Boris at Party Conference

Monday 3 October

* 12.30 – 14.00 The Future of Conservatism The Telegraph Debate with Boris, Charles Moore, George Osborne MP and Alice Thomson. Chaired by Matthew d’Ancona

* 22.00 The Policy Exchange Quiz Journalists v Politicians. Boris and Charles Moore will captain the teams to include Iain Dale and Michael Gove MP.

Tuesday 4 October

* 13.00 Politeia Any Questions? Speakers: Boris and Rt Hon Oliver Letwin MP, Shadow Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

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13 thoughts on “Boris at Party Conference”

  1. Ach… you guys are so lucky to be able to go to this! Hopefully next year I’ll be able to come and see boris in action 🙂

  2. Is anyone recording these debates? If so would it be possible to post them on the website like the BBC does with its Listen Again?

  3. Jack Ramsay

    good idea and will investigate – I know what Simon S would say: we must get into *podcasting*! In time, I’m sure we will be even more up to the minute on these things

  4. Yup Mark, its fancy dress in blue to qualify! If you are an active member of your association then it’s a doddle and you would qualify with flying colours and you wouldn’t even need the fancy dress. Unless you come as a member of the press gang of course, then it’s a bit of a wild west show

  5. I have been going to this so-called party for years, Mark. The nearest thing to excitement was being propositioned by Reggie Maudling. It appears that I bear an uncanny likeness to a waitress in Fortnum and Masons. No decent drugs either, unless you count Maggie Thatcher’s Afghani black snuff. As if that woman needed drugs to give her a distorted view of reality.

  6. Vicus

    Can’t believe you! consider it: you would add a great deal to the excitement, especially waving those ‘vote green’ banners. So, Vic, you must consider re-joining the blue fold –

  7. You’re female Vicus?!!!! You’re a woman?! Maggie didn’t have a distorted view of reality she surfed the reality of westminster remarkably. How can you be female and not consider Thatchers political accomplishments, well (searches for superlative), utterly remarkable?

  8. PS: wish I was there with Boris too. One of these days maybe I am going to actually hear him speak…and find I have the winning lottery ticket…and be able to look in the mirror in the morning and not be quite so alarmed.

    Oh dear I am eyore, time for coffee.

  9. Jaq

    I don’t think Vicus’ remarks necessarily mean s/he is a woman. Reggie could have been short sighted, waitresses at F and M may not be immediate candidates for Miss World (but who cares as long as they ahve a good heart) or Vicus may be one of those young fellows who so enlivened Brideshead.

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