Did Gary McKinnon find Vulcans in Cyberspace?

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We should be protecting Gary McKinnon, not catapulting him across the Atlantic,   argues Boris Johnson.

Since it is now obvious that the British state is about to commit one of the most  protoplasmic acts of self-abasement since Suez, and since the clock is now ticking to the moment when Gary McKinnon, 43, will be taken from his home in north London and put – if necessary by force – on a plane to America, it is time to pose the question everyone seems to have ignored.

Leave aside, for the moment, the morality of exporting the Asperger’s sufferer for trial in America.  Can I ask, what is the point of having a trial at all? I simply do not understand what proposition is to be so expensively tested in this American courtroom.

Gary McKinnon is accused of hacking into American military computers. He is charged with roaming around the cyberspace of the Pentagon, and leaving such insulting spoor as “your security is cr-p”. He is accused of guessing passwords, and trying to view secret photos of unidentified flying objects in Nasa databanks. All this will be put to him in court by some brace-twanging prosecution counsel, as though it were the crux of the matter.

And yet Mr McKinnon has never denied it. He has always said that he hacked into American military computers, and that is because he earnestly believes that there is a conspiracy between Uncle Sam and Big Oil to cover up the interception of alien craft that are running on some kind of renewable energy. For all I know he may be right.

It might just be that the Vulcans have discovered some way of making cucumbers from moonbeams, and then boiling those cucumbers up into bioethanol. It may be that he is right in thinking that alien life forms did land at Roswell.

This article appears in full in the Daily Telegraph here.

47 thoughts on “Did Gary McKinnon find Vulcans in Cyberspace?”

  1. I hope he did find Vulcans in cyberspace, that would be amazing! He could sell his story and then we would finally know the truth.

  2. Boris Johnson seems to be the only person with any common sense in the Gary McKinnon case. He is quite right with what he says. Problem is, we have mealy mouthed mice pretending to be men running this country and they are all too scared to make a decision that may upset the American Government. In fact, the only people Labour are happy to upset is the British voter. Will someone PLEASE realise that the man to run this country and give it back some dignity is Boris. He is Mayor of London NOT Prime Minister and yet he has achieved far more and has more respect from the people of this country than all of the Labour Government put together.
    Let Boris handle this situation as he has the intelligence, compassion and common sense needed to achieve a quick and sensible solution to the madness that Brown has allowed to escalate out of all proportion.

  3. Absolutely fantastic article, and of course the aspect that fascinates me most is Boris’s suggestion that maybe the tough attitude towards poor Gary Mckinnon is because he has actually found evidence that aliens landed at Roswell.

    The one bit I don’t like is Boris’s description of Gary MsKinnon as “a classic British nut job”. Excuse me? Is it nutty to have the courage and the determination to follow up an intuition? McKinnon is in one way abnormally intelligent. Maybe he can sense things ordinary people cannot.

    What is nutty about having the imagination to consider the possibilities of life forms outside those known to us, parallel universes, aliens living amongst us in human form, other life forms on other planets?

    It is possibly to be academically intelligent, without any intuition or psychic awareness. When Boris talks of cucumbers and moonbeams and of eating Martian ice cream, he shows such promise, but he ruins it by calling poor Gary a classic British nutjob!

    There is a story by Ray Bradbury called “Mars is Heaven”. (1948). A group of astronauts travel to Mars and when they get there, to their amazement, they find a town just like their old home towns, and there they meet beloved dead relatives,come to life, a long lost brother, an adored dad, someone’s dead mother, and they are stunned and overjoyed. Until one of the astronauts starts thinking ……

    “Suppose … that they wanted to destroy us, as invaders, … & they wanted to do it in a very clever way, so that we would be taken off guard. Well, what would the best weapon be that a Martian could use against Earthmen with atom weapons? … Telepathy, hypnosis, … Suppose all these houses weren’t real at all … but only figments of my own imagination, given substance by telepathy and hypnosis by the Martians… Suppose these houses are really some other shape, a Martian shape, but by playing on my desires and wants, these Martians have made this seem like my old home town?”


    Sadly, the fears of the astronaut are only too well founded. The next day sees the burial of all 16 of the astronauts, the destruction of their ship and the Martians assume their real shape.

