Columnist of the Year

The Daily Telegraph won two of the top accolades in the What the Papers Say awards, held in London on Friday 16th December.

Boris won Columnist of the Year. The judges said:

He shows great range and can write on anything. You read it not because you share his view, but because you want to hear what he has to say.

Jan Moir was named Feature Writer of the Year. The judges described her as ‘fantastic’, ‘entertaining’ and a ‘great critic’.

13 thoughts on “Columnist of the Year”

  1. Congratulations, Mr Johnson. Having read your articles for some months now, I believe that you receiving this award is totally justified.

  2. What the Papers Say? That bunch of lefties? I’d be worried I were you Boris – not that your fizz bang wallop style doesn’t deserve innumerable accolades – so much more amusing than the average stodge served up by the dailies. By the way who is that boring bloke who writes for the Telegraph. Somebody Johnson. God he’s boring.

  3. “… and could write any anything” ?? Loo roll’s difficult to write on, it blots up the ink from a fountain pen too quickly and spreads making the letters illegible and biro’s tear the paper. Hey, you could probably write on Izal OK, though!

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