Calling /attention all bloggers

It’s quarter to four and I’ve got to write a column.

which shall I do? Any ideas

1. euthanasia in Clint Eastwood’s latest movie

2. Grammar in schools

3. the Airbus 380

4. The coming elections in Iraq

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  1. I think the Airbus would give good scope for your humorous style Boris, altho I’ve no doubt you could inject that into anything, I would have to say either the airbus, or the grammar in schools…

  2. Oo er. I’d go for either the Airbus or grammar in schools. But are we talking grammar schools or the teaching of grammar (or rather the lack thereof)?

  3. Identity cards.

    *ahem* sorry, please, put the bat down Melissa.

    Euthanasia is an interesting topic, especially with the current moves to clear up the law, however trivialising it by commenting on a movie is not doing it justice.

    Grammar in schools is a conservative stereotype.

    The Airbus would be suitable for constituency issues, after all we are on the flight path.

    The Iraqi elections is a large topic; do you question their legitimacy with so many disenfranchised? The dubious stability it will bring to the region?

    I vote for an Airbus article.

  4. An Airbus column would be a good chance to explore the ever-increasing accesibility of flight: although Airbus bangs on about in-flight casinos and mile-high bowling alleys, the airlines will simply use the space for more seats and cheaper fares

  5. Coming election in Iraq. Please.

    Here’s a go-getter candidate…

    US official confirms Allawi shot/executed six suspected insurgents:

    And here are some gone candidates:

    How many people dared to register to vote?

    How many ballots are being sold?

  6. Well an article about an aeroplane doesn’t sound interesting to me, and when it comes to the war in Iraq, do you know anything we don’t know?

    An article on the New Deal.

  7. Airbus, Boris…state subsidy…white elephant..Concorde…Europe…tax cuts.

    Lots of potential there.Looking forward to reading it

  8. Definitely 1, the Clint Eastwood movie, A million dollar baby. Quite complex issue, interesting to see what you come up with. 🙂

  9. OOOh, I like the new deal idea, esspecially as it seems to be another nice way for the government to shaft us graduates…

  10. Go for the Iraqis,contrary to the finest efforts of the lie-beral mediacrity most of the Iraqi population seem to think voting is important.

  11. How about a comment on Tax Cuts and how these tie in with your previous comments on Civil Servants being real people and not just numbers for politicians to play with ?

  12. Grammar, or lack of it, in schools today

    You could title it ‘Txt l33t 2dy’

    Boris for PM!

  13. Re: Airbus – why not work in the complete absence of any action to curb the environmental damage of ever increasing numbers of flights?

    Anyone see that Horizon about global dimming last week? If the Greenland ice cap melts (and that’ll be irreversible by 2025 or so), it’s goodbye coastal cities worldwide.

  14. You must be the only columnist not tackling the tough issue of Celebrity Big Brother this week…Yawn.

    It’s not a fresh topic, but I’d like a column with your take on the “Is the aristocracy comprised totally of ignorant jerks?” question that the Prince Harry photos have brought to the forefront. Or maybe a piece on your favourite junk food and why it’s not the government’s place to place barriers between your cash and the people who manufacture and sell such items.

  15. None of the above.

    The new Roman mosaics and the hope for other finds from classical civilization such as the lost dialogues of Aristotle:

    The Mac Mini and why it is of importance in the ongoing struggle to resist Bill Gates’s megalomania;,00.html

    Biometric identification and the risks associated with it:

    Why Christopher Booker’s latest book is fascinating but ultimately unpersuasive:

    Why, as a parent, you’re dreading the release of the new Star Wars movie. Mythological archetypes, consciously exploited by George Lucas, may have emotional power and may even be of social and cultural benefit, but toy light sabres don’t come cheap.

    Why, as one of your contributors to the Spectator notes, the conservatives need to recover their sense of humour – it worked for Ronald Reagan – even if they need to be *fighters* as well:

    Seriously, none of those either. Whichever of the ones you mentioned you have most notes on.

