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  1. Absolutely lovely pics. of the Mayor meeting the Queen. Our queen beams with genuine warmth and pleasure and she shakes the hand of a relative. Yes, our Mayor has royal blood, and his family tree goes right back to George II, through his maternal grandmother, Granny Butters. He is also linked to most of the crowned heads of Europe. (Mad King George was George III, not George II).

    Really, the Mayor was just coming home and that explains the extra warmth in the Queen’s smile as she greets him.

  2. Regardless of what may or may not have been achieved at the G20 (how many noughts in a modern trillion????), did you see the report of Michelle Obama in the school in Islington? It’s the kind of leadership speech we need more often as it puts choice, decision and vision back where it belongs, with the individual. No wittering about ’empowerment’, that most disempowering of words. Just a simple message to believe, make the most and get on with achieving. Here’s the relevant bit:

    “You too can control your own destiny, please remember that.
    Whether you come from a council estate or a country estate, your success will be determined by your own confidence and fortitude.

    It won’t be easy, that’s for sure, but you have everything you need. Everything you need you already have right here.

    We are counting on you, we are counting on every single one of you to be the best that you can be.

    We know you can do it, we love you, thank you so much.”

    [Source 02 April 2009: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk_politics/7980012.stm%5D

  3. Gill I totally agree. What an inspirational figure Michelle Obama is, for me the most outstanding first Lady there has ever been. Her warmth and humour won all hearts.

  4. Also, she is totally the equal of the President, in intelligence, charisma and dignity. They are equally matched.

  5. I fear Red Ken wouldn’t have been granted such a lovely smile by the Queen! I feel a lot better now, having been seething with rage ever since I watched that vile programme on Channel 4 a few nights ago. I’ll bet you any money you like that it was sponsored by the Labour Party, and that we paid for their propoganda once again. But it was so obviously biased that they more or less shot themselves in the foot. And Tony McNulty has a brass neck to criticise you, with his track record! KBO Boris!

  6. That film will go down in history as one of the great comedy classics of all time. There were such absurd distortions, after the initial anger, we found it absolutely hilarious.

  7. Dave, I think you mis-posted somehow? I assume you are referring to another thread?

  8. Hallo Gill, I ws referring to the post above mine. C J Southon is talking about the DISPATCHES on boris.

  9. The G20 protesters smashed one sex shop in London Soho to show their anger at Jacqui Smith and her husband watching porn film on cable TV paid for by the taxpayers. Quite right.

  10. Tesco and other supermarkets have just announced that their shops have sold bottled chutneys ten folds of last year total sales since Boris gave out his own chutney recipe on this blog.

    Now glorious Spring is here, nature has awaken in the warm sunshine, perhaps Boris should write and tell us about his favourite plants and any useful gardening tips. This might help our garden trade an awful lot in this recession.

  11. Boris is on BBC2 tonight, at 7.40. Great programme called YES WE CAN, THE LOST ART OF ORATORY. Barack Obama has already been compared to Cicero, but it is Boris Johnson who takes top honours.

  12. See? I told you last week that some MPs own more than just 1 house.

    If they own only 1 house, in order to claim second home expense ( £23,000 per year ) plus the cost of its annual upkeep ( £26,000 per year ), all they have to do is declare a relative’s or a friend’s address as their main home, then claim second home allowance AND upkeep cost on their own home. Easy and within Parliament’s rules, of course !

    In Labour Employment Minister Tony Mc Nulty’s case, he declares his parents’ house as his main home. Cheat !

    Now, Hoon is exposed to be living in a luxury free grace-and-favour home in London which he declares as his main home, rents out another house he owns in London ( about £15,000 per year ) and claims second home allowance ( £23,000 per year ) plus annual upkeep ( £26,000 per year ) on his Derby house.

    Beckett also owns at least 2 houses and is making money the same way !
    Easy money, isn’t it? If we want to make even just £10,000 per year, we have to do a part time job for it.

    Jacqui Smith has claimed £150,000 upkeep cost on her second home in Redditch over the period of 8 years so far, including a £9 potted Camilla plant from Homebase, a £304 barbecue, £344.77 worth of plant pots, £15,000 new patio… Oh er ?!!

    Google: HOON HAS 3 HOMES

    also this funny article on Jacqui Smith’s handbag and her till receipts! http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/columnists/fergus_shanahan/article2350798.ece

  13. How can Jacqui Smith spend up to £26,000 per year upkeep cost allowance on her Redditch home every year? She bought TWO big flat-screen TVs, TWO washing machines…

    I’m sure she buys things and give them to her relatives all the time. NOBODY KNOWS.

  14. See? I told you last week all terror suspects get jobseeker’s benefits and other benefits, too – funded by the British taxpayers.

    Just yesterday Daily Express told of terror suspects receiving jobseeker’s benefits and other social benefits…

    Even the Department for Work and Pensions takes side with the terror suspects: ‘ Jobseeker’s benefit and other social benefits are available to anybody who is unemployed but available for work and is actively seeking work. Terror suspects are not different from anybody else.’ Eh?

    These terror suspects are under house arrest. How can they go out and find work- if that they are bothered to find work at all. Next time, if your job centre threaten to stop your benefits, just remind them about these terror suspects under house arrest and getting jobseeker’s allowances and other benefits.

    I’m sure Labour government allows this to happen so the public can not complain about their expense fiddlings and cheatings as ‘ everybody is at it ‘.

    This country is soooo generous to the point of being stupid and becoming the laughing stock of the world. Look at what the French is doing – they are sheltering and feeding the phoney asylum seekers gathering in Calais until they can find their way into the UK. These phoney asylum seekers do not want to stay in France as France’s benefits and social welfares are crap compared to the UK’s.

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