The new Vetting and Barring Database

I am afraid I won’t see a man on Mars

We will fail, because … we lack the willingness to take the necessary physical risk.


No, folks, I just don’t think it is going to happen. I fully intend to live well into the middle of this century, but I am afraid I won’t see a man on Mars. We will never explore the Martian canals, or make our coffee with melted Martian ice, or fossick for life forms in the defunct volcanoes.

We will never conquer the Red Planet. Homo sapiens will flunk the next great test not because we lack the technology, nor even because we lack the money. We will fail, because – 40 years after the Moonshot – it is increasingly clear that we lack the willingness to take the necessary physical risk.

To appreciate the scale of the change, you only have to look back at the machines that went to the Moon in the summer of 1969. If you go to the National Air and Space Museum in Washington, and see the Apollo exhibition, you have an overwhelming sense of the absurd Bacofoil fragility of those vessels, and the bravery of the men inside.

It was the crowning achievement of humanity so far – to plant a person on the face of a heavenly body once worshipped as a god. At a distance of four decades, we can see that it was made possible by an extraordinary confluence of factors. There were the rocket scientists from Nazi Germany. There was the exuberant American desire to stick it to the Soviets and show what a capitalist democracy could achieve.

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  1. What about if they take everyone who fails the security test and puts them on the moon? Almost as cheap as Australia, if you get the bulk rate on airfare from Richard Branson.

  2. We seem to have a dirty-minded obsession with paedophilia, one of the least of the dangers facing children. It is insignificant when compared with poor education, careless parents, casual violence, dangerous roads and a sedentary, isolated lifestyle.

  3. It just occurred to me: ince gossip is included as a reason to keep people off schoolyards, it won’t take long before people with vested interests start up rumours about one another, and eventually it will not be possible to get anyone of quality within 50 yards of a schoolyard, including teachers. Call it Social Darwinism, but this is destined to be the instrument of its own downfall.

  4. I think that we have gone a bit too far in some respects but as a male teacher I can understand why precaution checks may need to be carried out but such an event when an Author/writer visits the school will be no secret. I think one has to be more scared of the allegations a student could make. I believe that students have the right to be protected but Adults also have to be protected from scandalous and baseless accusations.

    When ever such a person comes to the school, students are aware (and there tend to be a lot of them) and usually they are escorted around by fellow teachers anyways. They are never ever left alone with students so that a potential situation could develop.

    It seems that Education is the political football ; erm dont know what to do oh I know lets add more regulation to the Education systems keeps me in a job.. I do wonder about the people who come up with these wacky ideas they obviously havent worked in a school environment or contacted schools to see what they currently do to protect students.

    The negative impact of this cannot be underestimated. There are countless visitors to the school who help enrich the learning experience of our youth and this is a blatant attempt to prevent this learning.

    If I was to think of the people who come and visit my school specifically for activities related to learning it would be bureaucratic nightmare to meet the Pullman requirements.

  5. I was recently told that somebody in “Health and Safety” would first carry out an audit and make a few changes to improve things but then, if they wanted to keep their job they would have to think up more and more new rules to keep people healthy and safe.

    So it’s sort of self-perpetuating isn’t it? To keep children safe from the nasty paedophiles they first need to stop taking pictures they could look at, then ban pictures of children from school websites, then ban parents from attending sports days and so on, in case they’re really horrible perverts.

    Once all that’s done it’s the real people who have to be tackled, and kept out of schools and away from kiddies – hence the wonderful new database, that you have to pay for the privilege of being added to.

    I wholeheartedly agree with what Philip Pullman said – our children are being raised in a climate of fear – they are almost being brainwashed into hating adults, but none of them realise that they will be adult one day and will not know how to cope because they will have been isolated frome decent adult contact because of course, all adults could be paedophiles and murderers.

  6. Why does taking some photos of your kid’s school Christmas Nativity Play make you a weirdo? If they want to look at kids photos, they can go to the shops and get these free catalogues of kids clothes, holidays brochures… Will the shops stop giving these catalogues, brochures to any man who asks for one?

    Remember a few years ago a well known female TV newsreader who took pictures of her kid sitting in the bath chest-deep in water and she took the film to Boots the Chemist and she was shopped to the cops by a Boots the Chemist’s shop assistant who processed the film and looked at the prints and decided they were weirdo pictures (!!!). When the newsreadere arrived at the shop to collect the prints she was arrested by the cops and was taken to a police station and was interviewed by the cops for hours. Obviously she was so mad that she called the shop assistant and the cops ” f**king idiots ” !!!


