Boris opens new cycling venue

Boris officially opened Redbridge Cycling Centre with its 2km circuit and off road trail on Tuesday, 19 August.  The track has been created as a public facility to compensate for the loss of the Eastway Cycle Circuit which is being turned into the VeloPark for Olympics 2012.    After thanking all those involved and having a quick race round the track with some children, Boris cheerfully described it as a ‘breathtaking’ facility that all could enjoy.  Here’s the video link.

20 thoughts on “Boris opens new cycling venue”

  1. I rather enjoyed this little piece, particularly the climactic ending in which Boris steps up high to the medal and pummels the young boys chances of success right at the tip of the toe cap!
    Brilliant ^_^
    Thoroughly enjoyable.
    It’s refreshing to see a public figure not slash the sides for conformity and public expectation, good on you Mr Johnson.
    I may not agree with all of your views, but I commend your enthusiasm and your energy!
    Ryan Ross.

  2. Congratulation to the British historical Olympic success. If taking the ratio of number of metals in proportion with the size of the country and number of the population into consideration, you may well be the number one.

    The British were the greatest sailors – the sea domineers so you rowed in many metals in the water sports. Now in the modern days your are the greatest cyclers in the bicycle country of China.

    But somethings major British are missing. As a non British and a big fan of Georgette Heyer and Jilly Cooper. I was expecting to see you do well on sword play – fencing. I was expecting to see you are very good at horse flesh – equestrian. I was seriously disappointed.

    I hope the next team GB will sex up their repertoire by working on their fencing and equestrian skills, which are part of your British cultural traditions, right? Besides why don’t your government recruit your mean knife boys and girls from the street turn them into fencing masters?

  3. ricecake said: “why don’t your government recruit your mean knife boys and girls from the street turn them into fencing masters?”

    what an excellent idea!

    Make duelling legal and the rednecks can all kill each other like gentlemen. There’s no downside to this.

  4. Mmm, Jaq, logically life in Britain is no longer as it was in the Regency books of Georgette Heyer, so maybe that explains our lack of medals in fencing.

  5. No-one could have fulfilled the role of Mayor in Beijing better than Boris Johnson did. DONT EVER CHANGE BORIS.

  6. Quite agree about Boris fulfilling the role, Angela. The usual mob were fizzing about his ping-pong speech, which means it was especially good. Stirring stuff, a wonderful change from the pompous sermons of the Olympic toadies – and I bet it went down well with the athletes themselves.

  7. ‘Ping pong is coming home’ was the best quote of the whole Olympics. Genius.

    I think most people will agree that these games have done a lot of good for the country. It is such a great feeling to see the Union flag and hear the national anthem!

    It would be great if you personally backed a campaign to get every school in the land to fly a Union flag as a standard part of the school day. I don’t mean US style flag worship, but in countries like Japan national pride and tradition is taught to all children and promoted internally by politicians and this is one of the reasons there is so little crime and disorder, even in a mega-city like Tokyo.

    Here’s to the Union flag and Team GB!

    Keep up the good work!

  8. The Olympics were amazing! Boris was funny, why all the fuss?

    I just got back from the States, say what you want about the US, but the respect people have for their country is amazing.

    I’d love to see more Union Jacks, I am British/Chinese and I love this country. We are still officially a United Kingdom, lets keep it that way!

    I heard you don’t need planning permission to put up a flag pole? Does anyone know if this is true? I want to fly the flag with pride.


  9. He nearly dropped the flag! And then he said something on the radio today that made me jump!

  10. Geez I wish I could ride a bike. I can’t drive either because when I took lessons, the instructor jumped out of the car. TRUE STORY.

    ps. A friend said “that was because of your talking, nothing to do with your driving!”

  11. I see Boris Johnson has an ad. for Gingerbread on his website. May I say, Gingerbread saved my friend’s life when her husband left. they gave her the most fantastic support and she could not have survived without them.

    Ladies, if the worst ever happens, contact Gingerbread, great ad. and I would donate to them if I won the lottery.

  12. Roy, definitely Obama for President and i just don’t like the idea of the gun toting, moose wrestling, hockey stick wielding mom as the VP. She looks like one of the killer androids in that Schwartzenegger movie TOTAL RECALL.

  13. What a loss for the Conservatives, if all politicians were as engaging as you Boris, far more people would be attracted to the ballot box. Everything you do is done with enthusiasm, belief and gusto. Great piece of PR for cycling, inward investment and for the position as Mayor of London.

  14. I wonder if more people have taken up cycling since the Mayor glamorized the occupation. I think we should be told.

  15. Dee, there are other nice Conservatives as well as Boris.
    A certain David Cameron is making an impression at PMQT.

  16. My son adores Boris and has been inspired to buy a bike. Keep up the good work Boris and don’t ever change.

    (We also love David Cameron).

  17. My kids also want bikes. It is a good way to get them away from the t.v. and computer games, out in the healthy fresh air riding their bikes in the park.

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