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  1. I think you linked to the wrong page – twitter.com/home goes to the profile page of the logged in user. If you click on “profile” then you’ll get the right url to link to, or just add his username to the url (eg twitter.com/).

  2. Hey, why doesn’t Boris follow anybody? Surely there is SOMEONE on Twitter he’d be interested in reading.

  3. The link is still not all there – that’s a link to the main twitter home page – twitter.com . When I click that, I just get taken to my own twitter feed. (If you’re seeing Boris’s feed when you follow that link, it’s because you’re logged in as Boris. Nobody else will see what you see for that link.)

    Searching the web, I see there’s a twitter.com/londonmayor that appears to be Boris. But that’s not the only one – there’s also twitter.com/backboris . Would the real twitter ID please stand up?

  4. Hi folks, my first comment was meant in a jokey way but on reading it again it seems critical which wasn’t meant at all. Anyway, the link I initially put on the musical amnesty thread for Boris’s twitter feed works fine so if any of you are still having probs with the official link from here, while Melissa is kindly fixing that for us you can use this: http://twitter.com/mayoroflondon

    Kind regards.

  5. This twitter thing brings out my paranoid tendencies like Facebook which I wouldn’t touch with a bargepole. How do we know it is not a government wheeze to invade our privacy and get a stranglehold on us? I might READ the twitterings of the trusting twits who partake. Whether I will actually say anything is not yet decided. Can we do it under nom de plumes?

  6. Users of Facebook recently included an assassination group planning to bump off the left wing President of Boliva, Evo Morales. CRIPES! I TOLD YOU IT WAS DODGY.

    Still, with Twitter, I might miss out on some good jokes. It is wrong to be too narrowminded. I am thinking about it.

  7. Angela – you are not ‘allowed’ to use a pseudonym on Facebook, although how they effectively police that rule I don’t know.

    I think twitter is quite good for people like Boris who lead interesting lives that people may have a vested interested in. But I think there is a downside and that is when using it becomes familiar there may be a tendency to put unguarded comments or details on it. Communication by text is so open to misunderstanding and familiarity of a little plastic box can lead one to forget there are people on the end of it and that it is not a private amusement. I think that danger applies to blogging too. But I think Boris will guard against that – he lives in the professional world.

  8. Angela – you are such a good communicator; I think you might enjoy dipping a toe in the twitter pool occasionally

  9. Mel, I probably will. The trouble is I am quite a conspiracy theorist. Why do they have to access all our e-mail address book and find out who we talk to? what is that about?

    Just as I would never ignore the possibility of aliens existing, I am also up for any conspiracy theory going. The government is definitely impinging on our democratic freedoms. They have, in the same way that Richard Nixon admitted he had done, taken advantage of their powers and exceeded them. This could be a devious plan!

    There is a frightening article in the Mail today about the disastrous effect Facebook, Myspace and Bebo are having on the vulnerable young.

    It is only too easy to forget that you are sharing your thoughts with thousands and express things better left unsaid. We must take care. then again, a good chat is the breath of life to me! I LOVE TALKING!
    If you think it is OK… I’ll have a go.

  10. And history is now divided into the period BEFORE Boris Johnson on Twitter and the period AFTER.

    This. Will. Be. Epic.

    especially if he doesn’t follow me back.

  11. It is only too easy to forget that you are sharing your thoughts with thousands and express things better left unsaid. We must take care. then again, a good chat is the breath of life to me!

    Agree completely, Angela. And that good chat can be a lifeline to those who are housebound or ill and imobile for some reason. The arrogant might think ‘don’t they have friends?’ but I’ve found that long term illnesses do not attract visitors. Friends made outside of that tend to wait until you are better (and have something more pertinent to their lives and interests to say). Also I have found that the old sayings were remembered for a reason.

  12. BTW the @londonmayor is basically just for press releases. It’s as dull as it gets. This account seems to be the real Boris, but alas, he won’t truly be a part of the social media world until he gets into a flamewar/twitwar or has a few drinks and says something dangerously indiscreet.