  4. If Gary McKinnon qualifies as a nut job, so do I. If I knew how to hack into places to find out about aliens, I would do it, no question.

  5. The Pentagon were daft to be so lax about security, as boris points out McKinnon did them a favour, he could have been a terrorist. Wounded macho pride, the big dopes.

  6. Angela, you can’t just go around hacking ‘into places’ because you’re curious what’s going on in there.

    How would you like it if someone did it to your laptop/bank account/knicker drawer?

  7. Steven, obviously I should hate that. On the other hand, Boris is right, because McKinnon did show the Pentagon just how flimsy their security was, they should be thanking him.

    I know you can’t go hacking into computers illegally, but I do understand the overwhelming desire Gary McKinnon had to know! I also believe that on such subjects, we have a right to know.

    That is why I am sbsolutely delighted that David Cameron has said he will release all information apertaining to UFO’s and aliens to the public, when he comes to power.

  8. Our interest in the truth about alien life (definition needed here) ought not to cloud the more immediate truth about our American brethren – who have mounted legal offence at Gary McKinnon with the prospect of snagging him for their security advisory department at a fraction of the cost – yes, Boris, a fraction of the cost given the salary he could demand for regularly demonstrating the inferiority of US Military passwords!!

    In thirty years from now, some DeCaprio will portray Gary McKinnon in a blockbuster film which shall end with a picture of a wealthy Gary going to work everyday in high and secret places.

  9. Wouldn’t it be fascinating if it were discovered that if you have Aspergers Syndrome, you have the telepathic ability to communicate with aliens and what sort of movie would that make?

    ps. Leonardo di Caprio would be a good choice for the role. He was well cast as a conflicted Romeo and really excellent as the tortured cop, going undercover in the film “The Departed”. Di Caprio suffered a lot as a child, and he uses that experience in his acting.

  10. Of course, if the Tories were in power, Mr Johnson, his colleagues & their tame tabloids would be saying exactly the same things as they are now and sneering at any support for Gary from “the enemy within” as mere bandwagon-jumping.
    As a person with Asperger Syndrome and no party political affiliations, it certainly is heartening to see Gary’s face so prominently displayed on the latest political football.
    As for saying “you can’t go hacking into computers”…tell it to the CIA/FBI/US military. Fine when it suits them. And finally, if Mr Cameron actually thinks he’ll be allowed to release all information apertaining [sic] to UFOs & aliens to the public, when [sic] he comes to power, he has a lot to learn about who really runs this country…

  11. Paste the whole article or not at all or if you are going to interrupt it halfway through at least implement some consistency from one post to the next so your readers know what to expect.
    It seems like an obvious point but apparently its one that needs to be made

  12. I can’t understand why most governments want to keep any information about UFOs from the public. In case it might cause a national panic and there would be a great rush to Tesco to stock up on pizzas for an emergency? Whether UFOs are real or unreal, surely under our Freedom of Information law, the public have the right to know and make up their own mind. After all, we don’t even know if John Prescott’s missus Pauline’s gravity defying hairdo is real or not AND we want to know. It’s not as if these information could damage the nation’s security like terrorists, is it?

    As for that hacker with Come-on-Down symptom, let him fly to USA, please. Not every one has a chance to travel to USA in their life time. Lucky sod!

  13. Oh, and you can’t use the excuse of your illness to commit an unlawful act. What next- claiming in the court that you raped someone because you have Down-under symptom or Asparagus symptom?

    He must be prosecuted and the court will decide his fate themselves. Politicians are making fools of themselves getting involved in this matter. Let silly, busybody, comical, branching-out, do-it-all, I’m taking-his-side, frumpy Sarah sort it out. Otherwise she has nothing to do.

    Folks, have you heard Sarkozy collapsed while out jogging in Nice and was rushed to hospital with Carla following behind driving a motorbike (!!!) ? It’s said Sarkozy has lost too much weight on Carla’s special diet.

    Gee, what is he trying to do? Recapturing his lost youth? I blame that Carla Onassis for turning him into this comical figure- making him wear boy band leather wrist bands, pastel color jumpers draping nonchalantly over shoulder, thongs on the beach…

  14. Upon reading about Sarkozy’s collapse, the Mayor’s comment was it was best to stay away from diets. (ha ha)

    Control Tower Bruni does seem to have an awful lot of influence over the French President…..