    “If ….. you see the Apollo Exhibition, you have an overwhelming sense of the absurd Bacofoil fragility of those vesssels and the bravery of the men inside.”

    Nowhere has that bravery been more convincingly described than in Tom Wolfe’s book “The Right Stuff” (published in 1979). The Apollo Expeditions were preceded by a US project that aimed to put man into orbit round the Moon which was called the Mercury Project.

    When the Mercury Project was first mooted to the jet fighter pilots at the Edwards Air Base (where most US military aircraft were tested), the Commanding Officer passed the word around that he wanted his boys to avoid the project. Test pilots accepted for Project Mercury would have no control over the aircraft used, which were automated, and would be nothing more than lab. rats. “It would be a ridiculous waste of talent; they would become just “spam in a can.” This phrase “spam in a can” became very popular at Edwards as the nickname for Project Mercury.” (“The Right Stuff”).

    It was only when Alan Shephard was inserted into the top of a Redstone rocket on May 5th, 1961, that the enormity of the undertaking and the courage needed to become an astronaut became apparent to the fighter pilots at Edwards and to the world. When, in February 1962, John Glenn in the third phase of the project to orbit the Moon three times, ran into trouble, (there was concern that the heat shield was loose or had come off. If the heat shield had come off, the pilot would fry when the capsule re-entered the earth’s atmosphere and John Glenn was aware of this for the latter part of the flight), the successful conclusion of the mission elevated Glenn to superstar status and there was mass adulation, almost hysteria, for the courage he had shown in executing and completing the mission.

    Tom Wolfe describes the courage of the astronauts as “the same vital force of manhood that had made millions vibrate and resonate to Lindburgh. They anointed them with the primordial tears that the right stuff commanded.” (The Right Stuff).

  8. It was really for the duration of the Mercury Project that the Americian public’s adulation of the astronauts was at its height. By the start of the Gemini project in 1965, the astronauts had begun to feel a change in the public attitude towards them.

    “The single combat warriors’ war had been removed. They would continue to be honoured and men would continue to be awed by their courage, but the day when an astronaut could parade up Broadway while traffic police wept at intersections was no more. Never again would an astronaut be perceived as a protector of the people, risking his life to do battle in the heavens. Not even the first American to walk on the moon would ever know the outpouring of the peoples’s most primal emotions that Shephard, Cooper and above all, Glenn had known.” (The Right Stuff by Tom Wolfe)

    To anyone inspired by Boris’s article to find out more about the Apollo Expeditions, I would urge them to read this tremendous book first, one of the most romantic and thrilling books ever written about men who risked their lives for their country.

    The film “The Right Stuff” also deals with the subject of the Mercury Project, and stars Ed Harris as John Glenn, Scott Glenn as Alan Shephard and Dennis Quaid as Gordo Cooper. The film interestingly covers the attitude of the fighter pilots at Edwards, led by the legendary jet fighter pilot, Chuck Yeager (brilliantly played by Sam Shepherd), who was credited with breaking the sound barrier. It shows how the fighter pilots’ attitude changed from disdain for the astronauts because the job involved no flying, to respect for their role and recognition of their huge courage.

    As Boris says, the whole thing was so touch and go, it simply wouldn’t be allowed today, and this smothering of the very best of human endeavour is killing off the thing that validates the lives of certain men, the opportunity to demonstrate the right stuff.


    Intense talks are taking place on whether more helicopters are needed in Afghanistan, Lord Mandelson revealed last night.

    The Business secretary insisted a chopper shortage was NOT causing the deaths of British soldiers on the front line. But he saidn”intensive discussions” would be followed by a review of commanders’ recommendations.

    It came after former Defence Secretary John Hutton called for air and ground reinforcements.
    By Graeme Wilson, Deputy Editor, The Sun 22.7.2009 ”

    ( Can anybody tell me who that Queen Mandy Latifa thinks he is deciding if our armed forces need extra choppers or not?

    We know he is a Queen, but he is not the Queen. And who is the Prime Minister ” running ” this country? He or Gordon-Elizabeth-Who-Ate-All-The-Pies-Brown?

    We know Queen Mandy Latifa loves choppers but he can’t keep them all for himself.

    Boris has just filmed a scene in East Enders with Barbara Windsor, folks. Boris just played with himself, I mean he just played himself. There’s a picture in The Sun of him and Barb hugging one another. I don’t know whose blond bouffant hair looks better, but I can’t wait to watch that episode on the telly. Wonder when Boris opens his mouth, he has a London accent or a Queen accent?