    I’ve got my fingers crossed.

  13. Jaq I completely agree with you that the internet is a lifeline for people who are ill, or cannot leave the house.

    However President Obama launched a super effective offensive in his campaign for the Presidency by using the internet. Blogging is one of the weapons of the future in any political campaign, and the Tory party has so far led the blogging war. The Guardian’s Dave Hill, when Boris was fighting to become London Mayor, said that Boris’s bloggers protected his reputation better than Ken was protected and that was a remark I cherished.

    The Tories won’t ever take a backward step in the blogging war. Not on our watch.

  14. Good start, I can’t sign on. When I fill in the details, they say they don’t recognise the password. So I tried to sign on with the tweet phone thing, but the same thing happened. WHERE DO YOU SIGN UP FIRST PLEASE?

  15. Yes, the sign up page says “Already use Twitter on your phone, complete your account”. If you don’t yet use it on your phone, where do you start the account?

  16. OK I sorted what to do. Have followed instructions up until I sent 6 figure code to the number they specify, but haven’t had any e-mail back from them yet.

    Then again, they say they will never send an e-mail to our phones, so that doesn’t fit.

  17. Hi Angela. I’ve just checked (for my work sins, I have been checking out Twitter but that’s a whole different story) and the process is:
    1 Go to http://www.twitter.com
    2 Get an account by clicking near the base of the screen on ‘Join Now’ (blue box). A form pops up for the usual filling in.
    3 Once you have an account, conduct a ‘people’ search for MayorofLondon and see what his latest twitter is.
    4 Once you have started seeing what Boris is twittering, you can ask to ‘follow’ his twittering and that means that every time you log in to your OWN Twitter account, you will be able to see what Boris is twittering about.
    Good luck.

  18. Be careful; if you think heroin is the most addictive thing going, you’ve never seen Twitter. People either love it or they hate it.

    You can see what Boris is posting without joining Twitter, either by subscribing to the RSS feed of his account or by simply going to his profile page. Joining Twitter and following Boris allows you to see the posts as they go live, along with the posts of any other interesting people you follow.

    And if, like me, you follow everyone who follows you (except spammers) then you’ll need a Twitter app like TweetDeck or Twhirl or Brightkit to filter.

    There are two schools of thought:

    1) I only follow people I find personally compelling, no matter what
    2) I follow everyone who follows me, barring obvious spammers, because a Follow is nothing more than a handshake, it’s not an endorsement. And refusing to return it is rude.

    Strategy #2 is what Obama followed, with great success. He changed the game entirely. #2 is now dominant. If a lot of people start following you, though, you need to filter them using TweetDeck etc, as I said. Otherwise it’s like trying to sip from Niagara Falls. I’m following over 1500 people.

    Because I have no life.

  19. Gill and raincoaster, THANK YOU SO MUCH. I will absorb your wisdom and hopefully I will soon become a brainwashed twit(ter). Is it right that Twitter does not send us e-mails, because when I signed up and put my mobile number, they said they never sent e-mails to that number. Is that because we are in England?

  20. angela on January 28, 2009 @ 6:13 pm – agree completely.

    BTW I don’t understand the problem as by using the lin you can get updates without registering/joining Twitter.

    Having said that RAINCOASTER IS THE BLOGMEISTER! And whatever she says can be taken as read. BUT… she does have a life, I know this, it includes many tentacles, fungi, fairies and many fans.

  21. I meant: I don’t understand the problem as by using my LINK you can get updates without registering/joining Twitter.

  22. Yes, but some people want to join Twitter, as it concentrates everyone they want to read in one channel.

    The mobile issue is the same in Canada: Twitter will not send updates to your phone anymore, because you get charged when you receive a text. But you can still register your phone so you can update FROM your phone.

    Twitter will send emails to an email account if you want, which you can set under Settings, but not a phone. Because it would cost you a bloody fortune!

