36 thoughts on “Nigella Chat Show”

  1. Now NIGELLA’s a girl after my own heart! If I am a girl… 😉 I wonder what sexual referances she will refer to? I HAVE to watch that. As soon as the date is confirmed, can someone post it. And don’t taunt me by saying that it’s some time when it’s ACTUALLY Golf or something. Tiger Woods just don’t do it for me. No, I’ve never had fantasies with HIM involving green ink…

  2. I have to admit to being more than a little in love with Nigella!! Is it natural for a 24 year old to have a huge crush on a woman 20 years his senior?

  3. Well whip me up some cream and smother it all over me. Again E wenman, I have found you referring to somewhat unsophisticated matters, I like your style!

  4. hmm… am away on holiday but will retune the foreign televisions if that’s what it takes! I have also found myself lusting after Nigella, Steve, but have learned to FIGHT THESE URGES. She is a sick, perverted lady…

    But there are some disadvantages too… Mainly the hair. OVERGROOMING, people! Don’t you see it? And in response to Johnson, who, I may mention, is not BORIS, but someone pretending to be him, I would prefer it if you were smothered in chocolate sauce. Is that okay?

  5. *nudge nudge* *wink wink*
    Me smothered in chocolate sauce? OOh that would be a bit uncomfortable in summer.

    Mr Wenman, in response to your newsflash, I am not The Big Bo obviously! Johnson just sprang to mind

  6. Lol I just felt that some members of this site may not know what they were letting themselves in for. If you’re not the “Big Bo” could you be…?:

    1. Big bro (A.k.a Big Brother)
    2. Little Bo.
    3. Big MO.

  7. Crikey, Boris and Nigella together on the telly, 2 huge brains, 2 huge talents, 2 huge – Arghh I’m already beginning to dribble :-)…

  8. She openly admits that she hides her talent under a Burberry raincoat. Todays newspapers.

  9. Looks like an extra push on the pedals will be in order after Boris has sampled Nigella’s creamy concoctions.

  10. Perhaps the ladiezz could tell us chumps whether Boz is to the female of the species as sexy a beast as the gorgeous pouting Nigella is to us cavemen.

    Is it the colossal GSOH? The boyish unruly mop? The boyish unruly ties? The O gosh, there go my trousers Hugh Grant foppery?

  11. All of the above, especially comments like “ah, it’s a conceit”

    Can’t wait for Boris to lick something from Nigellas fingers.

  12. Perhaps in the light of Live8 large video screens could be erected outide the Beeb for Bozza’s disappointed audience to watch their hero suckling Nigella’s digits? (Beats rogering Ms Wyatt any day.)

  13. YES, YES, YES! Although I am, currently, of ambiguous gender, I have to tell you, Kevin B, you are my soulmate. You UNDERSTAND the Hugh/Boris HOTNESS. But… suckling? What late-night channel is THAT on? (Please tell me – I need to set my Sky+ for it!)

  14. Sadly no, Mac. I don’t work for The Speccie: if I did I suppose I’d be getting my end away with shedloads of Posh Totty on a daily basis.

    Any chance of a job, Boris?

  15. And there was I athinking that The Speccie was a periodical … Daily: perish the thought.

  16. This is the cheeky thread – amazing what a beautiful picture inspires … summer madness

  17. Mm… madness. I think I should divorce Johnson, y’know, guys. He/she just can’t relate with me on the level that Kevin B can.

  18. Just booked 2 tickets to see Boris and Nigella.
    I phoned my mum to see if she would to come with me and the girls in her office are fighting for the spare ticket. They all really fancy Boris???

  19. Melissa,

    I would be seriously worried about some of the guys (if that they are) who are commenting on this post.

    Do you really want these votes, or does it matter?

  20. dont do that. I tried but it took 6 hours to get through, none of it being intresting but quite, ah, disturbing. I dont realy understand what the stuff is used for, exactly? Boris, can you enlighten me?

  21. [Ed: previous junk deleted – spam

    Sorry Jones T Groc and Mac, it’s an occupational hazard]

  22. To return to a subject not yet closed. Ewe N Man: I believe I may just have cracked the code . In anagamatic form you have a NEW NAME; ergo what was your original moniker? In view of the possible Welsh connection;this newly dicovered appellation, spelt backwards is Emanwen, a possible allusion to a name meaning White-Something or other, as in Bronwen, or Garig Wen.

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