Visit to Israel

Boris is away on a long-planned trip to Israel this week as guest of the Conservative Friends of Israel Group.

During his stay in Tel Aviv he will be meeting economists, academics, national security advisers and Ministers – as well as leading Palestinians. He is having dinner with editors of the national press and the British Ambassador.

Last year he visited Sudan, Zimbabwe and Russia which proved to be very fruitful visits.

We shall hope to hear his reports about the situation on the ground very soon.

32 thoughts on “Visit to Israel”

  1. They must be quite used to Boris in the Duty Free outlet. >;->

    Only kidding – I’m sure he does a lot of good.

  2. Great to see that Boris is carrying on as normal and branching out the links of our wonderful nation, ready for when we Tories return to our true place in Parliament.

  3. For those of you who see Bozza as some sort of visionary leader, let us hope that he fares better in the promised land than Moses, who wandered around lost in the desert for 40 years. This nation can not spare Bozza for that long.

  4. I remember a very happy meeting with an academic from Israel at a conference in Vienna. He was both intelligent and charming and became a good friend to us. I hope you all remember that you can find good and bad everywhere, I’m sure Boris will. The difficult bit is knowing the difference as all bad people don’t wear black hats.

  5. The real question is what will Boris bring Melissa back from duty free, and did anyone claim his ciggie allowance yet? 🙂

    Actually it’s shame he’s away this week, I would like to have seen his reaction to the casino and smacking bills.

  6. Boris wouldn’t wander around the desert for 40 years, he’s much more likely to get lost, but then miraculously find an Oasis populated entirely by beautiful and lonely women. Why? Cos God loves Boris. Blatantly.

  7. It looks like a clean sweep for the GOP in the States: Senate, House and President.

    Why can’t the Tories do the same over here?

    Come on Boris, drag yourself out of that duty free place and reverse the party’s fortunes.

  8. Sorry to hear you are a Conservative Friend of Israel, Boris. Unless, of course, you use your time to put great pressure on them regarding their murderous treatment of the Palestinians.

  9. Boris, in today’s Daily Telegraph, is rather condescending about George Bush’s re-election, whereas Charles Moore is generous & polite. The truth is that the Tories have got themselves into a proper mess in their approach to the war in Iraq & their widely known views on the American political scene. How on earth, in the ulikely event that the Tories win the next general election, are the likes of Michael Howard & Alan Duncan going to deal with a US President, to whom they’ve been openly hostile & rude ? It would have been better if senior Tories had followed the dictum that it is better to keep their collective mouths closed and let people think that they’re fools, rather than open them and remove any doubt.

    I suppose I ought to be thankful that Boris isn’t openly hostile to George Bush, unlike that ridiculous idiot Alan Duncan, who, unfortunately, is my family’s constituency MP.

  10. Morning Boris
    I just read your article in the Telegraph, and as usual, many valid points have been touched upon.
    One glaringly obvious fact struck me halfway through, you seem to have conceded the forthcoming election to Mr. Blair already, by way of association with the Israel/Palestinian/Bush/Blair relationship and the future path forward as you see it.
    I do hope that nasty Mr. Howard doesn’t kick your bum again.


  11. Boris Johnson for the leadership of the Tory party. After all they could not do worse then have him at the helm. It is time to dump Howard and fast before his cronies destory 300 years of british history.

  12. boris u gna visit Palestine too? U’ve got to hear both sides of the story not the shit they show on tv.

  13. boris ur a joker m8, i saw u on have i got news for you and ur made me crese loads. Ur phone went off for ****s sake!! lol i like ur hair too

  14. sup boris?
    Im on ur site cos im doin a project on you for my AS politics course so i thought id check it out. Y dnt u come in to our school its pretty local in windsor, contact me. take care. safe

  15. who the hell is this guy called fahad? what r u chattin about m8? u go windsor boys dont ya. i go there. i saw u today at skool! FRESHY!

