots of money into East Germany to fix it. Everything was ruined and left behind by the East German communist government.

    The new government must also sort out the police who, after 13 Labour years, are now a national joke. Then we have the hated Labour’s political-correctness, over-reacted health and safety regulations, red tape, bureaucracy… all of which need to be undone. Hard work, folks.

    I also sense now the Labour supporting unions, with Labour party’s goading, will organise endless pointless strikes to disrupt the healing and recovering of this broken country left behind by themselves.

  5. It’s funny how things strike people differently, because I don’t think they look compatible at all. Clegg is obviously trying to nick the limelight with his unbearable preaching, implying he is the brains behind the “new politics” who knows the lot. He came last for crying out loud. Cameron is subtly treading on him, in a very charming way, to remind him who is boss and it’s only day one. But maybe I’ve got it wrong.

  6. Cycle Superhighway will open on July 19.

    Chris Peck, CTC policy coordinator commented: “It is amazing that in London the Cycle Superhighways are being built to a design minimum of 1.5 metres wide, yet on some of these routes there are already more than 13,000 cyclists a day, meaning lots of cyclists overtaking other cyclists and the potential for two people to want to cycle next to each other. A measly 1.5m doesn’t give the chance to do that – 2m might, but a nice Dutch 2.5m certainly would.”

    Boris Johnson is at it again: compromise [Ed: unacceptable text]

  7. Angelneptunestar,

    By compatible I meant they both are good looking, ideal height, ideal weight, healthy… for a start!
    Labour supporting UNITE militants will do 5 strikes with only 1 day between each, starting from next week. Gee, don’t they feel tired?
    Seriously, we all know there are 2 types of governments: an elected one party government ( in the free world ) and an unelected one regime government ( in dictatorship countries and communist countries ).

    Anyway, both types will, after some years, become extreme and be overthrown by the public either by democratic voting or violent uprising.

    Labour is very unpopular right now. Liberal Democrat can’t afford to have its not widely known name get tarnished by working with Labour.

    Some of Lib Dem’s policies match Conservative’s. The rest only need discussing and agreeing.

  8. Never mind Vicus, read this, except you probably don’t believe in astrology, so you can tell me I am an idiot. you’ll enjoy that! lololol and I don’t mind a bit!

    This is a US astrologer’s view of the election, he wrote this on 19th April. DONT READ ON IF YOU THINK ASTROLOGY IS A LOAD OF RUBBISH. It has been studied for centuries, but probably it is just rubbish. (I believe it).

  9. who’s that there oh who can i see
    stood outside no.10 could it possibly be
    oh yes it is at last its d.c
    thank you god for finally answering me
    i was atheist but know i truly believe

    the last 13yrs we’ve all been so stressed
    we’ve sat with no money depressed and recessed
    unregulated in a right fiscal mess
    aided abetted by a prime ministerial pest
    they say less is more and labours the best
    example of this but at last now we can rest

    oh god your a darling we’re now rid of the balls
    harman and brown,
    how you’ve answered our calls
    we can now work our way towards recovery you see
    macro micro economical … all
    you’ve bought back the hope reinstalled faith
    allowed us to cope made us feel safe

    were facing hard times there are cuts to come, yes
    but with D.c we’ll try our best
    he’s taking on all of that labourus debt
    so curse us oh reds
    were expecting some stick
    no doubt you’ll soon be getting on our wicks
    isn’t it funny that it now appears
    your now all doing what you accused us of, smear
    we’ll fear not Briton for even if your not on side
    we’ll help ya out anyway for we are untied
    by party policy, just by British pride

    oh we no that you’ll throw sticks and stones
    moan and groan about us even so
    we will not blame ya we are better than that
    no need to thank us for all your extra cash
    maybe it mite, perhaps it may be better
    if we just stop this political vendetta
    and for once work together?
    but if you cant do that we all understand
    we do not expect you to shake out stretched hands
    but consider this idea if you please
    is it better to work with or against your mp’s

    were all in it for one reason one reason alone
    to do what is best and although we still have far to go
    just bear with us Britons
    and soon you will find
    that we will escape fiscal prison
    and work towards better times

  10. Somewhat off topic, but Labour’s great weakness now is factionalism. They have for 15 years been split between the boss and his spin doctors, the Inner Party who sucked up to the boss and the Outer Party who needed to be rigorously controlled and excluded from power. Now that the show has lurched off the road they need to recast it.

