18 thoughts on “Merry Christmas 09”

  1. I’ve just watched Boris Johnson’s interview with George Monbiot again.

    Boris Johnson says, “There are more productive ways of reducing CO2” [than taxing 4x4s].

    That may be true, but there are few more productive ways of making parents think it’s safe for their children to play out in the street, or to walk to school unaccompanied.

    Like many nouveau greens, Boris Johnson is unable to see the big picture and shows his naiveity by seeing climate change in isolation.

  2. How was an already reported would-be terrorist issued a visa and allowed to carry a bomb onto a plane? Once again the Yank have managed to grabbed all the head lines to make their country the most talked about in the world over the New Year Day holidays.

    New rule: “Passengers are not allowed to use the plane’s toilets in the last hour of the flight.” If so, passengers should be allowed to carry empty syringes onboard and use them to pee into.

    What a self-important, boring country on earth. May all the Yanks rest in peace so the rest of the world can finally have some peace.

  3. it’s a good time to look back.

    The previous mayor had a clear strategy and against the odds achieved major breakthroughs such as the Congestion Charge, the OysterCard and massively increased spending on cycling.

    What will we look back on from the current mayor? The tube alcohol ban?

  4. @raincoaster…..Are you referring to the sheep or the range rover driver as a contributor? if your reference is to the former the you have discovered a dangerous new development in socialism.

    The discovery being, animals will be included in society as contributors and therefore reap the benefits of the state.

    Will livestock now become recipients of benefits?

    This may lead to the chancellor introducing a wool tax in an emergency budget to pay for the giraffe immigrants attempting to bleed our system dry demanding benefits upon entry into Britain.

    Either that or an extensive program of tall tree planting must be undertaken.

  5. No, not at all; I am referring to the driver of the Range Rover, who is in the position of being more or less an unlicensed abbatoir operator.

    If you don’t think livestock have become the recipients of benefits, you haven’t spent as much time in welfare agency waiting rooms as I have.

  6. @raincoaster: Sir do you mean to tell me that a good portion of our fair population are not only comparable with that which graces our dinning service on a Sunday with mint sauce but are actually four legged with no grasp of the English language?

  7. Dude, I may live all the way over here in Canuckistan, but I’ve seen pictures of Camden Town on a Friday night. Any time after 10pm that seems to describe most of the population.

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