Simon Stacpoole, aka Boriswatch, at Westminster

Wibbler had a fantastic day with us recently in Boris Johnson’s office. Luckily for him we had secured tickets to the House of Lords Gallery and the House of Commons Gallery so he could get a good idea of the proceedings.

Nothing prepared him for the sight of Boris’s Westminster office of course – a wonderful room right by Westminster bridge and very spacious indeed. Not one normally allocated to new Conservative MPs. How does he do it ???

Wibbler was in true helpful mode and assisted with finetuning the blog site – especially in view of our own Tim Ireland seeking pastures new …

In the evening we went to the seminar hosted by Alistair Shrimpton of Six Apart fame. It was a great conference with many notable speakers including blogger of plasticbag and the Warwick University Blog maestro. I might well have sacrificed my A1 University place for Warwick had this superb blog system been on offer to students at the time !!

Six Apart/MovableType is obviously going great places as it has around 7 million bloggers registered on its system. *Keep going strong Alistair and Six Apart, you’re doing a magnificent job.*

We all learnt a massive amount at the conference and felt hugely fired up ready for the next challenge – for some of us this being the General Election. *Thanks for coming Wibbler – our hero!*

At the end of the day I felt that Wibbler would do well to come with his crowd to Henley over the election one day to help rustle up the voters and have some fun in the process…! Also, isn’t it time to banish the winter blues and really welcome spring and summertime with all its floral and arboreal beauties? Long live the Conservatives, long live freedom – use your vote at the next Elections !!!

During the Election this blog site will not be a campaigning arm, but merely available to report on and for support as and when necessary.

Many thanks

Melissa Crawshay-Williams

9 thoughts on “Simon Stacpoole, aka Boriswatch, at Westminster”

  1. > During the Election this blog site will not be a campaigning arm

    I must say I’m shocked, and rather pleased. normally politicians will take any opportunity to bang their own drum for political gain.

    However can we at least have a timetable for when Boris will do his constituency meet and greets? I’ll be booking a day off when he arrives in Henley 🙂

  2. I always wondered what Wibbler got up to whilst apparently skiving from his blog duties. He is forgiven for the seeming neglect shown recently, I thought there had been a jailing or something. No remarks or replies of late.
    Regarding the latest ripple on the Conservative ice cream, pehaps Boris should get out the old smoothing iron. It is generally believed that Michael Howard made out of the affair,as Cicero said” Excitibat fluctus in simpulo” updating that , perhaps a spoonful of sugar would calm the storm. Sorry about the magpie effect, but I say, if it shines , nick it.( another metaphor salad soon)

  3. Boris meets Wibbler – and other matters

    Simon Stacpoole, aka Boriswatch, at Westminster Boris, Blogs and a Chinese… There’s a blink-and-you-miss-it reference in that first link to me moving on to pastures new. (See!? It’s all about me!) Yes, ’tis true. I have a pretty solid client…

  4. Melissa – thanks for taking the time with lil old me! Was a great day, and hopefully should prompt me to post on Boriswatch more regularly…
    Macarnie – I have been woeful of late, I agree – although the amount of Boris news coming through the wires has been minimal at best. However, thanks for being loyal – and I have a few Boriswatch tricks up my sleeve for the near future…

  5. Look forward to your bag of tricks Wibbler!

    Barry – hope to give you some direction about Boris fun days in Henley area soon after the election gun goes.

    Macarnie, keep going with metaphors. Great stuff.

  6. Hickey (see his column in the Daily Express today)

    Amazing journalistic zeal Hickey – very sharp-eyed comment about Boris’s room! we’ll have to organise tours for ‘inspection of Boris’s office’ soon….. ;D

  7. Melissa:
    Were you aware that a hickey is ” a temporary mark on the skin…A love bite or similar temporary aberration?” How can such a Hickey have journalistic zeal? ;-D

  8. hickey’s bamboozled me through and through …first impressions can be deceptive – not sure about Hickey at all

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