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During the last European elections, a small website, Blog: Vote, was set up to try and encourage debate about policy issues via the web.

The same people at Blog: Vote are now planning a much bigger, better version for the next UK General Election in the hope of widening political participation, encouraging mature debate and increasing the turnout. If you want to help with these admirable aims then head over and read about the plans *here*. The more people that are able to help out – from right across the political spectrum -the more likely it is that the site will be an outstanding success and make a tremendous impact on voter turnout.

Very best of luck to Jon and all at Blog Vote!

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  1. I know Jon. He used to live in the room opposite to me when he was doing his PhD. I’m chuffed you’ve linked to him! 🙂 [Ed: good to know Claire! thanx]

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