  16. Boris man….. wots happenin with the hair? You need to PIMP it up a bit. who is this fahad matey? thinks he is too bad! I heard he eats curry for breakfast, lunch and dinner! What a freshy!

  17. Well I can see by the intelligent literary expression of the youth of today that we in this country have nothing to worry about – our future is clearly safe and Boris is merely a short-term custodian.
    In the words of the prophet (MTV), Big-up Boris!

  18. i am pleased to finally contact you boris. i have been thinking of u, i saw you on news for you, and you had some really good moments..wen u wernt talking! i also go to windsor and would be great if you came to our school. peace out homie, Peace out H (henley) town!

  19. yeah jaqueline’s got our vibe we r plannin to take on the government soon and we r gna start with windsor and then move on to henley… but we want my main man Boris to set us some contacts. Safe blad and safe jaqueline for backin us up…. whats ur number????

  20. Fahad…. this is no place to pulling girls…. dont u have some curry in the microwave u shud be eating? lol…

  21. Oh Dear, I’m all for freedom of speech, and would generally encourage the youth of today to express an opinion, but the above rantings are just too juvenile to be given a hearing on this board.
    The once great English language, of which I can never be portrayed to be an exponent, given my secondary modern schooling and a tradesmans apprecticeship, is swiftly being eroded in favour of “street speak”
    I fear it’s too late for the present generation, but please Boris, if you never do anything sensible or worthwhile again, make it your task in life to give back to the people of this country, their language.
    Editorial control is preferable to language demolition. [Ed: good point, Paul!]


  22. Not only is Boris Johnson trying take over the Tory party – but he now seems to have a Gangsta Rap Crew on his side. What next for the man with many talents. A white label record. Track Title – Boris’s Blues Beats. First line could run: ‘ I may sound like I come from Eton/ But I can’t be beaten/ I got the true blue Boris beats/ Having taken a seat/ In time…

  23. Boris is cool man…. Paul bruv, u need to become more of a Gangsta, u need to let ur hair dwn get some dreadlocks or sumin, adapt to the modern society blad, what u doin on the net at 5.55am??? Good rave i bet! As for my main man Nick here hes feelin us too along with jacqueline. Boris keep repin’ Henley bruv,, and get back to us we wna help u if u knw what i mean. safe blad

  24. Mmn juvenile: of, for or relating to the young. Well they are schoolboys Paul and they seem to be taking criticism with a sense of humour.

    Anyone seen Shrek2? Did you also see Boris in Vanity Fair? Are Prince Charming and Boris somehow related? I think we should be told! (Melissa?)[Ed: Jacqueline – the V Fair was too syrupy and honeyed – Boris wouldn’t like it to go to our heads! melissa]

  25. yeah shre 2 is a sick film, not to sure about my main boris and pronce charming… going by boris’ looks hes more like the donkey, nah jus kidin Boris, we all knw ur a PIMP. Sfe

  26. Boris is the main man…….! Trust, he is gonna bring this country back to the good days of good NHS, public transport etc…. He is the PIMP of all PIMPs! Neways Boris, keep it real…take it easy.

  27. Jacqueline – there could be a good reason for thinking that Boris Johnson looks like an older version of Dawson Learey in Dawsons Creek? Well it’s just a thought any how.

  28. This post says last year Boris visited Sudan **which proved to be a very fruitful visit**. 2 million Sudanese (and rising) are affected right now by the Government of Sudan killing off its people in Darfur – 70,000 deaths since March (experts estimate death toll is 300,000 over past 20 months). Two million Sudanese have been slaughtered since the present regime in Khartoum stole power 15 years ago. It’d be interesting to know the purpose of Boris’ visit to oil rich Sudan and what is meant here by “fruitful”. I’ve not seen much concern expressed by the Conservatives over genocide in Sudan – or any outcry that China and Russia are dictating to and controlling the UN Security Council. Darfur is Rwanda in slow motion. The Government of Sudan and the international community have completely failed the people of Darfur.

    For more information visit

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