Queen’s Speech and State Opening of Parliament

Parliament was prorogued today, eagerly awaiting the Queen’s Speech in the House tomorrow, where we will all be interested to hear of the Government’s plans for future legislation.

Boris should enjoy the proceedings away from the pressures of Shadow High Office – no doubt he will make some points during debates and questions in the Chamber and/or in his column this week.

🙂 A reason to smile this week: Weblog’s own Tom Watson MP [in transit to a new host] was one of the first amongst quite a clutch of MPs to send consolatory letters to our office! 🙂

Cheers fellow blogger! what a great club

13 thoughts on “Queen’s Speech and State Opening of Parliament”

  1. Thanks for the update Melissa. It’s great to hear of some bipartisan spirit.

    It seems Boris has the support of many, including outside the party. Mr Howard didn’t come over very well when interviewed by Jeremy Paxman tonight.

  2. More identity card nonsense, ignoring how fingerprints can be copied (quite cheaply too) and how authentication can be done without holding biometrics on a central database (but then that’s hardly the point is it?)

    Actually I did mail Boris about identity cards last year and got a nice detailed reply, Melissa, get him to write a nice long article on that again 🙂

  3. Best laugh of the week has got to go to Mr Howard for his apperence on Newsnight on Monday: what a fool, what a weakling, is this the standerd of MP’s in this country? Looks like the conservatives are going to find themselves in oppostion for another four years.

  4. > what a fool, what a weakling …

    Is this his flip-flopping on Iraq, Nick?

    I suppose partly one has to remember that Mr Howard is not speaking to you or me but to the 2% of the electorate that his computer program tells him makes the difference. Did you see the interesting article in the Spectator on “Voter Vault”? The Spectator is edited Boris Johnson. 🙂

    BTW, I’m disgusted to see that some blogger has been casting aspersions on Boris’s hair style:


    He’d just better not even think about criticizing the elegant and soignee Melissa, or there’ll uproar here.

  5. I’m not surprsed Boris has had consolatory letters from all sides. No-matter what your politics he has been treated shabbily by the leadership.
    Can’t all the sensible MP’s of all parties get together to oust Blair and Howard??

  6. I wouldn’t mind hearing Boris’s views on the so-called “climate of fear” Labour are promoting in this year’s QS. It’s almost as if they were watching “Power of Nightmares” and taking notes.

  7. Michael – this is not about flip-floping on Iraq. Let me put it this way the conserative party has always been pro-american. If the they had been in power with Howard, Hauge, or even Smith in 2001 they would have supported both the intervention in Afganatstan and Iraq. I just think that it is weak that Howard would deny just to appeal to the anti-war movement. Anyhow I don’t think he has the interlect or the persona which should make him PM material. And secondaly I don’t think that this country will vote for the person who forced the Poll Tax upon us. some may not like that but thats the truth.

  8. Thanks, Nick. I follow now. I’m not convinced by your view on Michael Howard’s intellect. I’d say Michael Howard had a pretty formidable one. I don’t think I’d fancy crossing swords with him in open debate. But “personality” is a trickier one. Perhaps he doesn’t come across well as Tony Blair – *he* hasn’t kept winning elections for no reason.

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