The Boris followers

Setting the pre-election tone:

One hears of happy families, where children don’t do wrong,

This isn’t one of them I fear: it’s not that kind of song.

If that were so, there’d be no point, in telling this, our saga.

We’d all be happy, baking bread, and sitting round the Aga

BBB Macarnie [BBB as in best blue blog regards…]


Spotted by Macarnie and translated from the Dutch; something light-hearted and true:

Was there ever any doubt?

When God was making woman, He was behind schedule, and had to go into overtime on the sixth day. An Angel appeared and asked “Lord, why do you need so much time to complete this model?”

And the Lord replied, “Have you seen all the variety of work my creation is expected to do? She must be flexible, and her more than 200 working parts must, at all times, be under perfect control. She must be able to function on a diet of Cola Light and an occasional biscuit: plus she has to have a lap of sufficient capacity to be able to hold 4 children in comfort. Her kiss must be able to heal everything from a scraped knee to a broken heart: AND, she only has one pair of hands .She cures herself if she is ill, and works upward of 18 hours every day.”

The Angel was aghast at these demanding requirements, “Only one pair of hands! I don’t believe it! Is that the standard model? That is too much to finish in so short a time. Take at least tomorrow to finish your great work.”

“That cannot be,” said the Lord, “I’m nearly done, this final part of the Creation, which lies so close to my heart, is nearing completion.
The Angel came close and said, “How soft you have made her Lord” -“Yes,” answered the Lord, “she is soft, but she can also be hard. You have no idea what she can withstand nor what stamina she has.”

“Can she reason?” asked the Angel. “Not only can she reason,” said the Lord, “She can carry an argument, and strike a bargain with the best.”

The Angel staggered; and as he did so, he accidentally touched the woman’s cheek.

“Oops!, I think there’s a leak here, It seems you may have overstuffed it a little.” The Lord said “That is no leak; that is a tear.” “What are tears for?” asked the Angel”, and the Lord said, “tears are her means of expressing her happiness; her sadness, her disappointment; her misery and her pride.”

The Angel was impressed, and said, “Lord, this is a work of genius: you have surely thought of everything. Woman is truly beyond belief”

And so she is. Women have strengths which surprise men. Not only do they survive childbirth and carrying heavy loads, they know how to keep a tight grip on luck , love and happiness.

They smile when they feel like screaming. They sing when they feel like crying.

They cry when they are happy, and laugh when they are nervous. They battle for what they believe in; become committed against that which they see as downright unfair. They don’t accept ‘no’ for an answer when they think right is on their side.

Women come in all shapes; sizes and colours.

They take less in order that their family may have more.

They will accompany a nervous or frightened friend to hospital.

Their love is unconditional.

They cry whenever their children excel themselves, and are overjoyed
when their friends are successful.

They are happy at the news of a birth or marriage, their hearts break when a friend dies, they mourn the loss of a member of the family, but remain strong , even when they think that they have no more strength left. They know that a hug and a kiss can help to heal a broken heart They would ride; fly; run; race, or even use the mail to prove how much they care. A woman’s heart is what makes the world go round . They bring hope and happiness : they are compassionate and idealistic: her logic is incomprehensible to a man. She is capable of running the famil’s home economics, whilst dealing with the complexities of the children’s many problems. At the same time as planning both her personal and family’s calendars; whilst applying cosmetics.

And she will still find time to arrange a surprise for her best friend’s birthday.

She is the family’s foundation and prop. If she has one fault …it is that…

She forgets to think about herself.

[ps isn’t Macarnie ingenious, observant and terrific?]

8 thoughts on “The Boris followers”

  1. Klassik!
    As the great man and publican at the Winston Hill Hotel used to say: Amen and Awomen!

    I gather that it was Woody Allen who said:

    To you I’m an atheist; to God, I’m the Loyal Opposition …
    To Macarnie I am the (pre)conditional Man ;-D

  2. Glad to have been of assistance Lori. It makes sense , at last , of the term, ” sick as a parrot”.

  3. Macarnie! keep well and in good health won’t you

    Spring and summer weather should be here in earnest at any moment and that should banish any sickness or any ‘feeling in the blues’ symptoms

    Here’s hoping …

  4. Melissa,I don’t want to merely FEEL the BLUES: I want to see them back in charge before I can accept my expiration.
    My allusion to “sick as a parrot” was for Lori; since a lori, or more properly lory, is a member of a species of parrot( loridae) of Australian or New guinean extraction, No cause for alarm, My X will be registered. BBB

  5. Macarnie, as ever, you’re way over my head and I nod in total and complete assent…..


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