    Somehow they need to unite the three strands; public school Blairite lefties, trade union syndicalists and authoritarian socialists. They might do this by gene-splicing the three potential leadership candidates Miliband, Cruddas and Balls to produce an opponent for CameronClegg. This creature could be named Milicrudballs.

  11. A Lab-Lib coalition makes the hairs in my nether region stand on ends. On stage at home and abroad, Clegg would be mistaken for Brown’s grandson whose granddad was ready to slap his bonce if he dared speak first. So humilated to be a Brit that I would need to cover meself with a burka.

    Question Time on BBC last night:

    – Melanie Phillips ( bits & pieces writer ): ” Cameron and Clegg were so desperate for powers that they had to give up thing precious to their heart! ” Wrong.

    – M Heseltine ( Conservative ): ” The majority who voted Conservative wanted a deal to boot Labour out. ” Correct.

    – S Hughes ( Lib Dem ): ” This coalition will bring stability and security to our country for the next 5 years. We will have a general election in 2015. The public can choose which party they want to vote for. ” Correct.

    -Falconer ( Labour ): Tory in Number 10. Lib Dem is next door. How absurd! “. Very bitchy and forgetful. Labour desperately tried and failed to get Lib Dem on their side!

    My motto ( for myself ) is: Don’t ask what is best for your party. Ask what is best for your country.

    Clegg wants to abolish income tax for people who earn less than £10,000 per year. Quite right. Sceptic say it’s impossible to do it as the government would lose a lot of money. Wrong. Look at how many billions of tax money collected from British taxpayers Labour government has wasted.

    Harriet Harmann is fighting with other Labour has been Ministers for Brown’s old job. Can you imagine living in a Britain run by mad Prime Minister Harmann?

    ” Over aggressive ” Ed Balls is blamed for wrecking talks on Lib Dem coalition. Check out his latest picture, folks. Who does he think he is? James Bond? Jambon more like.

  12. Angela! I would never tell you that you were an idiot! For it to have any meaning, you have to come to that realisation yourself.
    Melissa. Pls to enlighten said lady as to my real character.

  13. Professor Nye spoke at the Rhodes House gathering of how the ‘big man’ view of leadership, so powerful in earlier generations, was increasingly outdated in the information age, in which networks replace hierarchies, and it is important to think of leaders being ‘in the centre of a circle rather than at the top of a mountain’.

    It is, he said, increasingly important for leaders to exercise ‘soft power’ – the exercise of attraction – rather than the giving of orders. Women are, in general, he said, intuitively better at exercising ‘soft power’ than men.

    The form of leadership that was most likely to be effective was highly dependent on context, Professor Nye argued, but there are six critical skills for leaders – the ‘soft power’ skills of emotional intelligence, vision, and communication; the ‘hard power’ skills of organisation (including organising information flows well), and Machiavellian political skills; and the ‘smart power’ skill of ‘contextual intelligence’, the ability intuitively to identify a strategy that will work in the context.

  14. Mel, he is being mean to me. I rely on you to sort him out.
    Still, being derided by Vicus Scurra is a cause for congratulation rather than otherwise.

  15. Mel, just have to say, you are at the heart of Parliament, where history is made every day. It must be so exciting, to see events unfold at breakneck speed, affecting the destiny of this country.

  16. ps. Someone did enlighten me as to Vicus Scurra’s real character, but we must show compassion and understanding in life. Also forgiveness.

  17. Janina, you are so good at poem writing, love. My poem ” One Eyed Scottish Idiot ” got thumb-downs because it was too short. I think the readers here prefer longer poems so they have more to read.


    They say men of power look attractive. Well, this lot: Ed Miliband, David Miliband, Ed Balls, Peter Mandelson, Gordon Brown look as sexy as a monkey’s baldy, red bottom.