  15. i think this has the same hallmarks as the person who forged cheques (The film “Catch me if you can”) why didnt our own security forces use him to gain his knowledge of cyber crime and then build a case of how helpful he has been. I think the US could be able to benefit from his expert knowledge but as he is a foriegner he will be fully prosecuted. Is this another case where British Security stands to the side whilst a British citizen is yet again put through testing times by their American allies?

  16. My only hope is maybe the US are behaving in this tough and macho way to deter anyone else from getting any ideas, but when Gary McKinnon is actually deported and tried, they will treat him with more compassion.

  17. It’s a difficult one, isn’t it? The Yanks want to break a butterfly on a wheel, but he does actually appear to have committed a crime. Even with Asperger’s he may have understood that his action was illegal.

    We signed up to this Extradition Treaty partly because the American courts refused to extradite Irish republican criminals to us, on spurious grounds and out of blind prejudice. We also didn’t want probable criminals exploiting the extradition system when they would receive a fair trial in another country. We’ve signed up to this treaty and we have to honour it, even if we now realise it can have bad results.

  18. They should not be prosecuting him – but instead employing him to help protect their systems.

    I would not be surprised if they dish out a harsh verdict in court and then get him to work for the Pentagon in some kind of deal to commute his sentence.

    Maybe this guy could infiltrate the cyberspace of Al Queda et al. Put his talent to good use not lock it up!

  19. I’ve didn’t understand why the US were pressing so hard to get Gary over there until I learned that he basically made fools of them.

    This has nothing to do with justice and everything to do with posturing and ego, he made them look like prats, exposing flaws in their supposed top notch security system. You would think such a service would deserve praise but that would mean admitting one man (and a Brit to boot) managed to outwit the security precautions of those claiming to be the at the top of their field.

    The behaviour of the US in this matter is pathetic and childish but the behaviour of our leaders is far worse, in pandering to it they are failing in their most basic duty, to protect on of our citizens.

  20. Nick, the only snag is, apparently Gary McKinnon did not display much skill in hacking into their system, because it was so poorly protected, anyone who was moderately competent could have done the same.

  21. So, these allowance fiddling MPs are backing this internet hacker with an illness ( whatever it is ), claiming that ” his illness makes him curious, making him did what he did and that police should not charge him because of his illness ” ? Funny that. Well, their hypocissy stinks this whole room again. I know my dodgy English is killing yous, folks. So please just bear with me and let me explain why:

    -The press and the twisted police knew that Colin Stagg was a fantasist who imagines he is Rambo so he keeps hunting knives at home, sometimes he went to the park wearing camouflage clothing ( unarmed ). Yet they still made up evidences to charge him and jailed him wrongly and unlawfully for stabbing that young mum to death in the London park. Did any thieving MPs protest on his behalf? NO.

    -The press and the twisted police also knew that nut-case George-something was a fantasist who imagines he is a handsome private detective whom women fancy. He also likes to go to parks. yet the twisted police still planted traces of gun powder into his winter coat’s pocket to wrongfully and unlawfully charged him for shooting Jill Dando to death and jailed him for more than 15 years. Did any thieving politicians protest on his behalf? NO.

    ( Both innocent men were later released and received huge compensations – taxpayers’ money- from the lying, twisted, incompetent cops. Yet they are still having to live with the stigma of murderers and are still unemployable ).

    Noticeably, both cases happened BEFORE these allowance cheating, thieving MPs were exposed by the press. No wonder they did not have to get involved. Also, it’s no wonder why they are now so busy backing this internet hacker. To attempt to win sympathy from the public – ” See? We are backing a defenceless man with an illness. We are good guys! “. To lessen the seriousness of their own crimes of stealing taxpayers’ money. To convince the public that there’re always some good reasons why some people committed a crime and there’re also always some good reasons why they should not be prosecuted. Just like themselves. They have always claimed that they ” mistakenly ” claiming those allowances and expenses only because they were very ” forgetful ” and have a ” short memory ” so they should not be prosecuted. ( Short memory, my ****! If these thieving politicians really have short memory and forgetful then they should not be running this once great country but now has been messed up by them ).