  10. For once I actually support the government in screening all visitors and male and female teachers, as there have been so many cases of paedophilia, and children have been sexually abused. It is NOT going too far. Look at the recent case of the female teacher taking pictures of her class and sexually abusing them then posting them on the internet. Not nice, is it?

  11. That teacher probably had been screened and what good did it do?

    I think the point that Boris is making is that when renowned authors like Philip Pullman go to speak at schools, it is unfair and demeaning for them to have to undergo the Vetting Process.

    He is also arguing that many valiant endeavours are being stifled because of the stupid obsession with health and safety and the legal Kafkaesquw mentality that seems to believe we can legislate against these problems, when the result is we are just creating a million more.

  12. Well, most us are like you BJ, “….. fully intend to live well into the middle of this century…….” Who want to die in the mission to Mars before you see that happens? Do you BJ? So it’s very normal that “I am afraid I won’t see a man on Mars.”

    But I certainly wish I will see that happen if only enough of them wanna be the martyr at first. Then eventually some or others will succeed on the martyr’s sacrifices. May be it’s time to clone some human martyrs for the project? But that’s evil and unethical. Instead, what we can do is to create robots to take up this mission. When such mission is proved to safe, then we can send the Man up there. Hopeful the Man is BJ. However for now, we must find our employments, put food on the tables, have a roof over our heads, and get some antibiotic when we get infection first. Then we have to have money to learn how to make those robots or to pay the special talents who know how.

  13. “Why should a distinguished author have to go through this kind of humiliation, just because he or she is public-spirited enough to visit a school? Why should anyone? We are told that we need more male role models for our kids, and that we need to get more males into teaching. Then why are we treating every adult as though he or she were a potential pervert? What signal are we sending out about this country?”

    I totally agree with Michael Jackson. Some pervert minded cowards immediately jump into the “Having Sex” mode whenever the word “Bed” mentioned.

    BTW, I believe MJ is an innocent and his was the victim of the pervert greedy people.

  14. Well, you are wrong. Michael Jackson was world-famous more as child molester than as a musician in his last decade. While I don’t support treating gossip with the same weight as court testimony, I wouldn’t want my children to be in the hands of somebody who thought nothing of letting Michael Jackson sleep with young boys.

  15. People who know MJ all said he was just like a little boy himself. Not an adult.

    At his memorial service, that Congress lady declared strongly: ‘People are innocent until proven otherwise’. That’s all she said. She did not mention anything or anybody. She also presented a framed cert saying that The Congress House recognise MJ’s hamanitarian works, talents and a symbol of a good American citizen. At the end of her speech, she made a SS soldier salute and bellowed: ‘Michael Jackson, I salute you!’. The audience all stood up and applauded.

    Thing is people who passed the vetting process might think they are pure, first class citizens and others are not. Honestly, who wants to be a teacher and get stabbed to death by their own student and the police and the laws later treat the student better than the victim and his heartbroken family due to his human rights?

    True story: One of me mates clumsily dropped a fiver walking past a school’s fence at break time . He stopped and was about to bend down to pick up the money just when he saw one female teacher looking at him suspectingly, shouting at him loudly: ‘Oi, perv!’ and whipped out her cell phone to call the [Ed: inappropriate comment] police. [Ed: inappropriate comment]

  16. To get back to Boris’s article, the theme is so appealing, because the idea of an astronaut “doing battle in the heavens” is such an amazing idea.

    The level of risk faced by the astronauts was huge. I can’t miss this opportunity of repeating one of my favourite quotes about the astronauts, made by Sam Shephard as Chuck Yeager in the movie of “The Right Stuff.”

    “It takes a special kind of man to volunteer for a suicide mission especially when it’s on t.v.”

  17. There wasn’t a vetting process in action when the female teacher was employed.

  18. Don’t they make all teachers go through a vetting process now though, because I thought they did.

  19. raincoaster, yes, that is the attitude described in the book “The Right Stuff”, extreme danger and the likelihood of death was actually an incentive to the men who became astronauts.

    They vied with other pilots to surpass each other in brave acts of derring do and of course it was absolute hell for their wives and families, who daily had to live with the thought that they would die. As one astronaut’s wife said “I wonder how other wives would cope with the idea that if their husbands went into a meeting, there was a one in four chance of them coming out alive”.

