Mayoral Vote Registration


The Telephone Number for people wishing to register to vote in the primary goes live later today at 3.00 pm. It will be automated today and will have live operators from tomorrow when it will be manned:

Mon-Fri 8am to 9 pm

Sat 9am to 5pm

Sun 10am to 4pm

The number is 0906 555 5050

Calls cost £1.00p per minute from a BT Landline, other operators & networks may vary. iTouch (UK) Ltd. EC2A 4PF

Please note that all members of the Conservative Party are automatically registered to vote in the ballot

The ballot is open to anyone registered as an elector in Greater London as at 1 July 2007

59 thoughts on “Mayoral Vote Registration”

  1. Wow; you have to pay to register now? And you don’t have a problem with this in any way Boris? Or does the lure of fame and fortune crushed any problems you may have with it?

  2. “the disenfrachised” in this case are non-Tories according to that announcement – no special reason why they should be able to vote for free! Running elections costs money, so it makes sense, frankly I think the Tories are already very brave for holding an open primary at all. As someone pointed out the easiest way for Ken to ensure he wins another term is to organise the Labour Party and vote for anyone other than Boris as the candidate.

    Mind you, the Tories are leading Britain when it came to participation: they were the first to have their Party Leader elected by the whole party, and now they’re even holding an open primary for one of the most visible and important members of the party.

  3. This is crazy, every political organisation is trying to encourage voters and despite this I have to pay to do so. Sorry, I would have voted for you Boris but I’m not planning on paying for the oppourtunity.

  4. To the twit on the thread that’s just disappeared who said Johnson was too verbally inarticulate to be mayor:

    He earned more than £400,000 last year in journalism and after-dinner speaking on top of his MP’s salary.

    He can’t be an all bad speaker.

  5. So the Tory party is limited to those who can afford to pay “phone Lagos during business hours” rates for the right to vote? Not what I’d call political gold…unless you’re a LibDem.

    The poor tend, on the whole, to be slightly right-of-centre, and an effective outreach there would make a huge difference in the mayoral race if someone were intelligent enough to make it.

  6. God you lot whinge about nothing. I used to work in a customer service job at one of the big 4 mobile phone companies.

    Believe me, ‘working class’ (as much as I hate to use that phrase these days) people will quite happily spend £3 a go downloading ringtones from premium rate providers, spend a few quid voting on relaity television shows or run up their bills sending comments to commercial radio phone-ins.

    Any non-paid-up-tory Londoner who truly wants a say in whether or not Boris stands as conservative candidate will not think twice about making a £1 phone call. That’s less that you pay for sending a couple of photos.

  7. <‘The poor tend, on the whole, to be slightly right-of-centre and an effective outreach there would make a huge difference …’ (raincoaster)<

    This is an ‘outreach’, you have to pay £15 to be a paid up Tory, and, if you are like me, go against your non-tribal instincts of voting for who you belive is offering the best based on the here and now.

    This way, if you genuinely care about who stands against Ken, you can spend a £1 or so, without actually becoming a Tory, and have a say in what are fundamentally internal Tory party affairs.

    Raincoaster, there aren’t many people in the UK so ‘poor’ that they can’t afford to spend a pound here or there. Those on such a tight budget are likely to be worrying about more pressing issues in their lives than who becomes Mayor of London.

  8. I stand as much chance of registering to vote as I did of registering to vote in the last US election [well, come on, why not, Bliar had us as a State of the Union but with none of the advantages]. I did begin to wonder if i could get away with it, but didn’t try. I should have had ago, if it had worked I could have had one of those bumper stickers that reads ‘Don’t blame me, I voted for the other guy.’ Now the coin that Boris asks, it ain’t a lot of dosh now, is it? The Red Newt’s mob are probably armed with bags of pound coins outside callboxes. But there’s no way I’m moving back to London, even to get Boris elected.

  9. I don’t give a **** for the mayoral racket. I want Boris annointed God Emperor. Think of the savings. I do expect a position of rank in the Praetorian Guard, and Mayor of London could be seen as preparatory step in this return to real traditional values.

