19 thoughts on “General Election Announcement 2010”

  1. Go to what ? The houses of parliament maybe ? or perhaps gordon is going to go to the houses of the public in hopes of winning another red vote. Oh no not a red vote , rather a big red cross on all thoughts of voting labour!

    How does brown expect the public to trust him….
    The labour reign must be stopped. They promise and promise but never actually produce anything that benefits the public
    Brown doesn’t even produce any ideas of his own.
    He seems to be blinded by the sun glinting off the windows at number ten!

    Perhaps if labour came up with a good idea once in a while instead of dragging up the long gone mistakes of the tory party they might just……no i dont think any idea would convince me to vote for the draining of the country at the hands of labour, not to mention the draining of all interest every time any of their members speak!

    The working man is under the impression that a vote for labour is the only vote that is logical.
    The truth being that a vote for labour is a vote for another labourus term at number 10 , for the party’s second homes, helicopter rides and whatever else they can think of that they do not want to pay for.

    We have seen the worst recession for 60 years at the hands of a corrupt political party. The conservatives are no longer a party for the wealthy alone they are a party for the people. That means all of us. They are telling us about the cuts that need to be made in advance whilst labour continue, as always , to lie. The cuts will be far more severe in labours hands as we will be forced to see our hard earned money burnt in the engine of this corrupt political party.

    Labour only do what is beneficial to them. The reason they can not debate current affairs is they have no interest . They can not fight their corner against the conservatives as they are standing on a whole different platform. They have their head in the clouds, so high up that they believe enlisting tony blair to fight for them will actually make people vote red! Pah! The public do not like you brown they only tolerate you. The only reason they have not taken to the streets in protest is because nothing of any worth passes your lips. You target the conservatives , Look how labour took Margret thatchers idea for a regulated way of retrieving child support for single mothers. Tony comes along “im a pretty straight sort of guy” yes tony straight away you caused mothers and fathers alike to take to the streets after you stole thatchers idea, hoping to take the credit but you even messed that one up!

    The tory party have proved they can change just as they did many moons ago with Edward heath. We see a new political force rising inside each conservative mp. That force will be fighting for the people not for new and more expensive perks of the job.

    GO to it Gordon , if you have any idea what it is you are going to! Go forth mr brown, go forth and never return.
    Downing street has had enough, parliament has had enough, we have all had enough of you and your party…Be Gone!

  2. ‘Let’s go to it!’ The dole queue hopefully.

    The whole country is now staring into the abyss. We need to pull ourselves back from the edge, that will take proper good old fashioned financial responsibility.

    It’s all very well talking about ‘not withdrawing money from the system’ but that means more debt. That’s our children’s futures we’re talking about here.

    The Conservatives are the only realistic choice we have to take the really tough decisions needed.

    Let’s just hope that when the pain comes in the months and years to come the voters remember who actually got us into this mess in the first place, Gordon and don’t forget Tony, never forget Tony’s part in all of this.

  3. Jeff, Tony Blair has made one pre-election speech to help the Labour cause, and I wonder if Labour are still keen about enlisting his aid. If not, maybe it is something to do with maelstrom of anger and outright hatred that erupted on twitter after he had spoken. Blair was accused of being everything from a preening money grubbing traitor to a war criminal. Twitter practically combusted with the force of the emotions being expressed.

    Gordon didn’t look very happy, did he? He mentioned in his speech our armies fighting the war against terror, a stronger and more transparent Parliament, and strengthening our democracy. He has totally failed in all these areas. Too late now…….

    Never mind Gordon. The Queen can say goodbye properly to you after the election.

  4. ps. David Cameron is right to say that this is the most important election for a generation. I don’t think I can ever recall feeling so strongly about an election before, and I hope I can restrain myself. Steam is already rising out of the top of my head like a pressure cooker.

  5. the mere thought of Brown getting back in is depressing to the extreme. I have never thought of leaving this country but i might well do it if that tax and spend monster gets back. If we even knew what he had spent our money on it might help, but we have no idea.

  6. The Labour-mad-for-it-Daily-Mirror newspaper screams its headline: ” WE HAVE COME THIS FAR. DON”T THROW IT ALL AWAY BY VOTING TORIES ! ”

    They mean: Labour has ruined this once great country that much so far. Vote for Labour again so they and together with the E.U.S.S.R can finish this tattered country off completely.

