Birmingham University Conservative Future Blog Award

First class honours to the Conservative Future group at the University of Birmingham. Their blog has earned them accolades in the highest places.

Iain Dale no less, himself shortlisted for the Guardian’s political blog of the year award, has named these Brumdergrads the best Young Conservative bloggers on the web.

Similar laurels were awarded by the Tory grassroots website

Dive straight in to a pool of well-written and perceptive commentary on subjects ranging from the “ridiculous” Olympic logo to army recruitment, Cameron on grammar schools, gay rights, anti-terrorist powers, abortion, overcrowded prisons… plus some hilarious YouTube links.

Congrats to you all for showing that independent, progressive thought is still flourishing in our universities.

So what’s their secret? Ryan Castle, BUCF’s Treasurer, says:

We endeavour to produce at least one new blog each day, a little less successfully in exam periods! Our main strength is our variety; we have many strong contributors each with very different political interests. This means that you will always find a huge plethora of subjects being commented on.

We are trying to re-engage students with politics and convince them of a Conservative viewpoint. The direction the party is going under Cameron is right for this. His liberal agenda – reflected in our own chairman’s views- is at last allowing us to present a modern and dynamic party both locally with students and nationally.

6 thoughts on “Birmingham University Conservative Future Blog Award”

  1. £400k for a pink swastika with a spelling mistake? I’d have done it for half that. Well done you “Brumdergrads” (ha!) for having a pop at it.

  2. I’d have done it for half that.

    and lots of people did it for nothing. I think the “by the public” ones the BBC put up here and here are heaps better than the official one.

  3. Any chance of telling Liberace (Iain Dale) to change his “Just for men” style header on his blog and put up a more recent photo.

    Like most Tories he is false and living off memories of the past and willing to sell his soul just to get himself in as many media outlets as possible.

    I dread the day the Tories may actually win an election due to the fact we would have to see even more of the Queen of spin.

  4. PaulD – I like the UJ one as well. The colors are slightly an odd choice though – you’re right.

    People keep sending more in because there’s yet another gallery of them up. I must say that I’d rather like this one provided it was sans the photo background. It’s not different for the sake of being different but gets on with the business of being a strong graphic, easily recognizable from a distance (the key to any logo with staying power) and doesn’t require a degree in postmodernist deconstructionist theory to understand.

    The “money down the drain” one made me snicker

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