29 thoughts on “Stanley Johnson at the Windsor Festival 09”

  1. Stanley always looks like he’s having such a good time. And so stylin’ in his dark teal. Not all blondes can be so bold with color but it suits him down to the ground.

    Speaking of stylin’ and color – The jacket, the pants. Very sharp! And I am having serious scarf envy, Miss Melissa. Is that gorgeous thing also tassled? Lovely!

  2. Stanley I presume? Both looking gorgeous!

    Wish I could have been there and hope Stanley is doing a book tour. I’m sure his book is filled with interest and laughter.

  3. @Bach: Your link doesn’t seem to work.

    Remember folks – Xmas is coming and I’m sure Stanley’s book would make a great stocking filler 🙂

  4. Sorry, that link doesn’t work, folks. Please just google:


  5. I had been nervous about identifying myself but now that I’ve taken the plunge am having the greatest fun with all your far too kind compliments! I hope I can return the favour sometime!

    Bach – do you mean that person with hair standing up on end?!
    DMNYC – Gotham Girl has got to have laser eyes – how can you see it is tassled?
    Philipa – you are right, the book is a great easy read – see my review here http://www.amazon.co.uk/review/R37LG35A4JRFAP/ref=cm_cr_rdp_perm
    Circus Monkey – you cutie as ever!xxx

  6. Clearly Melissa is carrying her coat but, on first sight of the picture, I thought she was removing Stanley’s artificial leg !

    Anyway : I’ve ordered three copies of the book : one for myself (thank the gods it’s case-bound) and a couple for Santa’s bag.

    Read Melissa’s review and was surprised by her reference to “… a desert containing family passports and flight tickets, …”. Somewhat less trouble than the usual shifting dunes and Tuareg tribesmen, I imagine.

    You can tell I’m using American software : I just had to add ‘Tuareg’ to the dictionary. (Sorry, Gotham Girl.) … Hmm. Now I have to add ‘Gotham’.

    * * *

    Any-one still having trouble finding the picture to which Bach alluded should stop looking for articulated monkeys : here’s the real link :


    On the subject of Bach : any-one wanting a good laugh and not yet aware of the other, little known, son of J.S. should look at the web-site of P.D.Q. Bach :


  7. I bow to your superior analysis, Pericles, and have amended the text of the review as you are absolutely right. I hope it now reads better with “- a desert – etc”

  8. Oh! LITERARY festival. You should have said. I was going down to Yasgur’s farm.
    Like so many, seething with jealousy at Johnson’s flirting with Melissa, and not too pleased to see those links finally working. Melissa, don’t take it to heart, you look at least 5 years younger than Vera.
    I am sorry to say that I will not be buying the book – the “Johnson” section of my library is already over-subscribed – I have Boris’s sparkling novel, Lyndon Johnson’s “Book of Limericks” and a book by a gentleman called “Magic Johnson” which I bought under the assumption that it was some appalling American euphemism.
    However, Mel baby, when you publish your memoirs of your times as a member of the Maoist Front to Liberate Wilmslow, I shall be at the front of the queue.

  9. Shhhh, Vicus, it’s supposed to be a secret!

    Melissa, you look as sleek and coordinated as ever. Do you and Boris have some kind of Dorian Gray dealio whereby, when he messes up his hair like it’s gone three rounds with a threshing machine on crack, you suddenly get even neater? Hard to believe you work for this dude.

    Also, it must be admitted that I, like the audience, was moved to tears, but then I always am lately when I hear about someone else’s book deal.

  10. It’s a long time since I took a train that was significantly delayed. At least Labour has got the trains working again. Old-fashioned tory transport ideas could easily reverse this.

  11. @raincoaster: Oh, my God! Raincoaster, are you kidding? That pix of Boris on your blog is soooo good. He looks real cool – the clean blond bed hair, the sleepy eyes look, the carelessly tucked crispy clean white shirt, the creased clean black suit, the upturned loose new tie, the worn brown leather holdall, the large classic male watch, the afternoon lemony aftershave… He oozes sex appeal and class with both his looks and outfits effortlessly. What a photo!

  12. Edna, my blog is quite technologically advanced and features the very latest widgets and such, but I do not AS YET have the Aromabloggery Plugin. How can you tell what kind of aftershave he’s wearing in the picture, or were you standing just out of shot?

  13. Boris Johnson has been accused of trying to “pay off” the former editor of the Evening Standard with a top arts job in the capital in return for its coverage in last year’s mayoral election.
    And what happens when the developer who gave Boris Johnson free office space comes along with a planning proposal?

    What am I supposed to make of this kind of thing?

  14. @Melissa: no lasers needed. the tassles – being a lovely jewel-toned blue are perfectly visible on your shoulder against the darker color of the top. I love a scarf with a little extra “something.”

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