  20. What sort of land this country has become – if you said you think Michael Jackson was innocent ( and he was found not guilty of anything ) then some people would drop a crafty ****, I mean hints that maybe you are a pervert, too. They still think he was guilty. I blame Labour for creating this climate of fear for their party’s own interest. The Congress woman was brave to have said what she said at MJ’s memorial service even though she knew that the event would be watched by the whole world. Whatever you think of America, you must admit that they do really have their freedom of speech. Basis human rights. Over here, people are too scared to speak out.

    The ******* MPs cheating, fiddling their expense- that’s taxpayers’ money. Everybody can see that. Yet the **** are too scared to do anything. The ******* MPs said they had returned the money because of the fuss, not because they were guilty as to them everything they had claimed was “within the rules”. AND THAT’S IT. AS SIMPLE AS THAT. Yet if you caught shoplifting red handed and you handed back the stolen goods, you would still be prosecuted, be taken to court. The hypocrisy stinks this whole room!!!

  21. Oh, hello there!
    I’m the naked cook. You must know me. Some school invited me to go over and show the pratz how to cook. But they said I would have to be screened first (?!). Hello? I told them to ” Go French Connection UK Yourselves !!! “, I said.

    I mean why don’t they try and ask Gordon Ramsay ?!!!

    Some people misthink about me mate Dahlia. They think she a stuffy woman. No she is not. Dahlia just told me some University had invited her to show their students how to cook and that she would have to vetted first before they let her in. She told them to ” **** *** “, too !!! Dahlia’s a real cool dude, I say!

  22. Poor reputation? Reputation means rumours, gossips. He was found not guilty of anything by the court of laws. If you (or your wife/ husband) were a teacher and a wicked student accused you of indecent behaviours towards him/ her but you were found not guilty of anything, how would you feel if some people still think you ( your wife/ husband) were guilty because of the student’s accusation?

    About this vetting process- does this mean from now on all parents will have to be vetted before they are allowed in to attend their kids’ sports day, teachers & parents events… because they will be in close contacts with loads of children, won’t they?

    And say, people who want to help set up/ run a school’s fete, will they be vetted too; even they will only be there for one single day? The mind boggles!

    I can understand why people who want to work for schools need to be vetted before work is offered. ( But correctly, they should be vetted every year after that, too as Criminal Record check includes any criminal offences i.e shoplifting, drink/drive, assaulting… And many other employers have been doing this for years ). But a well known writer or someone like that needs to be vetted before he is allowed in; even he will be only there for a few hours in the teachers’ present is just ridiculous. This is what I call blanket-charge.

    Labour likes to introduce laws to show they are a caring party. They are not a caring party at all. Just look at their record:

    – Anti-terrorism law: police stop/ check people on street, BUT they must stop/ check the number of browns, whites, blacks and yellows equally because of Labour ambiguous human rights law. Just a waste of taxpayers’ money. And what have they done with the ones who they know very sure are what they only dare call terror-suspects (!) ? Putting them under house arrest and pay them/ their wives/children all sorts of welfare benefits – that’s taxpayer’ money ! They even dare not deport illegal immigrants-cum-terror-suspects!

    Some parents might oppose to the vetting-to-attend-your-kid’s school using their Labour-created-ambiguous-human-rights-law; and what would the government/ schools do then? What a farce!

  23. You have read in the papers- people who were falsely accused of child molesting/ any kinds of accusations and were found not guilty of anything later on, yet are still living with the “reputation”. Try put yourself in their shoes and see how you and your family would feel !

    The vetting before job offer and the annual repeat-check must apply to all politicians in this country, too- after all, they are the ones who create this new law, aren’t they? Fair play for all, we say!

    Oh, and according to caring Labour Party, illegal-immigrants-cum-terror-suspects have their human rights, too. Terrorism is one thing. The right to claim ” political ” asylum is a different matter. Don’t forget that.

    Oh, and why don’t schools try and invite Gordon Ramsay over to show kids how to cook and tell him that he must be vetted before they let him in and see what he will “say” ??!!

  24. What about when your kid has been naughty and you are asked by letter to go to his school and meet the dragon head? Will you have to be vetted before they let you in their premise? I’m not a trouble maker, I’m only asking. Don’t mind me.