  23. Now, I love the Guardian. But I hate their travel coverage (or do I just hate the English attitude to travel? I don’t know: I can’t bring myself to read the travel sections of more than one paper). And they are running some kind of “twit me the best bistros in Paris” scheme “here”:http://www.guardian.co.uk/travel/2009/jan/28/twitter-travel-trips

    Now, I’d be the last person to suggest…well, okay, I’d be the FIRST person to suggest deliberately farking up some overcompensated-journo-who-is-writing-the-whole-thing-off-anyway’s trip, but if you know a particularly gut-wrenching slop shop, it might be worth signing up a fake account and telling him about the marvelous lardons au Dahmer at this little hideaway off the Place d’Abattoir.

  24. Dearest Raincoaster – your Guardian Twit link is fabulous. Stephen Fry relied on >30 twitmate-recommended coffee shops on his recent trip to Sydney. This could be the start of whole new dictionary of twitter-related and twitter-spawned words …

  25. I’m saying nothing further on Twitter, especially a spoof site. You were right to say that people lose sympathy over time, Raincoaster, but my fingers have been well and truly burned. I am now just blogging wallpaper. Magnolia. It was quite nice to be censored though. Good memories 😉

  26. Laydees and geints, welcoom to my cootking class. Anyhoou, this recession has nothing to do with me. Though 10 years ago I did see it coming anytime. It’s a global thing, like. Anyhoo, leit us cootk soom pooteitous touday.

    Doon’t tell me yous Sootherners ain’t tried theim before. We oop North in the Heathers Land, wee eet theim ouol, we doon’t waste noothing, like.

    I knoo pooteitous ees bouring, but we can sex theim oop, maeke theim moore interesting tou eet. Yes? Souo, leit us cootk soom pootatous now, shall we?

    Get soom pooteitous, wash theim ouot, then peel theim. Doon’t throuw theim skeens ouot. Noo, keipt theim. Toss theim. Stoop, stoop, geints. I seid toss theim pooteitou skeens. I deedn’t say toss youorselves. Anyhoou, toss theim pooteitou skeens in cootking oil and salt, then roost theim in hot ouvein. There, yous heive soom crisps tou eet.

    Nouow, boil theim pooteitous till souft, then mash theim oop with bootter. There, yous heive soomthing neice for youor tee; soomthing neice tou eet during this recession.

    Doon’t eet meet. Meet ees dear. Anyhoou, must dash to save the world with Queen P. He haas a spare pair of wings I caen borrow. Good-bye.

    PS: Why do newspaper cartoonists draw me soo fat? They draw me faaar tou fat. I am not that fat. Why do they draw me soo fat?

  27. The above is the only time Gordon has made me laugh… or faux Gordon. Whenever he is asked for a recipe, he always comes up with some vile humble concoction made from potato peelings, to show his thriftiness and lack of affectation. BALDERDASH! Massive ego! Throws billions around like water!

    Twitter is very superficial. Nobody could possibly say anything worth listening to in such an environment. Even wildly interesting Boris Johnson is reduced to banality and it is not his fault, because such a medium dulls all complexity. I bet even Harold Pinter and David Mamet would be reduced to ditchwater dullness on Twitter.

  28. The police tell us not to advertise our daily routines in case of burglars. Celebrities went on Through The Key Holes, Hello Magazine… showing the inside of their home and their homes were broken into few days later. News of footballers, celebrities attending events on certain dates and on which their homes were burgled.

    Why people want to tell the world exactly what they are doing every few hours beats me as I’m sure some of these same people own an electric shredding machine at home to shred all personal documents before dumping them in the bin.

    I don’t know if I could believe that’s what they are doing i.e attending ” corporate ” meetings, going out for ” lunch with a client ” , just landing in LA, going to the gym or doing a yoga class after work, blah, blah… Oh, life is wonderful !! The exception is well known people like Boris Johnson, we know him, we believe his daily routines even though those routines sound out of our reach. But some other twitters… sorry, I not so sure…

  29. I think Boris on Twitter will be interesting to some. Not only to see what he’s doing, which they may have a particular interest in, but what he does do from day to day and perhaps importantly what he doesn’t.

