Exeter University

Press Release
Boris Johnson MP

Statement in response to the current press coverage on the code of conduct introduced by the Athletic Union at Exeter University –

‘Of course we have every sympathy with the victim and his family but if we endlessly respond to tragic events with panic measures we will end up becoming risk-averse and over-regulated’.

8 thoughts on “Exeter University”

  1. We WILL end up being risk-averse and over-regulated? I sometimes wonder why this government doesn’t just put us all under house arrest and be done with it.

  2. I thought Britain was already risk-averse and over-regulated?

    Safety glasses for playing conkers, lifejackets for BBC reporters standing by streams, cherry-pickers for changing light bulbs…

  3. A very brave position to take, Boris. I doff my hat to you. You are not only right but also timely.

  4. What next? Do we ban cars and motorcycles when someone dies in a road accident. Boris please dont ever stop speaking the truth. You’re a breathe of fresh air.

  5. PaulD – excellent: “I sometimes wonder why this government doesn’t just put us all under house arrest and be done with it.”

    Boris for PM!

  6. Clearly I come from redder water than most here, but have to agree that a knee jerk drinking ban is absolutely ludicrous. Students (and I was one at Exeter) may be immature but they are adults. It is a tragedy when a young person dies but sometimes it is just that and no ban, rules, or legislation will change this fact of life. People die, sometimes young, and sometimes avoidably but you will never stop this from happening.

    Besides at Exeter the sports clubs were well known for their drinking! Some will wonder what the point of joining up is.

  7. I’m presently studying at the University of Birmingham and we have had a similar problem with a knee jerk reaction. The University Guild of students took the decision to switch off the fountain in the main court yard in a bid to prevent students from climbing it after a student fell off the fountain and became paralysed from the neck down. We are told that the fountain being on and having water in it attracts people to climb it, so therefore they have taken the ludicrous decision to remove the water!!!

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