    Tell yous what, if Clare Short fiddles her expense AGAIN, they will blame it on her short memory and that she should not be prosecuted as she’s too ugly to face the jury. If Lester Piggott fiddles his income tax AGAIN, they will blame it on his forgetfulness and that cops should not charge him as he’s too short to stand trial.

  22. As always the American goverment is making an example of someone who managed to get through their weak security measurements. It is wrong that he should be made to goto America for doing something that not only he admits to doing but with his illness to take into consideration can they really sentance him.

    There are more American Soilders then there are British and yet if the American’s really wanted to destroy the insurgants then i’m sure they are more then capable of doing so. The question really is, are the military cheifs making this war last as long as they can to get yet more tax and more money out of us, one way or another.

    There are lots of reasons why hackers are bad, but every big business hires “Network Specialists” to stop people from getting hacked, these people are what are known as White Hat hackers. They get paid to hack. They even get paid to break into businesses. and we are worried about one person getting into the US goverment computers.

  23. We should support Gary’s case and similar others to be categorised as extraordinary talented persons and unusual behaviour of genius minds. We should insist on different approaches to Gary’s behaviour that is not about being evil but urges stemming from a curious mind. If I was a judge I would ask the US government to use his skills for the good of government, rather than prison sentence that will put him in situation that may result in his skills being used for the benefit of criminal groups instead.

  24. “We should insist on different approaches to Gary’s behaviour that is not about being evil but urges stemming from a curious mind.”

    I absolutely one hundred percent agree with this. I am dying to know the truth about Roswell and other alleged alien sightings.

  25. This is a case for the police to deal with. That’s what they are for. That’s what they are paid to do. Plain and simple. Innocent or guilty – the court will decide.

    These thieving politicians should stop meddling in this internet hacking case. As if they themselves have nothing that needs investigating. What with their stealing taxpayers’ money, surely they have a lot to answer for.

    As we all know, a lot of people have been fined heavily for downloading music illegally. Internet hacking by communist spies is also a big serious problem nowadays. If this internet hacker is not prosecuted because of his illness, other people will use the same excuse.

    Of course, western spies also do internet hacking. But in the west we have laws.

  26. Maybe it would have been better if Gary McKinnon hadn’t flaunted the ineptitude of the US computer system in their faces, with messages from “Solo” saying the equivalent of “Your security is ****”

  27. ” The gang’s all there. Bob Geldof- failed to save Africa, so let’s try something new. Hardcore socialist Tony Benn- attempted to wreck the British economy in the 60s, so let’s try something new. trudie Styler- no more cooks to fire, still sore (!) and needs time to heal properly, so let’s try something new.

    They all have alighted on Gary McKinnon, who has become a fashionable cause celebre with a clever mother (!), a clutch of lawyers (!) and a helpful professor Plus several busybody, thieving British politicians from all parties (!).

    You can hardly turn on the TV or radio without hearing the weeping and wailing of McKinnon’s fans-cum-supporters desperate to stop him being extradited to America for what US prosecutors describe as the “biggest military computer hack of all time”.

    I don’t share these tears and doubt you will once know the full facts. He should face an American court and I am certain now that he will.

    What he did was dangerous and disgraceful and can not be blamed on Asperger’s Sydrome ( a form of autism ), which was diagnosed last August- seven years AFTER his criminal action.

    Let me remind you, he hacked into 97 United States military and NASA computers in 2001/02 using the name SOLO. He deleted critical files from operating systems, which shut down the US Army’s military district of Washington network of 2,000 computers for 24 hours as well as deleting US Navy weapons logs, redering a naval base’s network of 300 computers inoperable after the September 11 attacks.

    He left a message on the computer which said: “US foreign policy is akin to gorvenment-sponsored terrorism. I am SOLO. I will continue to disrupt at the highest levels.”

    When cops swooped on to arrest him at home, they found he was using a very professional, sophisticated computer hacking system. WHERE did he get it from and WHO supplied him? So far he has remained silent and refused to answer on his lawyers’ advice (!).

    A couple of years ago, McKinnon, 43, was offered a plea bargain deal by US authorities, which said come over here and we will arrange for you to have a sentence of between 18 months and 3 years. He turned it down because they would not put it in writing. How he must wish he had said yes as he faces anything up to 10 years. I don’t blame him for waging such a massive campaign (!) to be tried here. And WHO are paying for this massive campaign? We will never know.