    I can’t join in the general muck-slinging at Gordon Brown. I don’t think it matters whether he is fat or thin (but it oviously does to him, understandably) I think it matters what NuLab is doing to this country. Remeber Bliar and Brown couldn’t do it alone.

  30. Attending a corporate meeting, going out for lunch with clients, working out at the gym during lunch break… (!!!) my arse. More like:

    9AM- Arrived at work after a 30 min trip on the dirty and crowded No.285 Bus.
    9.15AM- Just been told all staff have been laid off.
    9.20AM- Arguing with the wife on the phone about how to repay the mortgage on our home.
    10AM- Phoning the local job centre about the benefits.

    Sorry, it’s upsetting but this is more real life and you know that.

  31. Let’s be honest. It’s a Stalker’s Charter. I bet it brings all the crazies out of the woodwork.

  32. If you were feeling really kind, you could ring up your local paper and say “Are you aware of the Mayor of London’s scheme to help London kids? If you ask your readers to donate any old musical instruments, your paper will be helping London kids and doing your bit to fight knife crime”. My local paper printed a small piece and I bet a lot of other local papers will do the same, all we have to do is ask.

  33. Jaq, I think people laugh about Brown’s petulant, DICTATORIAL streaks rather than his body weight. I don’t really think he’s that fat, anyway; either in real life or in those newspaper cartoons. Nixon didn’t complained about being drawn with an over-sized nose, Blair with a perma-grin or Cherie with Batman’s Joker’s mouth. See?

    Who ordered the police to arrest Damian Green? It was Gordon Brown.

    Who created this private sector / public sector workers to win votes from the public sector workers at the elections? It was Gordon Brown.


    Who ” wrote ” and ” sent ” personal letters to X Factor’s competitors in order to win more votes from them and fool the nation at the same time? It was Gordon Brown.

    We all know that the EU is led and influenced by the lefties and the socialists. Lefties and socialists are just a group of nearly-there-but-not-yet-and-still-trying-communists. They have been trying to copy their Russian communist Masters by creating a central government based in Brussel ( just like in Moscow ), making the same laws for all member nations, using the same currency, then looting the public money and everything will end in chaos just like what happened to the communist block. Yet who have been trying hard to push Britain to join the EU full time without -any -referendum and also to abolish the sterling? It was Gordon Brown and the Labour Party.

    Who thinks it was OK for a minister like Mandelson to have close affairs with Russian billionaire whilst MI5 knows that he is really one of Putin’s right hand men and God knows if Mandelson has revealed any national secrets to this man? It was Gordon Brown.

    I agree with you that Boris is an important politician and he has an important department to promote and trying to reach out to the public using Twitter. But reading that Jonathan Ross ” can not live without Twitter ” made me cringe. Stephen Fry is OK; he’s nice. Maybe it’s a good idea that the police should make the under-house-arrest-terror suspects to report their hourly activities to the police on Twitter so they can keep check on them. The same for the permanently unemployed layabouts.

  34. Bee you mention Richard Nixon. how come Nixon had to resign as President for the Watergate scandal, because he was not upfront and honest about his part in this, but Gordon Brown and Tony Blair can mislead us over so many things, but they are still in office?

    Against the wishes of the majority of the people of Britain and against international law, Tony Blair embarked on an illegal war. There wasn’t a peep of protest from Gordon Brown, so presumably he was in agreement. Serous matters were misrepresented, but nobody made them resign. I don’t get it. I should have thought what they did was much much worse than what Nixon did.

  35. ps. and if you ask me Jonathan Ross is going through an identity crisis. He is projecting his fear of ageing onto the older people that he ridicules, and since the BBC have forced him to change his act, which has been stripped of its major elements, cruelty, smut and ridicule, as a performer he is now flat as a pancake.

  36. Angela, you and I have had our differences but I hereby apologize for my part, because that is one damn fine suggestion.

    Link to the musical instrument donation scheme coming up.

