BNP Protest – Nick Griffin pelted with eggs

He really did get a good egging – see here


Here is a further timely Dungeekin rendition in a wonderful ‘Oliver’ spoof


In this life, one thing counts,
Tolerance in large amounts,
But when you see the BNP,
You’ve got to taunt a Fascist or two.
You’ve got to taunt a Fascist or two, boys,
You’ve got to taunt a Fascist or two.

When you see the BNP,
You’ve got to taunt a Fascist or two!




16 thoughts on “BNP Protest – Nick Griffin pelted with eggs”

  1. You really are an amazingly talented writer, your spoofs are so perfectly simple and clear. You could probably write poetry just as well, like sonnets. Really really enjoyable to read.

  2. Angela, you say the nicest things!

    Sonnets, though, are pretty easy – try this one from September last year, when I was going through a Shakespeare phase:

    Shall I compare thy deeds with what you say?
    Thou art both ugly and incompetent,
    The polls shape thy pronouncements of the day,
    Thy speech doth spew forth from thy fundament.
    Oft-times the Press do catch your lying lines,
    Yet to the Beeb your lustre’s not yet dimmed;
    And though the polls’ support for you declines,
    Your bumbling, dithering course is still untrimmed.
    But thy eternal bullshit does not fade,
    Nor lose its stench beneath the public nose,
    By true Election will your Fate be made,
    Exposing all the lies for which you pose.
    So long as men can breathe or eyes can see,
    They’ll know your deeds that wrecked this fair country.


  3. Oh oh, that’s harsh!

    You are extremely talented, I do not say that to flatter, merely to speak the truth.

  4. Johnson says the decision to strike is ‘demented’

    Puerile language from the mayor. He is feeble with words.

  5. I repeat, the problem is Education.

    Can’t bang on about tolerance,
    and then leave your front door to bash a fascist –
    (not if you’re tolerant, that is).

    Politicians should take the good things of the BNP and turn them into a manifesto seeking a mandate –

    -keep St. George’s Day
    -teach English history to our children
    -teach and keep Christmas
    -keep the Blacks
    -keep kindness

    (not all of the above are on the BNP manifesto but a lot of them are)

    Everybody hates the politics of today – and its intellectual and moral poverty.
    ‘Open-minded’, ‘tolerant’ politics makes for flat-headed ministers.

  6. We don’t need the BNP to tell us to celebrate St. George’s Day, enthuse about English history and remind us to be kind and polite to each other – we have our Mayor to do that.

    The only thing we want the BNP to do is to go back to Hades, Perdition and the hell that Spawned them. Or surely there is some rock on a deserted island they can crawl back under?

  7. Tory MP Michael Fallon, a member of the Commons Treasury Select Committee, said the Mayor must act decisively to smash the RMT.
    He said: ‘Let’s see Boris’s backbone. He needs to break this strike. He should not cave in.

    His backbone? That would be a first.

  8. I think you will find that all the newspapers recorded that Boris won the political battle over the strike. Boris has the guts, brains and determination to solve this problem.

    I would back Boris to win the war any day of the week.

  9. Depends what paper you read.

    Certainly the Evening Standard supports Boris Johnson; they always have and always will.

    It’s called an agenda.

    I presume the Telegraph would support Johnson too since they pay him getting on for a quarter of a million pounds for writing safe drivel.

  10. poiu, nobody in their right mind pays anyone £250,000 for writing safe drivel. Boris does not receive this money because he has blond hair and a winning smile, he receives it because the Telegraph know, without a shadow of a doubt, that printing one of his articles will result in such an increase in sales that the money is justified.

    Newspapers are not in the business of throwing money away, they care about one thing only, circulation.


    On Iain Dale’s thread “Fame at last” find out on the video clip from HIGNFY (chortle, chortle) that Caroline Flynn doesn’t understand why she isn’t taken seriously in politics. I bet Nadine Dorries laughs at this!

    It isn’t like men use their sex appeal in politics (OK, they do, once I saw a picture of David Cameron in his office giving such a smouldering, sexy, Scorpionic stare, I couldn’t stop laughing for 15 minutes. It was the inappropriate surroundings that made it so funny.)

  12. no, boris.
    it starts with a taunt,
    turns into haunt,
    then onto jaunt,
    becomes a slaught,
    and ends with aughtn’t.

    no boris.

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