    In Britain, the criminal get away with murder. In America, they punish them severly. Just look at Madoff. He got 150 years. Over here, he would have been lucky to have got 15 to 20 years.

    McKinnon is painted by his family and friends as simply a UFO wacko. That might be true, but it does not excuse his action, it only mitigates it. And how many times have we seen friendly, harmless old aged pensioners turned out to be traitors on KBG’s payroll? Or some brain-washed nutcase-socialists hell bent on destroying the hand that feed them? If very wacko in the world hacked into defence establishments, our security would be massively at risk. That’s a price I’m not prepared to pay.

    McKinnon should have thought of all this before setting out on his criminal action to destroy the West.”

    K. MacKenzie, Political Editor, The Sun Newspaper.

    ( I rest my case, folks! )

    Bill Clinton flew to starving communist North Korea country, 3 days ago, to talk with North Korean communist dictator Koo-Kee Berry Junior and won a pardon for 2 Korean-American journalists- Euna Lee, 36 and Laura Ling, 32, who were jailed in March 2009 for 12 years of hard labour for straying into North Korean border.

    Clinton then met the released journalists who work for Al Gore’s San Francisco based Current TV station. They flew back to Los Angeles, USA, in his private jet.

    The Sun Newspaper, Aug 5. 2009

    Well, well, over here our thieving politicians have been equally busy- clamoring trying to save the neck of a computer hacker whose actions are clearly questionable, let alone deserves to be supported.

    Yet these same thieving politicians just ignored those pitiful and defenless British civilians who were kidnapped in those war-torn countries and were later beheaded LIVE on TV. And do they have time for our armed-less armforces fighting abroad? NO.

    Didn’t these thieving politicians check the facts before jumping on the bandwagon? Who are their spin doctors/ advivors?

    I must say this, folks, otherwise I won’t be able to sleep tonight: Have yous seen the photo of Bill Clinton and Koo-Kee Berry Junior, standing side by side, smiling for the camera, folks? Gee, Koo-Kee Berry is damn ugly. I don’t know if he did any crimes in his previous life or not but he sure was born ugly this life. Ugly and savage. Two crimes against the human race.

    QUIZ: Why does 3 foot 4 inch tall communist dictator Koo-Kee Berry Junior always wear his bouffant hairdo, over-sized Chanel women sunglasses and Spice Girls platform shoes because he wants to look like a 4 foot tall fashionable Chine lady?

  28. The beheaded victims’ families said: ” Neither this Labour government nor any of our politicians lifted a finger to help our kidnapped loved ones, it’s like as if they were sticking their 2 fingers at us.”

    Well, as you can see, these politicians are too busy stealing taxpayers’ money, they don’t have time for anything else. And they are also too limp-wristed to lift even one finger, let alone TWO fingers !

    As for that busybody- but-has-nothing-to-do Trudy Styler, Sting’s wife, we’re not surprised she’s still very sore and whilst taking time to heal properly before her next Tantric, I mean Yoga session, it’s understandable that she wants to meddle as she has nothing else to do. She’s trying to save the neck of a deformed, disabled traitor of a computer hacker. But why do other politicians want to meddle in this ?!!

    How would this government react if the Russian communists hacked into our military’s computers and got caught and they put forward a deformed man, saying: ” It was him who hacked into your computers. He has an illness and his illness made him do it. And he should not be prosecuted because of his illness.” ?

    We butch hen cops will caress the heaven out of this computer hacker to get to the bottom* of this matter. This is a police’s job. This is why we are here for.

    Note: ASS and BOTTOM stand for association and bottom. Please do not delete them this time. Thanks.

  29. Butch, I think you misunderstand the issue here. No-one says that Gary McKinnon should not be prosecuted.He broke the law, he and his family accept he should be prosecuted. Nor is the the fact that he has Aspergers being put forward as a reason why he should not be prosecuted.

    The whole argument is about whether he should be extradited, because he is likely to get a 40 year sentence in the US and the reason he has Aspergers is an extentuating circumstance.

    He was offered a deal that if he agreed to extradition, he would only get a 2 – 3 year sentence in the US, but apparently, on advice, he turned down the deal because the US refused to put it in writing.

