15 thoughts on “Local Elections May 2007”

  1. The results point to a denouement of Labour power and I look forward to the next General Election

  2. Sorry Boz, I voted independent. I see no place for party polics in local affairs. I just want my bins emptied & pikeys moved on.

  3. Mmm,

    Whilst the Conservatives did well, it was not that unexpected, these territory in which they would do well anyway in such circumstances with even a moderate swing.

    This reminds me of Neil Kinnock and Labour between 1988-91, where every local election had a good result for Labour, led in the polls leading upto the 1992 election for most of the preceding 18 months and then lost.

    I wonder how much the, ‘were’re comfortable’ factor will influence voters, especially if a boom is engineered by Brown prior to an election. Moreover, when individual questions are asked in polls, such as ‘Who do you trust on?’ or, ‘Who is better at?’ the Conservative lead is much smaller in some areas than what it should be, which was Labour’s issue 15-20 years ago.

    It will boil down to the economy. I am not a fan of Brown’s inflationary neo Keynesian nonsense, but many people are now employed in the public sector, or rely on the public sector for employment than was the case 10 years and self interest, as we saw in the 1970s, rules the roost at election time. The Conservatives need to be very smart about this and, to be honest.

    The problem with a General Election is that if I can see a 101 issues that the Conservatives could be tackled on in a general election, then I am sure the people at Millbank work for New Labour will see 1001.

  4. <‘I am not a fan of Brown’s inflationary neo Keynesian nonsense, but many people are now employed in the public sector …’ (Duncan Philip Connors)<

    … Or are sitting back watching their houses hyper-inflate and loving it.

  5. Here’s what Blair (talking to the BBC) had to say about Brown’s ‘inflationary neo Keynsian nonsense’:

    “He has steered our economy from one of boom and bust to one of the best in the world.

    He didn’t do it by choosing the easy way. He did it by sound judgment, holding his nerve and putting the long-term interests of Britain first.

    At general election time, that is still the route to victory.”

    Long-term interests first? What a joke. Record national and consumer debts, high taxes and unaffordable property prices mean lots of misery to come if you ask me.

  6. National Front contributor? Caps lock key the one on the bottom right.

  7. Andrew Milner

    Thats a rather presumptuous remark, how about…the ramblings of a foul mouthed “Socialist Party” worker…

    [Ed … comment moderated ]

  8. Shouldn’t that be Socialist Party ‘Worker’?

    I guess they’ve decided noto to boot this bufoon’s rant as a balanced view is always welcome and it’s pretty rare someone genuinely imbecillic posts here.

  9. Depends on the emphasis one is trying to make, in my case it was to counter Andrew Milner’s presumption that the poster was a National Front supporter, perhaps he/she is.

    Be that as it may, the person’s a numpty any way, but I do agree with your other comment!

  10. Boris, old frankfurter, I think you had better get on the blower to old Hislop at the Eye, he seems to have confused you with that Yeltsin cove this week.

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