    ( April 5, 2010 ) UNSTABLE CABLE – Lib Dem Vince Cable is today outed as serial flip-flopper who can’t make up his mind on what’s best for the economy:

    October 2008: “It’s entirely wrong for the Government to stimulate the economy by yet more public spending.”

    February 2009: “We believe the Government stimulus is right and necessary.”

    Drug-free cons are secretly being turned BACK into junkies by prison medics before going free – with the Government’s blessing. This has been going on for 5 years. The SUN newspaper was tipped off by a senior police source – but was repeatedly given the runaround by the Justice Ministry and Health Department. Civil servants blocked the SUN newspaper at every turn. Finally the SUN hit England’s 145 Primary Care Trusts with a Freedom of Information request. The secret was out! ( April 6, 2010 )

    Read the whole story: http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/2921289/Jails-put-lags-back-on-drugs-retoxification.html


    ” Barmy EU planners have wiped the English Channel off the map – and re-name it Le Pond. A new atlas intended for schools downgrades the sea dividing Britain and France to a “small internal waterway”.

    The move is part of a revised masterplan to build a European superstate – and being backed by £1.1 million of UK taxpayers’ money (!!!). Eurocrats are trying to break down national boundaries by creating new trans-frontier EU regions”. http://www.newsoftheworld.co.uk/ news/772105/Hopping-mad-EU-loons-want-to-re-name-the-English-Channel-Franco-English-Pond.html

    Edna, are there Edna? Are you ok love? This country has gone to the dogs really. Over to you Edna.

  7. There was an interesting debate about the Tories no longer being conservative, spookily titled ‘THE TORY PARTY IS NO LONGER CONSERVATIVE‘. Don’t mean to shout but that’s the title. Have a look, it’s an interesting debate that somewhat deals with the MSM charge of Cameron being the ‘heir to Bliar’. And if we vote Conservative whether we will get NuLabour-lite. Which I suppose is a bit like lite beer – forthy and very trendily packaged but no real substance.

  8. I look forward to boring my grandchildren with tales of the last 30 days of the last ever Labour government. The intellectual divide in the UK now is between conservatives (libertarian, pro-business, pro-family, pro-business, morally traditional) and liberals (green, morally ‘modern’, egalitarian, pro-social provision). Labour lingers on only because of its client groupings amongst claimants and the unnecessary superstructure of the public sector. It can’t survive as a kind of trade union for the unproductive.

  9. @Tiresias: That’s not true – my sibling is not unproductive but will become unemployed if Labour lose and the Tories win and I will be poorer. That must factor in our voting choice.

  10. Nevertheless, Tiresias, there are a lot of unproductive people in the public sector enjoying better pay and greatly superior pensions than their closest equivalents in the private sector. This form of workplace apartheid has no place in a healthy society!

  11. The name The English Channel has been there for thousands and thousands of years. Everybody knows that. Why give it a different name? This just shows the EU is in fact a union based on the deceased Soviet Union run by socialists influenced by communists who like to change historian names with new names ( Leningrad: Lenin’s city, Stalingrad: Stalin’s city etc… ) to suit their communist taste. Yet we all know that these two communist top dogs were, in fact, mass murderers.

    Now, trying to hang on to their power, the Russian communists have changed Stalingrad back to the old historian name of Saint Petersburg to make themselves look modern and open to the Russian folk, following the domino-
    affect collapsing of Eastern Communist countries!

    Why did the EU loonies rename the English Channel? Why try to mess around with something which is already clear and obvious? What the EU should do is clear up the mess of Carla Bruni and her husband Sarkozy- there are rumours that stories of Carla and Sarkozy having jiggy-jiggy affairs in fact came from an international conspiracy against France.

    Carla denied there was any international conspiracies or they were victims of any international conspiracies. Yet on the same day, France’s Intelligence Chief confirmed that there was a conspiracy (?).

    Another thing people want to know is why Carla is becoming and looking more and more like a cat woman? Maybe the EU chiefs could clear this matter up? http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/worldnews/article-1257898/Is-pressure-starting-Carla-Bruni-looks-drained-steps-polling-station-Nicolas-Sarkozy.html

    I told you Edith, I can see troubles blooming ahead. Mentally they are
    an incompatible couple: she’s too tall and he’s too short.

