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Provided I recover from the Party Conference – and the trains don’t grind to a halt and shoot the idea to pieces – I will be on Any Questions with Jonathan Dimbleby tonight at 8.00pm

Wish me luck

Best/yours etc


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  1. Good luck, Bozza! I happen to have seen the questions. The answers are:
    1) Walnuts
    2) Not in a free society.
    3) Betty Boothroyd
    4) Bolton Wanderers.
    5) Celery
    Hope this helps!

  2. Luck to Boris???

    More like luck required for the other panelists or the odious J. Dimbleby!

    Give ’em a smacking, Boris.

  3. Ok, I’m really upset now. This is being broadcast from my town! I wish I’d known about this and been able to go! Borissssss! :'(

  4. I’ve just heard part of it.

    The minister (Hain?) was very rattled, saying things like ‘That’s exactly what I’d expect from a conservative’, and then essentially brushing past the response of ‘I’m not a member of any party’ from Amanda Patel (although she was associated with Hague).

    I did enjoy Hain being on the back foot. Up with the BBC!

  5. Good showing Boris! Im with Murk, I can’t stand Peter Hain, he is a hypocrite and way too arrogant could to see both you and Amanda taking him down a peg!

    Melissa, thanks for letting me know about it 🙂

  6. Excellent contribution to the programme, Boris. If you get a chance, listen to ‘Any Answers’ and you’ll see (hear?) that the public have at last realised what a lying, deceitful bunch Tone and his crones really are.

  7. I particularly liked the bit where Boris totally evaded answering the direct question about what he though Peter Hain should have done to prevent the cricket tour to Zimbabwe. Future Party Leader in the making there, Bozza. All bluster and no substance.

  8. I thought you were entirely justified to point out to Hain that it was a lie to say that the intelligence had proved the existence of WMDs beyond doubt. His fit of pique perhaps was spurred by a guilty conscience.

  9. hey boris!!
    i was at Any Questions last Friday and just wanted to say that I really enjoyed it, it was fantastic!!

    dont know if you will remember me but I was one of the girls that came up to you afterwards asking for your autograph and high fived you. thank you very much for that, it was very kind of you.

    just one more thing, boris, you are a legend!!!!

    lots of love
    rachel xx

    ps. boris for PM

  10. hey boris!

    i’m another one of those crazy young ladeez who came up after any questions and did the high-five/ autograph thing 🙂 cheers my dears

    oh, and don’t worry about all this spectator/ liverpool malarkey. if michael howard sacks you over this he is a loser and cant really expect to win the general election. i think you should take over as leader because you actually have a personality, aren’t afraid of speaking your mind and you have great hair 🙂

    take care dude xxx

    p.s. please say you’re going to do the new series of have i got news for you. that was LEGEND!

  11. Yes Boris I agree with loserface, she is indeed right.

    you rock!! (and have great hair)

    good luck with it all

    rachel xXx

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