has evolved

As a reward for the countless eager readers and contributors to Boris’s site every day, we’ve taken a step forward and launched a new website design – and hopefully you’ll see the benefits in the coming days. The site now looks a lot cleaner and to give you a broader view of Boris’s work you can see related entries alongside each entry.

In the next few days, we’ll be tidying up any edges and adding a few new features, including an improved Photo Gallery. Let us know what you think!

37 thoughts on “ has evolved”

  1. Simon –

    Great designer skill!

    Restful colour that will encourage many to keep tap tapping well into the evening.

    Still some tweaking – getting better

  2. I noticed under the contact page that you’ve tried to protect the emails eg:

    johnsonb AT parliament DOT uk

    There are easier ways of protecting them whilst not confusing those that may not be au fait with web lingo. In any case, that email is all over the web already so I’m not sure it would make a whole lot difference.

  3. Thank you thank you – Brilliant Design Expert

    They really do wow me at times, these technical experts – the marvels of technology

  4. Still using Movable Type unfortunately? WordPress is easier to use, much more customizable, and has better functionality (such as writing posts that will automatically appear at a future date). Plus it’s free. As in totally.

  5. David,

    I suppose we all have our favourites. WordPress is very good, I’ll grant you – but I have yet to find a flaw with Movable Type that makes me want to change. If you include the huge community and plugin support, there doesn’t appear to be anything WordPress can do that MT can’t. Let me know via my website if you think you can sell me the WordPress dream!

  6. Definitely an improvement. Lovely to see Boris is capable of a little evolution. My prayers that he will one day evolve into a member of the Liberal Democrats and thus contribute to a meaningful opposition will doubtless have to remain unanswered for the time being 😉

  7. It would be a lot of work to switch from Movable Type To WordPress and I don’t think it would be worthwhile. MT has a formidable community behind it.

    I still wonder about the suitability of the heavily backlit fuzzy photo.

    Another thing. Maybe I am not ‘getting’ the design but i would have thought it more logical to shade the background and leave the comment panels white for greater legibility.

    My idea of a blog design that really works is Tom Coates’s Plastic Bag:
    This puts all the shading on the left.

    Finally, would it be possible to change the preview code so that paragraph can be seen?

  8. Plasticbag is good Simon

    We are taking your comments on board – it is a bit fuzzy, you’re right

  9. New Designs All Round

    “…The next Tory PM to-be goes and gets himself a new design. With a ‘ruffled but determined’ masthead picture, and a cool-summer-blue style throughout, it’s looking rather good…”

  10. the focus on the pic is brilliant for the wall…unfortunately, Boris is in front of said wall. I think.

    It might just be that Boris himself is a little fuzzy, and the picture is fine.



  11. Scaryduck

    You are the funniest! totally unique – you make the backroom worker feel as if on stage with dazzling bright lights!

  12. I love the new design and contrary to Simon, I like that the shading is on the comments rather than the spaces around it. It’s different and helps to break up the long list of comments when scrolling through.

    However one thing I noticed, purely by accident, is that you seem to have lost the RSS feed link. From memory, it used to be on the front page and it’s still working as that’s how I keep up-to-date with your posts. But I can’t find any mention of it anymore.

  13. Lynette – Simon is doing something about the RSS feed link later today – to make it more prominent.

    Should be fine by tomorrow

  14. Am I on my own in believing that Boris is slowly evolving into Martin Clunes? It would now appear that Martin Johnson is sitting at the prow of a native American war canoe. As for fuzzy or out of focus; does it really matter? He is instantly recognised for who he is: rather like the flag or banner dicussed elsewhere on these pages. A rallying point seen above the steam created by the loud, sometimes heated debate engendered in discussing the various articles here within.

  15. Does Boris no longer support the “Make Poverty History” campaign, or has Wibbler not had the chance to implant the code yet?

    Oh, and everything i thought didn’t work now seems to. Most excellent!

  16. Psimon

    Post coming up from my colleagues on ‘Make Poverty History’ imminently.

    Glad things are a bit more tickety-boo.

    * At your service *

  17. “There’s 23 comments”.
    Melissa, really. Decline the verb “to be” for me, 250 times.

    {Ed: I had mentioned this to our designer yesterday and he promised to put it right tonight]

  18. Sorry, I forgot. Just in case you read this, Boris, will you attempt to do something about England? Yes, that country long forgotten/buried by New Labour. We’ve got regional assemblies (un-elected) dictating to us, the English; Scottish and Welsh M.P.s voting on English-only issues whilst we cannot vote on their issues; the unjustified Barnett formula and other things besides. Now that the Conservatives hold England (not that it matters at present), it is natural that the Conservative Party should stand up for the people who elected its M.P.s. This subject has been far too quiet for my liking. It’s about time that Blair, Prescott, Brown, Darling et al are made to answer for their treachery! Please, Boris, be brave and stand up for us poor souls!

  19. Wibbler and Vicus

    I can confidently say the same for both of you in terms of blamelessness and faultlessness. (Long may it last Vic !!)

    As for any coming between, I feel we are all in this jamboree together – long live you wonderful bloggers!

    With the 80 day summer break in Parliament coming up, we may be a little less blog-minded than usual but we shall be keeping a close eye.

    Am off for a beach holiday soon with my needlework (yes, very therapeutic…)

    *Please all bloggers have a very happy and enjoyable break this summer*

  20. Again nazis are trying to attack Ken Livingstone, They are claiming he is “blaming” Brirtain. Come on, when Tories critise Tony Blair, they are not “blaming britain”. When over 66% of the British people say the war in Iraq, helped cause terrorism, they are not blam,ing Britain, When we see in documentaries, that evil arabia, Reagan, and thatcher were allies of bion laden we are not balming britain, we are blaming lunatic right wingers, who are crazy.

  21. Barry – post summer there may be a new one – how about your site – got a new one going? look forward to it!

  22. Hmm, has anyone else noticed the slightly soft feminine look that has sprung up on this site? Maybe that’s a sign of who does most of the posting (and we all know that Boris isn’t exactly soft and feminine!)?

    That said, I do like the new look, especially on the comments pages, where you can now actually scroll down quickly and spot gaps between comments!

  23. Well one has been away and then returns and its the case of well is this the same site. Well all I can say is F**K ** bloody nice new design?!!!

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