Boris brings cheer to North West 28.1.05

It was one of those moments when you had to pinch yourself…

Elections are for winning!

Boris in the North West

A fantastic time was had by all when Boris went to Wirral, Chester and Manchester for the day.

When he emerged from the London to Runcorn train journey who should he see to electrify him back to life? None other than Cherie! The timing couldn’t have been better choreographed as out whooshed the Special Branch entourage – to make way for Cherie and Boris precisely in step and face to face for a lively tête-à-tête as they walked over from platform, crossing bridge, to waiting cars. “What brings you here?” she asked …

To follow was a lunch in Hoylake in a packed hotel where signed books were flying around and Boris was welcomed with open arms and forgiven for his earlier comments about near neighbours.

Then … on to Chester for a walkabout around the city including Waterstones to sign books. To round off was a champagne reception and Evening Extravanganza Dinner at Old Trafford.

Everyone who heard Boris was left feeling tremendously buoyant about life in general and bursting with a will to go out and do everything possible to help the Conservative cause. “Elections are for winning” he said.

Some ladies said: “He’s the sort of character we need – we need many more Borises!” The atmosphere was bubbly to say the least – everyone felt an impulse to grab leaflets and start doorstep canvassing straightaway. Such is the madness that Boris instils!

*Mood = let’s limber up for an election*


19 thoughts on “Boris brings cheer to North West 28.1.05”

  1. Hmm . . . it reminds me there is some cutting edge software called BORIS CONTINUUM which offers ‘superior workflow integration includes transitions and real-time static generators’. Perhaps Cherie was a plugin and the old ladies were the static generators?

  2. brilliant thought Simon

    How did you guess they were old ladies? We must regenerate the youth vote!

  3. Nick

    need more of the rah-rah element – ought to begin a course: “Introduction to Cheerleading” – get stuck in! don’t hold back! live it!

  4. Boris is very positive – a sort of Tony Hancock in reverse, as cheerful as Tony Hancock was morbid. He’s good publicity for his party, because people warm to that (c.f. Ronald Reagan.)

    I’m not surprised those women liked him, and I’d guessed they were elderly, too. Young women are almost invariably referred to as “girls” these days. (It used to annoy feminists.) And media hacks often inexplicably refer to young women as “young girls”. That’s bad English usage: there are girls and there are little girls and, if one wishes, “big girls” (or what 18th century people called “great girls”). There are no “young girls” – or rather all girls are young. And since any adult female who is not over 80 is a “woman”, that means a “lady” must be an “old lady”.

    The expression “a big girl’s blouse” should not, of course, be used of any male member of parliament.

  5. Do it … (smile)

    Jim: It’s so hard to get things done, did you manage to get things done?
    Tom: Almost nothing old boy. No, mind you I didn’t cotton on to his technique till after I’d been there for a year, and then there was the election.
    – Big Brother Yes Minister / PM series

  6. Will Dubya or Blair consider a bold move along this lines, ever???

    Slovak daily newspaper SME will have an on-line chat with president Ivan Gasparovic next week. Now, that is what I call the people’s president: Lets Talk To The Presidents and PMs (smile)

  7. And now here is my secret, a very simple secret; it is only with the heart that one can see rightly, what is essential is invisible to the eye.
    – Saint-Exupery

    I look forward to your hearty letter, Melissa … (smile)

  8. Michael, very interesting analysis – the use of girls v ladies has taken on a whole new meaning.

    I thought lady was a more polite form of woman and that girl could apply to any old girl whatever age.

  9. Strangely enough I was discussing North and South with a girlfriend last night, particularly the scene where the very sexy gentleman just happens to arrive at the very station an intelligent but not very bright and not terribly pretty leading lady is awaiting her train.

    So Boris achieved his end, drank plenty, signed books and made some more money. A real man. Take note Mr Armitage! For now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of the party.

  10. Let us know if Boris has any plans to visit the North East, we’d love to see him up here too!

    Good point on the Youth vote. Not gonna happen any time soon though…

  11. Everyone has a photographic memory. Some just don’t have film …
    Said in private, not enough photos in the package! (smile)

    Many, many, thanks Melissa

  12. I run a Youth Town Council in St.Neots and we would love to officially support you Boris! Do you think you could get in touch? The majority of young people want Boris for PM!

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