Boris column in the DT

Tomorrow’s column in the Daily Telegraph – inspired by an evening followed by speech at HENLEY GOLF CLUB DINNER, HARPSDEN, HENLEY ON THAMES – at the end of last week.

Points made include: Government plans to ban any kind of smoking in public, banning hunting and the destruction in Iraq.

Brilliant column following quite a week….. how does he do it?!

Post with full text tomorrow as early a.m. as possible.

7 thoughts on “Boris column in the DT”

  1. ooh I can’t wait! that’s the spirit Boris, don’t let ’em catch you down! keep that head held high!
    as you said, it is ‘an inverted pyramid of piffle’!

  2. In total shock after reading about Johnson MPs’ removal. WHAT IS GOING ON?
    The only real character amongst the Tory Shadows and the leader gives him the ‘Spanish’…now I don’t know who the hell I’m going to vote for!
    Yours dismayed,

  3. Lesser MPs would have locked themselves in a cupboard and refused to write an article ever again, but not Boz. Hurrah!

    Woo for Boris!

  4. Preview pane strips out all the carriage returns and line feeds, so everything becomes one huge paragraph.

    Or is that just an illusion, and it all comes out fine when you post.

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