  10. <‘The Red Newt’s mob are probably armed with bags of pound coins outside callboxes’ (AP)<

    It’s not that organised. Ken’s politically active diehard supporters are the sort of folk that hate Boris for being born with more than a few quid in his pocket, getting into Eton and being a Tory. they believe so much in Ken that they would vote for Boris to stand up against just to score a high profile ‘kill’.

    Actually, having said that, no socialist would ever donate £1 to the Tories. Given the allegations of electoral fraud in recent years who cam blame the Conservatives for asking would-be sabbateurs to donate cash to Boris’s campaign?

  11. You’re a …..

    And I say that as the recipient of two of your books [Ed: ahem – moderation here my friend]

    (Both of which I greatly admire.)

  12. At first I was a bit cynical about Boris running for Mayor, but now I’m coming round. Distancing himself from the Tory Party shambles in Whitehall is probably the best move he could make – what an earth is going with the rest of your party Boris? Is this the beginning of the end?

  13. I’ve never visited before, but as Boris Johnson is going for Mayor, I decided to have a look.

    [Ed: moderated]

  14. Boris agreed, and then never came through, is the way I understand it.

    Gosh, I wish I had a thousand or two to spare. Cheap to control an election. I love this “we are willing to be subjected to the whims of outsiders, for the consideration of a single pound.” It is marvelously revealing.

    idlex: what happened? What did I miss?

  15. That sounds a bit cowardly to me, and I’d like to know if it’s true of not.

    Not half as cowardly as posting libellous statements while hiding behind different pseudonyms (scropper, geek pie, egg sarnie, hedgehog, ape… ring any bells?)

  16. Just to update you on the Poll on my London sites. I have about 300/600 visitors each day on the site, and about 80% of them are from England, but I am not sure how many of that 80% are from London.

    After two weeks the number that have voted is only 33 people, but Boris is still well in the lead on the % call.

    Current Results for Mayor Of London
    Who would you vote for as the New Mayor of London
    Boris Johnson 60.61% 20
    Ken Livingstone 33.33% 11
    Steve Norris 3.03% 1
    A N Other 3.03% 1
    Total 100% 33
    These are on two sites, What’s On In London, and London Markets. Web sites.
    I will not push the web site address, as I do not want people saying I am just advertising them on here. Only to say they are both in the top 6 on Google, and Yahoo.

  17. John Smith: “Only to say they are both in the top 6 on Google, and Yahoo.”

    For what search terms?

  18. So PaulD is your real name, PaulD?

    Yes. An abbreviation of my full name. It doesn’t change and I don’t make libellous statements. Now go away.

  19. Search What’s on in London, and London Markets.
    West London Markets, North, South, East, and Central.

    I have and Try and

    A funny thing yesterday I had a phone call on my mobile from some company selling advertising on the internet. He said “We can help you get to the top in the main search engines”(he was ringing about my site I said please do not waste my time as I work from home and do not spend any money on advertising” I went onto say if you look on both Google and Yahoo I am top for the search term “Spanish Estate Agents” He started to get up tight, he said I do not belive you as we spend 1,000s of Euros to do that. I said just go and look then, and switched off.
    It is easy when you know how !!!!
    Please note I was only answering a question by steeler and not pushing my sites.

  20. A new runner ready to come into the race?.

    AN outspoken radio disc jockey is preparing to enter London’s mayoral contest on an independent platform after rejecting David Cameron’s advances to stand as a Tory candidate.

    Nick Ferrari, the presenter of LBC’s breakfast show, is believed to have secured a substantial war chest from business leaders to mount a challenge to Ken Livingstone, the incumbent.

    The DJ, however, denied this weekend that one of his main backers is Richard Desmond, owner of the Daily Express and Daily Star newspapers, who is rumoured to have pledged £1m to Ferrari’s campaign.