    Do you remember that man Colin Stark or Colin something. He was accused of stabbing a young mum who was walking in a London park with her young son to death. The way the press were running their stories inriched with Colin’s neighbours’ stories of his ‘reputation’ everybody, including me, thought he was guilty. After he was found not guilty, years later the cops even set up a honey trap using a cophen ( and you know what all cophens look like, don’t you? – very butch indeed ) to get a confession out of him. Then they used this twisted, sexed-up confession to re-prosecute him. Again, he was found not guilty because his lawyer pointed out the honey trap method used on him was not useable and unreliable.

    Well, anyway, a few years after that, a mad man in jail blurted out to his cell mate that he was the one who had stabbed that young mum to death. The cops was told and prosecuted that man and his DNA matched with the DNA found under the victim’s finger nails.

    Yet while prosecuting Colin, the cops said that DNA found under the victim’s finger nails did not count!

    Colin was paid a huge compensation by the incompetent, twisted cops for ruining his life, of course. But even now he is still having to live with a stigma/ ‘reputation’. He is still un-employable. Not nice, is it?

    Not nice, is it?

  25. Oh, to be fair, over here we have frumpy Sarah- very brave indeed, just like that Congress woman no less !

    Frumpy Sarah stepped out to personally and openly trying to stop that internet hacker from being sent to America for hacking into NASA’s and other American government’s websites claiming that he has autism or sort of illness !

    Suffering from autism and knowing how to hack and doing the hacking?

    Why does Frumpy Sarah only do the wrong things? Who is her spin doctor?

    Frumpy Sarah,
    On your hands and knees!
    Get set!
    Scrub your floor, honey!
    Save the taxpayers money!

  26. Noiseuer makes a very good point. He (she?) is referring to the case of Colin Stagg, accused by the police of stabbing Rachel Nickell to death in front of her small son, and yes, the police did set up a honey trap. Colin Stagg went through hell before his name was cleared, and at one stage, the press were quite clear that he was guilty.

    There have been other cases of parents accused of molesting their kids, when they were totally innocent, and it was a blunder by Social Services. But they lose their children for years, and have to fight to get them back, and even then, as Noiseuer points out, the stigma never leaves them.

    The witnesses in the Michael Jackson case were totally discredited by investigative journalists who found they were motivated by greed and the desire to exploit the vulnerability of Michael Jackson, who was a very damaged and confused individual. Nobody denies he shared a bed at times with kids and used to invite them to sleepovers, but this could have been just a pathetic, misguided attempt to recreate the childhood he never had.

    If someone is cleared of such serious charges, and the witnesses are found by impartial journalists to be dubious, surely it is grossly unfair to state categorically that someone is a paedophile? Jackson never recovered emotionally from the shame and disgrace of the trial, and it deeply affected him for the rest of his life. The charges were not proven and nobody therefore has the right to besmirch his name.

    The public are very aware they can make money from accusations of sexual abuse and violence,and public figures are prime targets.

  27. “We will fail, because … we lack the willingness to take the necessary physical risk.”

    Unlike Boris, who throws himself at life… and German footballers.

  28. To those of you insisting MJ’s a pervert, I say You pervert can never understand the heart of an Angel. Michael Jackson was innocent. I tell you so because as an intuitive female I can tell see and smell one with my 6 sense.

    MJ was a tortured soul. Just for the fact that he couldn’t sleep forever. However, I suspect his suffering caused by his scale reconstructive surgery after being burned during the Pepsi commercial. What they do in that kind of surgery is to cut off part of your scale then pulling the rest together connect all sides together. If the cut off is much, then they will harvest a graft from somewhere on your body to patch it up. The complication is that after such your scale tissue will become too tie and you will suffer from the constant pressure headache, pressure, discomfort due to the pressure your head nerves because things just too tie. MJ said he heard these constant beats inside his head and the pain too so he could never sleep. The beats he heard might be cause by the tie scale tissue pressing on the arteries so he ca hear the pulsation, but it might also be because of the musical demon inside him. I remember a story about Tchaikovsky. He too was suffered from constantly hearing those haunting melodies when he was a child. Often he woke up from nightmare and couldn’t sleep and crying.

  29. I just loved this article, not so much the pervert part, but the part about the Apollo expeditions. It made me reread “The Right Stuff” for about the tenth time from cover to cover.

    “We will never explore the Martian canals, or make our coffee with melted Martian ice, or fossick for life forms in the defunct volcanoes”

    How great a sentence is the above.

  30. Bonjour! Bonjour!

    If the police dared to prosecute all those cheating, expense fiddling politicians, they all would receive a criminal record which would get them banned from ever entering their kids’ school at the vetting.

