2005: Blogged


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Boris entry in April 2005 (on page 104):

Boris Johnson, Editor, Journalist, MP, Scouse baiter and novelist appears not to have enough outlets for his writings, as this piece from his blog shows: Zimbabwe/GB: former breadbaskets?

2005: Blogged

The book of the Year for the Year of the Blog

“At first sight, an anthology of blog posts is a ludicrous idea. So it was with some surprise that I realised 2005: Blogged is an accessible introduction to the breadth and quality of writing on offer from some British blogs. Editor Tim Worstall has made some fine choices… This is a book that provides proof positive that the British blogosphere is full of great writers. ” – Jane Perrone, The Guardian

Editor: Tim Worstall
Published: 25th November 2005
Price: £8.99
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 0 954831837
Imprint: Friday Books

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9 thoughts on “2005: Blogged”

  1. Just received it hot off the press today.

    If you get hold of this book you will have to read the entries (two of them) by our own commentator, SCARYDUCK. They are the funniest.

    Also there are a number of new websites I’d never heard of and some of the more celebrated ones aren’t included, so it’s quite a maverick handbook. Am looking forward to delving deeper into the dispatches from the blogosphere.

  2. Another thing I found of interest was in his introduction the editor, Tim Worstall, says: “we hope you’ll get some idea of just how much fun this whole blogging thing is, from the point of view of both the blogger and the bloggee.”

    I like that word – have you heard it before? – bloggee – well, it’s new to me, bloggees.

  3. Oh God, people are actually copying stuff from blogs and selling it in bookshops? Thank God I’m not in it – note to self: tone it down even more jaq, be boring wallpaper and whatever you do don’t put it into verse!

  4. The Friday Project do excellent books and I’ve no doubt that Blogged will raise the bar even further. Given the toothlessness of the mainstream press, it’s good to see that bloggers are finally being taken seriously. The sad thing about the web is that no matter how beautifully written a piece, people do not take it as seriously as the printed word (be it newspaper or book). Hopefully Blogged will put some decent bloggers on the mainstream political map.

  5. “Hopefully Blogged will put some decent bloggers on the mainstream political map.” Yes, absolutely.

  6. It was the Scouse baiter description wasn’t it. The reason Boris was hiding from the Today people for our mooted joint interview on Saturday morning?

  7. And now the election is out of the way, do you still think that Birmingham and Zimbabwe bear comparision Boris?

    If you lot were to team up with the LibDems, I think you could probably find enough Labour rebels to support PR and reform the rotten voting system.

    Even if the opposition were clever enough to vote for reforms that benefit them in Zimbabwe, I doubt it would make any difference.

  8. Oh, it’s just awful though. A publisher making its start up money by selling bloggers’ work without paying them a penny? Ever?

    All credit to Friday Books for recognising some hungry suckers when they see them, and no blame to any blogger that sits at that table. But they’re knackering things for the rest of us…

    …there’s always someone making a fast buck off even the most decent development.

  9. Ken,
    Everyone was asked and all gave their permission freely. If the book is a resounding success then yes, royalties will be shared. If it is the likely medium success than those shared royalties, spread over the 100 or so contributors, would be of the order of 20 quid each. I’m not sure you realise how little money there actually is in book publishing, unless it is one of the very few top top sellers.

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