  12. Someone has ‘thumbs-down’ my previous comment with no supporting argument. I find this depressing. If the following comment, by ‘a democratic u.k.?’ is meant as a direct argument then it fails. Rather than a list of ‘Brown good and Cameron bad’ statements, all of which would probably get the ‘thumbs-up’ here, lets have some real debate. Has anyone watched the debate I linked to? Is anyone interested in real debate? Or is our fate to be decided by getting rid of Brown and the prettiest and most charming other gets the prize? How utterly depressing.

    No wonder ‘Big Brother’ gets more votes.

    Of course the public sector has savings to be made. But identifying those savings would be reassuring as everything NuLab did was not all bad. Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater. Personally I think huge savings could be made by bringing the troops home from Afghanistan. But no party will advocate that. If the Green Party or the BNP made that a policy I wonder how that would influence their vote? The problem as I see it is that a hung parliament could devastate the £. Hence the attraction for voting for one of the main two players.

    Tiresias has a point but the unproductive is made so by the fall in manufacturing, farming and fishing, and the influx of immigrants. It’s not like there’s a cotton mill at the end of every street. And mining was decimated by Thatcher. What would be the fate of those people who would have been the labour force in industrialised Britain without state benefits, especially in areas built on specific industries like steel, coal, car manufacturing? What of the fate of the Cadbury workers? Or are they all just nasty lazy people we don’t want to worry about. Well, they are still people and if you don’t feed them they will get annoyed. They won’t just go away and die quietly, although admittedly some will. But I wouldn’t vote for that. Would you?

  13. Phillipa,please stand for election. I’ll vote for you.
    I’ve often felt that many people in this country support
    political parties in the same way that many people support football clubs. Labour in Scotland for instance – Gordon Brown is Labour because he is Labour.After considering whether to be Labour, or be Labour, his great intellect decide he would be Labour.
    It is of course, not coincidental that his father, father’s
    father, etc.,etc…and everyone that they ever met in Kircaldy is, or was, uh, Labour.
    And the consequence is that he has proposed or enacted policies that are neo-con on the one hand,(24 hour pubs, non-doms we love you) and totalitarian on the other,
    (Surrender to EU aggrandisement,ID cards and unrestricted CCTV). There is neither philosophy nor conviction. Labour is Labour because it is Labour. The sole purpose for its
    existence is to be in power. Not to do A, not to do B, but to be in power.Lenin once said power was only about one question: “who,whom?” The answer is, a couple of thousand Labour apparatchiks, and the rest of us.
    So I obviously want a Tory victory.But this,I’m afraid,is no longer the party of Thatcher,Joseph and Tebbitt. The career boys and girls have taken over, the EU isn’t even an issue, and the only big hitter left in British politics who is not a time-served, through-the-ranks politico, is Boris Johnson.He’s doing a great job, but we need him in Government.
    It’s not all gloom, though, is it? Celtic got stuffed yesterday!


  14. @Philipa:

    Having checked the ‘ascend’ symbol and read your justifiably disapproving remarks on the anonymity of such judgments (or at least those involving the ‘descend’ one), I thought I ought to write a brief explanation.

    I confess I can think of only two things the Labour Party has done in all its time in office — sc. since the War and the disastrous 1945 election :  (1) the Open University, which, despite what it appeared to be when Jenny Lee launched it, has become quite a respectable seat of learning and (2) the incorporation of the Convention on Human Rights in to English Law, which because — and only because — it has provided a means of keeping the current Labour government in check.

    That said, I agree with you, when you say that the present election — absent any practical difference amongst the proposals of the three main parties — is reduced to the intellectual level of ‘Deal or No Deal’.


  15. Readers, I referred to the unnecessary superstructure in the public sector. My wife and son both work in the public sector, but they actually do something useful, directly, for members of the public. They also suffer bosses, administrators and deputy co-ordinators of equality media outreach enrichment who just get in the way. Above them, in turn, is the Quality Enhancement Directorate or whatever who do half of stuff all.

    Amongst others, my wife and son service a vast underclass of unemployable claimants, paid for out of the taxes on their meagre salaries. If you want to get on in public service, don’t do anything useful. You will become trapped in a poorly-paid corner where your work can be measured and increased and your costs cut. Work in admin, as far away from any measurable responsibility as possible.

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