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  1. It’s all so jolly – great fun!!!

    Boris comes across as sensible – even in the paper plane contest section

  2. I must say that I recognise the crazed look… that is the look of a man who has not been given enough time to rehearse and is trying to keep up with the autocue.

    Note – as we all know, HIGNFY is totally ad-libbed and off the cuff.

    The front page of Monday morning’s Sun will no doubt read:


    (*Everyone in the media knows that it’s a shame to waste good gear.)

  3. Sorry sensible? Was Melissa watching a different broadcast? Has the switch to digital started in her area of the home counties only to be hijacked by Labour for political brainwashing purposes?

  4. Another first class performance Boris!
    the best entertainment on TV all week, and the only reason for watching BBC1 today.

  5. I often don’t see eye to eye with Boris nowadays, and I know he regrets that as much as I do, but as I recall from the moving television he confessed to trying cocaine and sneezing at the wrong time. Up yours trendies! Boris is an Honoury Webby Footed East Anglian! We’re good at beer and some of us have sniffed wine. Only city types from Ipswich or Norwich think it’s cool to snort asbestos! We use it to mix in the concrete for the barn foundations where we hold the dances to be introduced to our sisters!

  6. Some people wonder how any woman could find Boris Johnson sexually attractive – well I tell you, all you have to do i watch Boris on Vigot and u will see.

    He is possesed of wit, charm and intellect

    Boris Johnson is the most sexually attractive creature on the planet…. and a fine MP too!

  7. Barry – at the show – from my higher angle his hair looked very ruffled and looked as if he had three wigs piled on his head… Later when I saw him at a normal eye to eye level he looked fine!

  8. “I wonder if South Oxon Conservatives would humour being used as a dating agencies.”

    When 900 comments you reach, meet hot chicks you might.

    Once again.. in English, please.

  9. 900 comments? That’s all? OK time to fire up some code and submit the same comment over and over.

    Which would be a lot like politicians being interviewed.

  10. Have I Got News For You – A class act funniest for since he was on last. Should be permanent and Leader of Tory Party. Just think what question time would be with Blair – best show on tv.

  11. It was brilliant Boris, another best! Here’s to hoping they release a DVD for those of us too stupid to have taped it…

  12. I see Tim’s link, I wonder what he’s doing reading The Weasel King, then I remembered I’d posted a link for him to the Leo Blair thing, so he got it from his referral logs. The Intorweb is a wonderful thing.

    Not watching TV anymore, I would have no idea what the show was like, but I’ve read so many different reviews of it now, I almost regret not having a licence. Almost.

    Tim? I didn’t get the star wars joke until you pointed it out, obvious in hindsight though.

  13. I’m glad to see that picture getting some extra airplay. On principle, of course, I must now provide the link for the page it came from, in the hopes of attracting more than just people hitting that one picture my photobucket account.


    I’m afraid I don’t have any other really good Star Wars jokes handy at the moment, beyond the outtake of Chewbacca grabbing Leia’s breast.

  14. Classic Boris! One of the funniest of this series, without doubt. See? Everyone wants you to be our Prime Minister! You are the chosen one. You can’t resist your vocation, Boris.
    On the point of paper aeroplanes – it’s a serious business, Melissa! Years of perfecting designs at the back of the school bus must count for something!

  15. We will NOT be publishing the “Bush / Blair / Al Jazeera memo”

    We doubt if Boris Johnson, or any other media publisher in the UK or any blogger will actually publish the alleged “Bush / Blair / Al Jazeera Memo”. Before anybody starts emailing all and sundry with copies of any alleged…

  16. We will NOT be publishing the “Bush / Blair / Al Jazeera memo”

    We doubt if Boris Johnson, or any other media publisher in the UK or any blogger will actually publish the alleged “Bush / Blair / Al Jazeera Memo”. Before anybody starts emailing all and sundry with copies of any alleged…

  17. Re: star wars, hotlinking and link-credits

    Apologies for my late-night laziness. I must ask; where *did* you find that glorious image? I’d love to track down the artist.

  18. More HIGNFY Links

    Following HIGNFY’s transmission last night, I thought I’d return a few links. Firstly, BorisBlog linked to my report of the filming. A big traffic spike resulted, and I got my usual weekly traffic in a few hours. I hope some…

  19. I didn’t see it but are we sure Boris isn’t having a Reagan-like moment and confusing his own life with that of a Hollywood film – the scene in the Woody Allen form where he does indeed sneeze away the proffered cocaine?

    I think we can rule out Boris’s appointment to anything to do with Health or the Home Office. Luvvie land beckons again.

  20. We will NOT be publishing the “Bush / Blair / Al Jazeera memo”

    We doubt if Boris Johnson, or any other media publisher in the UK or any blogger will actually publish the alleged “Bush / Blair / Al Jazeera Memo”. Before anybody starts emailing all and sundry with copies of any alleged…

  21. We will NOT be publishing the “Bush / Blair / Al Jazeera memo”

    We doubt if Boris Johnson, or any other media publisher in the UK or any blogger will actually publish the alleged “Bush / Blair / Al Jazeera Memo”. Before anybody starts emailing all and sundry with copies of any alleged…

  22. Oh, and well done as presenter. If you can find time in what should be your full-time job as PM, you should be permanently on HIGNFY.