  30. Remember that Sushi Restaurant in London and the ruthless Russian communist spies laced their sushis with laxatives or something to murder that Russian anti-Putin dissident who had fled to London? Well, this Labour government kept demanding that Putin-backed sushi murderer to be extradited to UK to stand trial and the ruthless Russian communists just ignored them? And being limpy, they just have to accept that.

    We know this handicap traitor did not kill anybody. He did not actually commit his crime on American soil. He committed his crime online. But a crime is a crime. Whoever affected should have the criminal in their own court.

    How can this limpy Labour government and those limpy politicians leaded by Queen Mandy Latifa expect the Russian communists to send their sushi criminal to us if they are not only refusing to send this handicap criminal to US but are also backing him?

    And what is Frumpy Sarah doing, supporting this handicap criminal, too? Who does she think she is? A hardcore left wing, controversial lawyer like Cherie Blair who is always backing criminals ?

    Anyway, folks – you hear Harriet Harman is trying to take over Gay Gordon while he’s on holiday. So is Queen Mandy Latifa. Yes? So they put a photo of Harriet and Queen Mandy in the Sun with the capture “GIRLS’ POWER”.

  31. There is going to be a spectacular meteor shower tonight, and according to the Daily Mail, “excited astronomers are going to hold the first world wide shooting star party on the internet”.

    The Perseid meteor shower will be most spectacular tonight and tomorrow night.

    The Perseids is one of the highlights of the astronomical calendar, so any keen stargazer, inspired by the beauty and the symbolism of the planets, should watch.

  32. That traitor had left a message on the US’s Military computer he hacked into, declaring: ” US foreign policy is akin to government-sponsored terrorism. I am SOLO. I will continue to disrupt at the highest levels. ” Does not sound like he was searching for UFO information to a lots of people. Sounds much more like something from the mouth of a political activist working on his own or on the payroll of some regimes.

    I would not be surprised if he was to be found on the payroll of some regime, or at least a hardcore socialist nutcase. And maybe he left that message on the military computer just in case he got caught then he would be able to claim that he was only an amateur who was only messing about.

    His “illness” of Aspergers Syndrome was only “discovered” SEVEN YEARS AFTER he had been caught by the INTERPOL. Does not sound like a genuine illness to a lots of people. He has behaved like a cunning coward. He also gives a bad name to genuine Aspergers Syndrome sufferers.

    US Military computer system’s security is not crap at all. You might be able to hack into. But you will be caught. You can run. But you can’t hide. Uncle Sam will always get you in the end.

    Folks, have you noticed this strange love-hate relationship between UK and US ? Agreeing that US is a helpful country in time of need, but why do some British folks, and even this British government, still like to be a bit anti-US, otherwise they fear they might be thought of as US’s cronies or brown-nosers which, to them, is something very embarrassing?

    If you support your ally at the right time, in the right case, what is there for you to be embarrassed about?


    Amid allegations of police brutality and connocted evidence, this British student is languishing in a Greek prison accused of a crime he did not commit. So why did our government, in an echo of the Gary McKinnon case, allow him to be extradited without a whimper of protest?

    by Richard Prier, Daily Mail 10.8.2009 ”

    Please read the whole article http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-1205407/Theyve-left-son-rot-This-British-student-languishing-Greek-prison-accused-crime-insists-didnt-commit.html

  33. Butch, the messages that McKinnon left for US military personnel do not strike me as dangerous, more as melodramatic and childish. Calling yourself “Solo” intimates you are working alone, and Gary was, rather foolishly and immaturely flaunting the fact that he had broken into the US systems so easily.

    Of course he should be prosecuted, but not extradited and he should certainly not receive a massive sentence.

    The link with the US is a valuable one, but maybe what people in Britain feel embarrassed about is the blind obedience shown to Pres. Bush by Tony Blair. Blair was positively obsequious to the President, and his support was unquestioning, in spite of the huge opposition in Britain for Bush’s war. Blair rode rough shod over popular opinion, he ignored the increasing concerns of MPs, and he broke international law in his eagerness to please the President.