  16. Grammar in schools is always a good one (I’ve come across 18 year olds that use the wrong form of there/their/they’re, which is really very shocking), but not sure that there’s all that much to add to it that hasn’t already been said. The airbus one could work nicely, and I’d be interested in hearing your views on euthanasia as well.
    Um, so in conclusion, I haven’t a clue 🙂

  17. Come on Boris, you’re a genius – link all four together and include the phrase “premier league muppetry” while you’re at it.

    This is the kind of request I routinely get on my blog, and like a damn fool, I do exactly as asked.

  18. How about you combine the two and write about grammer school students on the new airbus? Far far more humourous avenues whilst making barbed point…

  19. Ladies and gentlemen, Airbus wins it (just). The great man is putting pen to paper as I speak and his column will, as always, be in tomorrows Telegraph. Have a good evening everyone!

  20. Subject: Don Quixote: The 400th anniversary of its publication

    Boris Johnson on Don Quixote . . . it seems strangely appropriate. The Knight of the Long Countenance and the MP of the Crumpled Suit . . .

  21. I wouldn’t do euthanasia – only because if you mention it in reference to the Clint Eastwood film, you’ll be spoiling a massive plot developemnt. Maybe it’s just me, but I went into that film last night not knowing anything about the end third of the film. And there’s nothing worse than spoiling the end of films.

    Euthanasia as a worthy topic of discussion? Absolutely. But don’t spoil films for those who haven’t seen them.

  22. Maybe an article on why my local would-be Tory MP has been suspended over pictures of him with guns, knives, etc.? Only in Slough … *bangs head against a brick wall*

  23. I’d go along with the airbus. I’m hoping that you’re going to worry about how long it’ll take all those people to board the bugger. Are you going to have to check in an extra 2 hours early to leave time to get on the thing? And can you imagine the scrum when it comes to getting your luggage back? It’ll be a nightmare..

    Give me little planes any time..

  24. How about the recurring obsession by certain groups to malign 4×4 vehicles and their drivers. What is the difference of being hit at 30mph by a bull-bar wielding mud-plugger or the late-again No.23 double decker or a pressed-for-time white van?

  25. What about the strain of radical feminism in the current government(and media)and the attitudes they create?
    -Their un-willingness to press for equal parental rights
    -Protect women only syndrome ie The 2003 Female genital Mutilation Act(boys as old as 10 are still being forcibly circumcised in the UK – only 1 in 40 are for medical reasons)
    -The persistence of the gender blending agenda in our schools(courtesy of the Women and Equality Unit – Down with la difference!)
    -Dare one mention the equal pay saga.. (how dare a man working full time earn more than a woman who is part time – Lets make more men part time!)
    Meanwhile female journalists are happy to propogate chavinistic viewspoints towards men…god forbid any man who a questions a womens superiority (as the President of Harvard recently found).

  26. How about posing a question about how local agencies are coming up with different numbers in treatment for drug misuse which are totally different to the the national treatment agency figures.

    Vote for Boris as PM

  27. Even better “The war on Drugs” a Bush thingy.
    What does it mean Likely the States nuking Columbia??

  28. Airbus! Seems to be really terrible project, bad for the environment and bad for the economy. At least, Tony Blair said the exact opposite on the radio, and who trusts anything he says?

    Boris for leader of the opposition!

  29. I d go with the airbus, would make for an interesting article and so little has been written about it. Although grammar would be interesting, I could do with a lesson myself!

  30. I see that Boris went for the Airbus topic in the end.

    “Boeing, by contrast, was able for decades to be the dominant force in air passenger travel, without a cent of direct state subsidy.”

    What about the billions in indirect tax breaks and massive US Government military contracts for cargo and tanker versions of all of Boeing’s civil airliners ?

    This is one of the major factors for various World Trade Organisation disputes between the USA and the European Union.

  31. Too late, I suppose, to suggest a piece on the revelations concerning Lisa I’Anson’s sexual prowess, courtesy of Pop Bitch? Maybe next week.

  32. I know I’m late but an article covering Clint eastwoods new film, New Deal, The Air Bus, and Grammer would be a challenge.

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