    Allowance fiddling means stealing taxpayers’ money meaning a criminal offence. When exposed by the press, they shuold not have been allowed to return their stolen taxpayers’ money and expect everything is fine, back to business as normal, all is forgotten.

    If you were caught shoplifting red handed and you reluctantly and grudgingly handed the stolen goods back to the fit, handsome, tight assed shop security guard, they would still press charge and prosecute you. Why should these politicians be treated differently from working class peasants like you?

    Gordon Brown was exposed by the press using taxpayers’ money to pay a cleaner to clean his house AND his older brother’s house, too. Brown denied it, of course, saying that his brother pays for this cleaner’s service too – but his brother has so far failed to produce any proofs showing that he had been chipping in too to clear his brother’s name. Why ?

    Criminal offences record includes all sorts of offences, not just child molesting. In the future, if you see Edna next door not attending the school’s fete, you can guess might be why!

    Don’t be fooled by Labour- they like to create a climate of fear, then introduce laws to protect you and claim credit for it- we are a caring party, we make laws protect you!

    Really? Because there’s always a farce somewhere to ruin the laws. Look:

    CREATING A CLIMATE OF FEAR: Let legal, illegal immigrants swarm the country, claiming housing and social benefits.

    THE FARCE: Under Labour’s races and equality law, councils must offer as much housing help to these immigrants as they do local people. Meaning queue jumping over local people.

    INTRODUCE NEW LAW TO SHOW THEY CARE: Labour has just introduced a new law stating that councils must offer housing to local people first, not to newly arrived immigrants who must wait in the queue like everybody else. Meaning the government know about this problem. ( And hoping that this new law will win them votes! ).

    THE FARCE: Sir Trevor Phillips at Races and Equality investigated and declared ” There’s no evidence that councils offering housing to newly arrived immigrants first and local people have to wait. ” And what was the government’s reply to this? ” Well, the government knew that the immigrants were not queue jumping and the councils had not offered housing to them before locals. BUT we only introduced this new law to show that queue jumping immigrants is just a myth. ” (???)

    In the end, under Labour’s anti-racism and equality law, councils must offer housing to people of all races and genders equally. Meaning queue jumping.

    Likewise: Creating a climate of terrorism fear. Introduce anti-terrorism law, stop/check law. The farce is police must stop whites, yellows and blacks, too – due to Labour’s anti-racism law (!!!). Another farce is they then don’t know what to do with these terrorists so they just call them terror-suspects (!!!) , put them under house arrest, paying them/ wives/ kids all social benefits. They dare not even deport known terror-suspects-cum-illegal immigrants (!!!) – due to Labour’s Race and Equality law and Human Rights law. So why bother stop/check people on the streets in the first place, wasting police time and taxpayers’ money?

    Too many ambiguous laws. The government, the councils and the police don’t even know what they are supposed to do. And that ‘s the biggest farce of all. Beam me up, Scotty!

    Angela, I think maybe oop in the north pole, people’ gobs are clamped shut by severe frost permanently, they are used to being muzzled they don’t know what freedom of speech is?

  31. Angela, last week you said MJ was innocent. So you must be a perv, too!!! HA ha ha ha !!!!!

  32. Nanny darling, I didn’t actually say MJ was innocent. I said he was found not guilty, big diff.

  33. You are right, Angela. Sorry, love!

    Ricecake, it’s modern time, why don’t you use Google Satellite to pinpoint pervs on earth? I mean what if you had swine flu and your nose was runny and your Gaydar, I mean 6 sense became less accurate, and you pinpointed Raincoaster out as a perv and he/ she had to live with a bad reputation forever, even after he/ she had popped his/ her clogs, then it’s not nice , is it?

    Not nice, is it? Not nice, is it?

    CREATING A CLIMATE OF FEAR: ( WW2 siren blaring ) Attention, attention all citizens !!!! This is Harriet Hardman. Gay Gord is on holiday, I’m in charge of this country now. Father Christmas is not married, he plays with kids, he enters kids’ bedrooms at night, he must be a big, fat PERV !

    WE”RE A CARING PARTY: We’re introducing this new law called vetting-before-you-enter. Meaning the big, fat bloke must be vetted before he’s allowed to climb down people’ chimneys. We’re a very caring party because we ‘re always making up new ambiguous laws to protect you. You see?!!!

    THE FARCE: Father Christmas is going to sue Labour party using Labour created Anti-Racism, Genders and Equality Laws!

  34. We have had an election and now it is time to say good bye to all these ridiculous flawed laws.

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