    I feel sorry for the student in the Greek prison. Another example of a weak kneed government. It is not so long ago that a teacher, Gillian Gibbons, was threatened with the lash over an incident with a teddy bear. This punishment was commuted to a prison term, but she was absolutely innocent of any wrong doing. Our craven Foreign Secretary, David Miliband, responded weakly “She might as well serve her sentence” (!) Boris Johnson spoke up in outrage and in the end David Cameron got Baronness Varsi to intervene and arrange for Mrs. Gibbons’ safe passage home.

    how can any British citizen feel safe when we are represented in this fashion abroad?

  34. Oh dear the Perseid meteor shower is tonight, not last night! Hope nobody got up at dawn on my advice……

  35. Dare any civilian in the West hack into Russian communist military’s computer system? I doubt it.

    If you did it and were caught red handed and were traced back to your line, the thuggish Russian communists and the KGB would demand you be extradited to Russia to face justice in Russia straight away. Would this British government dare refuse to hand you to the KGB? I don’t think they would dare.

    Even if they dared refuse to hand you over to the Russians, the thuggish KGB would travel to UK, knowing where you live, they would finish you off easily.

    That Gary McKinnon should count himself lucky that he is living in the West and he has only annoyed a western government.

  36. We all know Russia has something like NASA. Have we ever heard any western civilian dared hacked into their computer system looking for UFO information? NO. Nobody dares.

    So, basically, the bottom line is: that deformed, handicap Gary McKinnon is a cunning, cowardy, Aspergers Syndrome suffering pretending traitor only dared hack into US military computer system ( if he is really a UFO fan, or a brain-washed socialist nutcase ) because it’s safer to do so, as America is not as savage and thuggish as the Russian communists.

    Then, when he was caught, he is trying to hide behind this limp wristed Labour government for protection who in turn “dare” to ally America as it is safe to do so, as America is not as savage and thuggish as those Russian communists.

  37. http://www.asylum.co.uk/2009/08/17/mod-releases-british-x-files-read-the-weirdest-cases/

    The Ministry of Defence released details of UFO sightings as stated above and here are further details. However, we should not forget that it was David Cameron who declared his intention of doing this first, should he become Prime Minister.

    Oh yes, if David Cameron declared his intention of going where no man had gone before, you can bet Gordon Brown, who has no imagination, will immediately copy him and try to get there first.

    Pity we can’t send Gordon to a land in galaxies far far away.

  38. Hello Boris … Re Gary McKinnon Extradition … I happen to have a book about to be published in the US, accounting my group’s 65-discussions with other beings … ‘THE CHRONICLES OF AERAH – Mind-link Communications across the Universe'(433-pages of very serious stuff with forward by William Roache MBE). It has been stated that Mr McKinnon’s beliefs embrace UFOs and Extraterrestrials. My book, in positive and scientific manner, confirms his beliefs, also upholds the principle of peace-consciousness. This near-coincident event could yield a really interesting situation. Please visit our website: http://www.salumetandfriends.org for details of the book and you’ll see what I mean. Warm regards … George.

  39. You guys are missing basics here!!

    Yes he did hack a computer in the USA and it was illegal
    Yes has admited to it
    So get your lazy american butts over here and take him to court in his home country an English speaking country with a justice system thats top class and not alien to your own laws!!

    Its just my opinion but either this guy did find information about UFO’s or they want to give him a job but that one hell of a chance to take,
    You all seen the film Catch Me If You Can? they catch him sentence him then they hire him???

    I prefer to think its the ufo’s!!! lol

  40. I do believe Boris has a serious point. As I know of many people, who have had attempts at bringing renewable energy out, have been suppressed or had their US patents refused or hidden. The issue of UFO activity is also hotting up. And no surprise that people who talk or find out about this are hammered heavily by Governments, particularly the US. The US program for reverse engineering advanced technology is well recorded but not so well communicated. The alien presence has too much evidence but is ridiculed at the media level. Who are they to judge? However, where human concerns are at the centre of this issue of Gary, we seem to be at a breaking point of allowing the USA to impose itself on our society and our sovereignty behind the scenes. In effect Gary did the US a great favour in finding out how bad their system security is and they are boo-hooing about it, crying foul! What’s more, with such publicity as this, how can there ever be a fair, unbiased trial?
    I would also argue about the defintions of the accusations against him and there is a clear case of false evidence being gathered. I also argue as to whether there was any actual crime. The US government and its orgs need to come clean here, lick their wounds and grow up.

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