  37. Raincoaster apologises! Blimey.

    Bee – it was mentioned on the Daily Politics that Brown had complained about being depicted as fat by a cartoonist. And he was. I don’t agree that Gordon Brown or the Labour government “copy their Russian communist Masters” but rather believe in an ideology adopted in their teens which they’ve never grown out of. If it is proved otherwise and you are right in this conspiracy theory than I will, of course, lose faith in all that is reasonable and spend the rest of my life occasionally saying ‘wibble’. I don’t read anything about Jonathan Ross if I can help it and have never met Stephen Fry so I’ll have to take your word for it.

    Angela – Nixon thought he was above the law and apparently said so. Mistake. I agree with your comparison in essence but think Blair is cannier – Teflon Tony. How he was not impeached amazes me to this day.

  38. Yes, today is an historic day.

    Link posted to Twitter, link to Boris’ article also posted to Twitter.

    Nixon had to resign because they were coming for his head. He would have been impeached and he would have ended up in prison, had he not fled the White House. Hiring burglars and personally ordering them to break into someone’s office and photograph their papers is going a bit farther than Blair would have, however brazen he may be.

  39. Oh, and all our local newspaper editors and the good reporters are already on Twitter. So it’s on their radar; someone’s already suggested passing it along to the Vancouver School Board.

  40. raincoaster, you are my star of stars! How kind of you to do that, THANK YOU. xx

    Did we have differences, because I can’t remember, all I remember is how funny your writing is.

    I have to say, it is so fascinating what happened during Watergate and they all had such amazing names! Erlichman! Bob Haldeman. McGruder! Chuck Colson. It was dramatic, gripping, they all ratted each other out, the little rat finks, in desperate attempts to avoid the slammer.

    What an episode in American history!

  41. Raincoaster: if Boris’s London campaign spreads to establishing or reinforcing a similar one in Canada – that’s great!

    Also, thanks for your Twitter insights. I absolutely hate it but do recognise that the publicity-oriented professions are using it productively. Just another tool in the Webiverse. Me, I’ll keep my coffeebreaks and flight/meeting inconveniences until such time as they matter because my space requires more time.

  42. Hmm – that last sentence reads all wrong. Sorry! I guess you can figure it out, though. Some tasks work fast, some work slowly…

  43. Yes, the “feeding the cats” updates are not that interesting, for sure. Which is why I posted “Feeding the cats. Into the meat grinder.”

    Twitter is the greatest place in the universe for one-liners.

  44. Hi, Raincoaster. For any people just straying by – no I’m nothing to do with the ‘Gillian’ in Raincoaster’s link. I remain the Twitter sceptic. I also add that I think Twitter “at the moment” could be dangerous. As the link article shows, it is being adopted by the media savvy to find information. Fine in sofar as it goes. How many of those links own up to the fact that the source was only that small percentage of the population who happened to be on Twitter and happened to use Twitter and happen to use the Internet regularly and happen to actually possess an Internet link, etc.? Well, you get the point. Nothing girly about bad stats.

  45. Well, usually a source is just one person anyway. On Twitter the source is one of the million or so communication-savvy people using Twitter in English. I’m not really seeing the issue here; are you worried that stories of interest to those people will start to dominate the news?

    I think that’s correct, actually, but not necessarily a problem.

    Gillian Shaw, by the way, just posted that there are men in HAZMAT suits entering the building at 200 Burrard Street. I’m headed that way in a half an hour. It’s useful to know stuff like that in realtime (although the woman who posted the exact location of her gynecologist’s hand when the San Francisco earthquake hit was definitely guilty of overshare).

  46. HAZMAT suit? Must be ‘hazardous material’. That’s a much more interesting detail than the actual news – that must be on the radio anyway. 😉

  47. raincoaster, I am just so excited that you have sent the musical instruments idea of Boris Johnson to the Canadian Twitters! STUFF GORDON BROWN! YOU CAN REALLY CLAIM TO HAVE INFLUENCED THE GLOBAL SCENE!

