Welcome to the revamped site!

Well, here it is – the new, shiny, official Boris Johnson website!

Hopefully you’ve managed to find your way around by now – if not, you can explore the archives, visit the photo gallery, read about Boris and contribute to the enormous community on the official Forum.

A web monkey (well, me) has been tinkering under the bonnet for the past week, putting the finishing touches to the various functions on the site. Let us know your thoughts, either in the Forum or using the Contact Form. Enjoy! I’m off to watch the final lick of paint dry…

6 thoughts on “Welcome to the revamped site!”

  1. Very nice Boris. I think the new site is very modern and “clean” looking! It is certainly easier to navigate around. Even though I’m not of the same “political persuasion” as yourself, I do enjoy reading your page. You talk a lot of sense and have the gift of putting over in a down-to-earth way. Keep up the good work.

  2. Boris – do you know about Helen Zille – Mayor of Cape Town?

    I think all mayors should be modelled on her. Ken, you, anyone.. could learn a lot.

    P.S. Love the new site.

  3. the site is better than the old one and it’s not down as much.

    I see Boris is aiming to raise a war chest of £1.25m for the election and is likely to outspend Livingstone by three to one.

  4. What are your views on London congestion charging

    Have submited same question previously,

  5. I am pleased that you will be the next Mayor of London .I am disabled and rely on Taxi Cards and Disabled Bus Pass to get me around. These were provided by Mr Livings-ton’s when he was in Office. Myself and many other disabled people are worried that these concessions will stop once you take over.

    Yours Pauline Annison

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