  23. Web Traffic Spike

    I was looking at Google Analytics (see this previous post for details) and noted the big spike in traffic due to my post about HIGNFY. Most of the new traffic seems to have come from this link from the Boris…

  24. Boris should have run for Tory Leader, his performance on HIGNFY just proves what a brilliant funny and interesting fellow he is, just what the Labour Party need ;o)

  25. Boris is and was absolutely amazing! He is intelligent and naturally hilarious. I would vote for him under any circumstances and lets have more of him on HIGNFY. NICE ONE BORIS!!!

  26. Boris For Prime Minister. What a refreshing change. Better than trying to be interested in the cardboard cutout we have at the moment.

    Boris. You have to love him. He should present HIGNFY on a regular basis. I haven’t laughed so much in ages.

    He has my vote !!!

  27. Ok, my first post… And possibly a comment already made, but you have to admire his honesty. I am in the minority in my University for NOT having tried any form of drug. He wasn’t ashamed to have admitted he had tried cocaine and gave his opinion.

    Again, top bloke…

  28. You NEED to go for the leadership, i know the whole country will vote for you to be PM, your so awesome. I nearly wet myself when i saw the repeat 🙂

  29. I was so happy to see Boris on the screen on friday night. He was absolutely brilliant. I really think he should do the show full time, as it is such a hoot when he presents it.

    Hope everyone here has signed the online petition for boz to be pm!!

  30. Oh Boris I’m so sorry I missed you.

    You are the darling of the binge-drinkers’ generation, and will become our leader as the country completes its slide into anarchic decadence prior to the tyranny and the glorious revolution.

    Keep it up, keep it up.

  31. I saw the repeat. Thoroughly enjoyable.

    But there is this all important distinction – between having people laugh with you and having them laugh at you. I’m afraid Boris was getting the latter 90% of the time.

    Isn’t Boris becoming a kind of licensed Tory jester? – allowed by the left liberal media on the grounds that he projects an image of bumbling inefficiency and glorious comic confusion = the Tories are not the party of serious government.

    I’m not for one minute suggesting that’s what I think Boris is like – you only have to read the Spectator to know he is a serious chap with many clever and sensible ideas. But in the media image is everything and this is the image that is being cultivated assiduously by the Guardian reading Trot-inclined lefties that run the show.

  32. Field

    You may have a point but I tend to think that Boris shows up the clever-dicks on the panel who obviously think that

    (a) evolution has a point
    (b) they are it.

    Methinks Comrade Boris is playing a wiley game. He will be P.M. yet! I trust that in one of his weekly chats with Our Own Dear Queen (Long may She reign!) he floats the idea of allowing the 13 rebel colonies across the Atlantic to return to the fold, under honourable terms of course. Judging from some of the recent contributions some of the colonists need a good dose of Great British humour!

  33. Having stumbled acrros this site the other day as I was renewing my TV licence and read Boris comments about the BBC and the TV licence, I was pleasantly surprised to see him on Have I got News for You.
    Best show in ages!!!!
    But how can you justify appearing on the BBC and -I guess – even taking a fee-if you do not approve of it?

  34. Thought it was ‘hilarious’. An absolute PLEASURE to see Boris at his erm, erm, erm best!

    Just wish the BBC would wake up and realise there is NOBODY finer at hosting the show. And for heavens sake…just KEEP putting him on EVERY single week will you!!!!

    BORIS FOR PM that’s what I say!

  35. I notice that the new “Best Of HIGNFY”, released in time for Christmas, has a Boris Johnson bonus disk.

    Still trying to work out if that’s a compliment or not!



  36. I don’t approve of the BBC and what it’s done to the Home Service but if they were stupid enough to invite me to appear I would take all the fees going. Why we have to pay a poll tax for possession of a TV set is quite beyond me so I would regard it merely as repayment of a loan.

    (I only have the TV to watch Bleak House, Dr. Who and The Simpsons, and to keep the memsahib and descendents amused whilst e-carousing with you lot)

  37. There is not a lot more one can say about Boris and his natural metier HIGNFY. He is superb at the job.

    I think that rather than every week, more regular appearances on the show would be advisable , perhaps once a month,

    A superabundance of almost anything, no matter how wonderful, soon leads to it becoming mundanely ordinary , whereas absence , as is well known, makes the heart grow fonder.


  38. More Firefox Plugins

    After playing with the Firefox plugin for my site, it is fairly trivial to create plugins for other sites. I am on limited time at the moment, so I have only done one other site. In honour of the great…

  39. I’m with you Mac – having Boris all the time might dilute the pleasure of comparison to lesser mortals. But ‘The Best of..’ with a Boris disk – here’s hoping for that through the post!!

    MalcolmCog – Ian Hislop creepy? Not in my opinion. Sexy yes. Witty, funny, intelligent, succesful, rich, charming, warm, courageous and frighteningly talented, yes. And have you seen his wife? WOW! He must be doing something right! I thought Ian and Boris seemed to understand each other very well. I love it when Ian interprets. Hilarious. Are you doing a xmas special Boris?

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