    WILL EVERYONE ON TWITTER PLEASE FOLLOW RAINCOASTER’S STELLAR EXAMPLE! All you have to do is put the link for Boris Johnson’s scheme to provide musical instruments for children on your Twitter account. (The link is quoted above). It couldn’t be easier!

    DMNYC Where are you! Boris Johnson needs you so that he can establish a US link!

  48. raincoaster, now you have me following you. If you want to follow me, I am under angelneptustar. OMIT THE “n” in neptunestar, ok i goofed there.

  49. I wonder who is the most followed twit on twitter. That would be funny to find out. Russell Brand has 3,567 followers and he has only just started! GO FIGURE!

  50. Raincoaster, in that case, someone should send the President the link for Boris’s speech on Garry McKinnon. Obama should definitely read that speech, as should his fellow Americans. Also it would be great to put the musical instruments link on there, so Americans know what is happening over here.

    Mel or Gill, would you like this done, has it been done or shall we get on this 24/7, ASAP topside!

  51. Angela, Ross’s 49 ? Well, I suppose he look that young because he can afford his weekly over-dozed Botox injections.

    Jaq, communist-influenced idealogy Brown picked up since his university days which he hasn’t grown out of or he, the lefties and the whole Labour have always been influenced by the Soviet Union are very much the same to me.

    You mentioned the 4 cheating Labour Lords. Well, Google:


  52. I take back everything bad I said about Twitter. It is genius. At a stroke, the Mayor’s article on Gary McKinnon and his musical instruments amnesty has been shared with 225, 256 Americans. GOD BLESS AMERICA.

  53. OOOps no that is not right. All his 2225,256 and rapidly rising followers won’t have got it, but the President did, because I had a note that he is following me. They probably have some trusty aides on it.

  54. No, he did not. Obama does not actually read those, nor does his staff as far as I can see. Most people do not read every post of every person whom they follow. People like Obama probably don’t read ANY of them. Stephen Fry, the third most followed person on Twitter, doesn’t read them, but he DOES read the ones that start with @StephenFry.

    If you want someone’s attention on Twitter, @ them if it’s something public, and DM them if it’s something private. I would DM this, because it’s rude to ask a favour in public of someone you’ve just met. It puts him on the spot to respond. On the other hand, if you want to PRESSURE the president of the United States, go ahead and @ him.

    Nothing is shared with the people following him until it comes from his account. And he isn’t posting much lately, if you’ll take a look.


  55. Oh, and there shouldn’t be any spaces between the @ and the name. It should be right at the front of the post, too, because the search will find it easier, so the whole post would be something like:

    @BarackObama @MayorofLondon has a wonderful idea for donating unused musical instruments to schoolkids. See http://tinyurl.com/bq6rvv

    That fits, with 7 characters to spare. And it shows you how to shorten a long URL like:


    to a short one like:


    by going to http://tinyurl.com/

    And there you have about fifteen hundred dollars worth of social media consulting. Over and out.

  56. Bee, raincoaster and Angela – you have really made me laugh! Good insights and sense of humour girls

  57. Mel, the Borislandia thread should be a sitcom! It would be HILARIOUS. The only snag though…. who could possibly play Boris better than the Mayor himself!


    raincoaster, you are a belting little treasure, and your advice is enormously appreciated. I sent a Dm and my links seem to morph into suitable urls by themselves. ps. i would love to send the scheme to Oprah but she doesn’t seem to take replies.


    No.10 Downing St, London

    8AM- Wake up ( Parp ! )
    9AM- Get out of bed ( Parp ! ). Twaddle to the loo ( Parp ! ) ( Parp ! ) ( Parp ! )
    9.30AM- Lardarse-indoor places 4 meat pies on table for breakfast.
    9.35AM- All the meat pies disappear. ( Parp ! )
    9.40AM- Lardarse-indoor places another 4 meat pies on table for breakfast.
    9.45AM- All the meat pies disappear again. ( Parp ! ). Lardarse asks where the pies gone? I doon’t know. Nouthin’ t’doo weeth meee. Maybe eet waous that Keite Moss. I doon’t knou. Why doo they draw mee so fat. Iai’m nout that fat. Why theiy draow mee so fat. ( Waaaaar !!! Waaaaar !!! cry, cry )

  59. I take back what I said about Twitter because it is quite good fun. It is good for featherheads such as myself, although I would not spend ages on there. Every now and then the Mayor descends and makes a proclamation like Moses from Mount Sinai, it is exciting. All Boris’s supporters should support him on twitter.