    Ferrari will “very possibly” throw his hat into the ring later this year and is hoping to capitalise on any gaffes made by Boris Johnson, the Henley MP who is now the frontrunner to become the Conservative candidate for next year’s mayoral election.

    Johnson took the heat off Cameron, the Tory leader, earlier this month by announcing his decision to stand after a series of “big hitters” had rebuffed the party.

    Ferrari rejected Tory overtures to stand because he felt they wanted a candidate in place too early, which would make it difficult for him to continue presenting his radio show.

    “They’ve now got an amiable buffoon,” said Ferrari last night. “I want to see how Johnson fares over the next few months. He will definitely slip on a few banana skins. If he lands flat on his arse then I think there’s a real chance for me.”

    Ferrari said: “Have I got a war chest? Yes. Does it come from Richard Desmond? No.” A spokesman for Desmond denied “to the best of our knowledge” that he had pledged funds to Ferrari’s campaign.

  21. Dear Boris,

    I do hope you win the election for Mayor. We need some colour back in politics.

    It is unfortunate for the residents of planet earth that the criminals have been enabled to circle their waggons around our fundamental rights, and are hell bent on penning us in with lies and deceit in order to dumb us down take away our freedoms in order to become masters of the universe.

    It’s all a bit Dr Strangelove.

    Despite what people might say about you, I rather like the fact you put your foot in your mouth. At least it shows you are alive: unlike the waxworks we are used to being exposed to on a daily basis.

    We need more people like you who say what they think.

    The world would be such a boring place without people of your ilk.

    Personally, I don’t have any political allegences because experience has taught me that the system is inherently corrupt. But I’ll give you my vote purely for the hell of it.

    Maybe one day I will find a point in voting.

    I’m a glass is half full kind of guy.

    Good luck!

  22. I wish I were a union with a lot of members in London. Five thousand to the Tories would be enough to ensure the weakest Tory candidate went up against Red Ken. Cheap!

  23. Hey, how long do these calls take to complete? Could this be like those psychic calls that keep you hanging on the line for a good hour while they channel the spirit of your cat or something?

  24. Ken has got a bit closer in the last week to Boris on the Poll on my web site.

    Current Results for Mayor Of London

    Who would you vote for as the New Mayor of London

    Boris Johnson 50.00% 21
    Ken Livingstone 45.24% 19
    Steve Norris 2.38% 1
    A N Other 2.38% 1
    Total 100% 42

  25. Good luck to Boris from Essex!

    I got a ‘Boris’ sweatshirt today. Though I really wanted a ‘Boris For Mayor’ sweatshirt, but this will do for now.

  26. It’s him again. Melissa, can you check his IP address against the pseudonyms I listed above?

    Although you have an admirable policy of minimal editing here, I think you’d be justified in barring this pest.
    [Ed: quite right PaulD]

  27. If nothing else, for being a boring one-trick pony. It’s in the TELEGRAPH, it’s in Wikipedia, for god’s sake. We’ve all read it a hundred times.
    It’s not going to cost anyone any elections either.

  28. Do you people understand that Boris does NOT benefit monetarily from your registering to vote for the primary from this phone number??? Seriously, why post things if you cannot bother to read.

  29. I can’t wait for Boris to become mayor of London. There is no competition from Ken Livingstone, the man who is wrecking London and making the capital too expensive for us to live in. Everyone I know want Boris as mayor so the best of luck!!!

  30. I didn’t post on this thread. Anything that anyone has said here in my name is not my opinion (except of course this posting).

    Truth is that I’m not teribly interested in Boris running for mayor. I think it’s a mistake. I’ve said so elsewhere. Particularly when David Cameron is coming under what is (in my view) entirely justified attack for his PR style of leadership.

    Please ignore any further comments by idlex on this thread.

  31. Please ignore the previous remarks by idlex. I stand by my original comments, which were to the (perhaps blunt) effect that he didn’t have a bat’s chance in b*ggery of becoming mayor of London, and anyway should not want to become mayor, now that David Cameron is coming under inceasingly intensive attack for his PR-style leadership, and there may well be yet another vacancy at the top soon.