    One of the Band brothers was already pictured holding a big yellow banana, pulling his face at the press, outside Labour’s annual conference venue.

    Do you want to live in a country run by thuggish Ed Balls? Or by obsessive Harriet Harman? Or by ageing-King-P-with-a-hanging-trout-pout?


    The Royal Family must have sighed a sigh of relief now that Labour is no more. It scared the shite out of the Queen and Prince Philip when Tony and Cherie and Falconer forced them to cross arms and link their hands with them in that Millennium Dome one New Year Eve.

    The problems with Labours, socialists and communists are that they always want to turn rich and posh people into “commoners” like them. They detest rich and posh people. Yet all the times they themselves try to be rich and posh by all means.

    Cherie told the press: ” Some nights I can’t sleep at all, worrying that me and Tony haven’t made enough money yet, given my poor background “. Yes, Sir!

    When communism smashed down in the Eastern Bloc, the poor folks finally found out that their humble communist leaders and communist top-dogs had been living in luxurious palaces and mansions they built and owned in guarded secret locations right inside their countries!

    Putin is richer than Madonna and Elton John put together. At least their monies are self-made and hard-earned and are not stolen from their countries.


    The new Home Minister Theresa May has announced that she will get more police on the beat by freeing them from Labour paperwork. Hurray!

    But I bet the police will vote for Labour at the next general election. After all, the police don’t want to get out there and get stabbed by thugs.


    Finally: WHAT-THE-HELL!

    Frumpy saw Carla wear this dress few months ago:

    So Frumpy decided to get one. Same color, only had it gathered in places to allow her ample bossoms and mile-wide hips and cut shorter to enable her to rush with Gordon through a Washington kitchen to corner President Obama for a 5 minute un-granted talk on world economy.

    She had planned to wear this new dress on Gordon’s Coronation Day. Unfortunately, Gordon was de-throned at the recent general election.

    Still, she decided to catwalk it anyway.

    Oh my sweet Lord! Carla must have laughed her head off staring at the brazen copycat watching the news on the telly in her Paris Palace.

    Anything Carla does, Frumpy will do the same. Bloody hell !!!

  18. @angelneptunestar re the dynamic between Cameron and Clegg at that first press conference -i I totally agree; made exactly the same observations when I saw it. And, as you said, it was only day 1.
    Will be interesting to see what happens. But I’m feeling optimistic nevertheless. I love the Big Society – Rousseau & one nation conservatism wrapped into one.

  19. @Edna: Thank you .
    I find myself at the moment only writing rhyme
    verses need not be in couplets all the time
    sonnets haiku’s are just formatted lines
    if you look into to your words you’ll surely find
    what may be only prose to an unkowing mind
    contain what we name poetry
    some people seem to speak so lyrically and be so sound of mind
    it matters not to anyone if it tis not put into rhyme
    just one view and it is true it also happens to be mine 🙂

    So it doesn’t matter i think that if you take the time to write something that is more than enough. I disagreed with spread the word a writers org in lambeth. They kept asking how you would react to someone who wrote a ‘bad’ piece in your writing group.
    I said , ‘whats bad exactly ? there is ink on the page what more can you ask for?’

    I’m not sure i remember that poem, which post was it on ill have a look.
    if you did ever want any tips for poetry i’ve got loads
    although, you dont have to write poems to be a poet 🙂


    Vicus dear, I wonder if you would be interested in reading this thing that I wrote which does have a bearing on what we were discussing.

    I did write a piece on Wellington and Napoleon once, relating their military styles to their horoscopes. (Wellington is a Taurus, a sign known for its stubborness and intransigence. He did have a defensive fighting style. Napoleon was a Leo, a flamboyant sign, creative, loves to gamble and take risks.) Of course their charts are not that simplistic, but in the main, this does sum up their fighting styles. I thought this might be a bit much for you though.

  21. ps. Once I was discussing the military theory with an academic lady, who specialised in history, and she was astounded and said she had never heard anything like it in her life! Took it is a compliment…..

    Vicus, if you studied astrology in depth, who knows, you might find something to interest you. It is very complicated and has existed for centuries.

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