    6 AM. oCH AI, had half a bowl of gruel for ma breakfast! With cold water.

    Listened to recording of “Donald, where’s ya troosers!”

    The Mayor of London is a decadent, frivolous reprobate, unfit to wear a kilt.

    No more Boom or Bust!

    Told Sarah to make soup from potato peelings for supper.”Stop ya cryin wummin! Do God’s work”

    What else can I spend English tax payers’ money on? Heh, heh, heh, I remember Culloden!

  61. Angela

    >Listened to recording of “Donald, where’s ya troosers!”

    I love that song – it is so so funny and lively! just the thing to liven up a dark dull winter morning.

  62. Mel, it is so goofy and daft, I am giggling away!

    I must do a thread on celebrity twitters, and that would be a lot of fun.

  63. Bee
    What else makes you laugh in gloom and doom times? the thought of doing a Scottish country dance with Donald of where’s …. – he would swing any girl right round and send her into a spin the like she will never have seen before and never forget! We, south of the border, are prone to being a bit too straight-laced and po-faced I think.

  64. Hi Folks

    In order to try and raise a smile this is a funny notice I have read about of a meeting next week in parliament:

    BRITISH-ARGENTINE GROUP Meeting with Alfonso Prat-Gay

    I mean – can you imagine a worse double whammy?

  65. In an office he would answer the phone as: “Prat Gay” and that could cause any number of insults!

  66. Gordon Brown : ” Strikes??? My pledge: British dole for British workers !!!! Ha ha ha !!! “

  67. The only job Gordon really wants to save is his own.

    All those years in history that Scotland sucked up to France, and Elizabeth I feared the Scots would allow France to attack her by landing on their shores. Oh yes, France owes the Scots some gratitude, which they have repaid this week by Sarkozy knifing Gordon in the front by ridiculing his economic rescue package.

    To add insult to injury, the first European politician to embrace Obama is one Tony Blair! The teeth marks are on Gordon’s living room carpet. It’s a hard life.

  68. Hi Catherine
    If you are a twitterer you have to win the prize for the most original question and by implication you must of course be a complete tweety pie

  69. Amazing dave – how do the likes of Will Carling have the time and energy?! Is twittering that vital? it must be

  70. They do it because they love the sound of their own voice and need an audience. Will Carling is on all the time. so is Jonathan Ross giving us every tiny detail of his life, and he says he could not live without Twitter.

  71. Over on Twitter – you can have Obama, Clinton, No 10, to follow as well as Hugh Laurie, Stephen Fry, Hugo Young – not to mention Angela and raincoaster – so all a lot of fun

  72. I’ll join when it gives me visual updates of Chris Hitchens in the shower. I’m sure the question of whether he’s still waxed or au natural is far more interesting than anything Ross might be doing.

  73. Jaq sweetie, but Christopher Hitchens looks so miserable all the time! Even worse than GB! What on earth to you see in him?

  74. Angela, sweetie, I don’t base my opinion of authors and orators or even the PM on looks, but Christopher is a handsome man. [Ed: amended by request of commenter]

  75. Bee, Jaq and I are planning a pyjama party, where we drink hot chocolate, braid each other’s hair and giggle, you are welcome to join us!

  76. Oi, ya two – pack it in, won’t ya ? or I’ll hand each of ya a gun and I’ll count to 3 – ok? Who stops breathing will win that PC Game.

    Jaq, Mystic Meg was only trying to wind you up for a laugh. Don’t fall for it !

  77. Would like Mayor to consider passenger with Arthritic joints when ordering his next fleet of public transport,especially buses! the seats are far too low! Can be painful when sitting and rising.
    kind regards.

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