  32. Please ignore the previous comment by the supposedly ‘real’ idlex.

    In fact I believe that Boris would make a wonderful mayor of London, and would get rid of all the bendy buses, which is the most important thing.

    I also believe that, safely installed as mayor, he would hardly be able to promptly run for leader of the Conservative party, once installed with mayoral ermine and purple, without looking like an ambitious b’stard.

    Anyone who does not want Boris as Conservative party leader (and I most certainly do not – he might win the Tories an election, FFS) should positively encourage Boris to run for mayor of London, or – better still – mayor of Vladivostok.

    I think Boris would make an excellent mayor of Vladivostok.

  33. Pah! Pah!! That’s what I say to the previous supposedly honest idlex – who is in fact a coarse charlatan and oafish knave.

    Boris should actually run for the currently vacant post of God. (Well, have you noticed him around recently?) Boris Redivivus would fix everything overnight. The Iraq war. The Afghan war. The Palestinian problem. And even my gas bill.

    And we’d have huge statues of him, hurtling along on his bike, mowing down French tourists – a bit like St George slaying the Dragon -, embellishing every town square in England.

  34. Huh, whodya think you’re trying to fool!

    Not me!
    [Ed: you are dead right for reprimanding the previous silly season type comment]

  35. Good advice, Paul, as ever.

    But I suspect that all the posts on this thread have been entirely fabricated.

    Including this one.

  36. How come God’s comments get to stay and Jesus’ get deleted? Is Melissa a closet Unitarian?
    [Ed: haha! now checked out and cleared – there had been an imposter posting under your name raincoaster, only temporarily]

  37. I’d be very pleased to see Young Boris as Mayor of London, if only for the glaringly obvious reason that he isn’t a devious and manipulative crook.
    Nor does he cosy up to madmen of international stature in order to give them a degree of legitimacy.
    Even better,he’s just been attacked by Kens’ tame racists !
    Stick with it, London’s right with you,mate.

  38. I say get rid of the power-crazed politically correct deadbeats that now run London. What a blessed relief to get rid of all that ghastly Marxist deadwood. Boris would make a colourful mayor.

  39. Hi to update you on the voting on my web site. Boris was well in the lead, but Red Ken is now just clear of him.
    Current Results for Mayor Of London

    Who would you vote for as the New Mayor of London

    Boris Johnson 45.31% 29
    Ken Livingstone 46.88% 30
    Steve Norris 1.56% 1
    A N Other 6.25% 4
    Total 100% 64

  40. No worries. Ken will call somebody a Fascist and it’ll turn out to be an heroic soldier who fought against Franco or something and then it’ll even up.

  41. I screamed with laughter when I read that Boris Johnson said that his hero is the major in JAWS! Some other role models could be: any part by RIP TORN! Richard Chamberlain as the crooked architect who lets everyone get killed to save costs in THE TOWERING INFERNO! The Robert Vaughn part in THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN! (remember how he drawls “No enemies. PAUSE. Alive!!!” Mr. Johnson gets my vote for Mayor he is a treasure of the British nation, in the mould of the Duke of Wellington.

  42. Livingstone now in the lead.

    Current Results for Mayor Of London
    Who would you vote for as the New Mayor of London

    Boris Johnson 43.84% 32
    Ken Livingstone 47.95% 35
    Steve Norris 1.37% 1
    A N Other 6.85% 5
    Total 100% 73

  43. Livingstone is moving away in front.

    Who would you vote for as the New Mayor of London

    Boris Johnson 38.95% 37
    Ken Livingstone 50.53% 48
    Steve Norris 2.11% 2
    A N Other 8.42% 8
    Total 100% 95

  44. Current Results for Mayor Of London

    Who would you vote for as the New Mayor of London
    Livingstone is now 14% ahead. Come on Boris where are you?

    Boris Johnson 37.38% 40
    Ken Livingstone 51.40% 55
    Steve Norris 2.80% 3
    A N Other 8.41% 9
    Total 100% 107

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