Constituency Issues


Main issues that Boris Johnson is taking up on behalf of constituents:
(September 04)

– Phone mast on land at corner of Green Lane and Greys Road
– Woodcote to Henley Bus Service 145
– Chiltern Resource Centre
– Firearms Controls Consultation Paper
– Special Areas of Conservation status for Bolton Fell and Solway Moss
– trade justice

14 thoughts on “Constituency Issues”

  1. Great to see another MP being dragged into the technical age! Hopefully this will encourage others to follow suit. Welcome to the blogosphere Boris 🙂

    Just a quick comment: on the photos page one link is broken, and one goes to the incorrect image (the one underneath ‘boriswithkids.jpg’). The reason I’m putting this here? Couldn’t find a contact for ‘comments about the website’ – perhaps something to add (or make more prominent)

    Great blog otherwise!

  2. Hi
    I am an Iraqi I followed Mr. Boris Johnson as a celebrity on the BBC but not as a politician I would like to hear his opinion/preview about Iraq.

    Thanks in advance

  3. I’m a floating voting whose realised the need to get better informed before the next election after I was a contributing factor to the hell that is a hung local council. Blogs form nice bite size chunks that don’t scare me with too much info like the Party offical sites do. To date I’d only collected red and orange blogs. Now I’ve got a set to follow for the National stuff perhaps I’ll be less afraid of the heavy weight offical sites by Christmas. Having seen your bits on the Newsnight special I’m looking forward to being entertained by this – thank you.

  4. To be fair on Boris, he’s already got two full-time jobs. The majority of people don’t seem to realise just how much work being an MP involves – there’s barely time for a coffee break, let alone razzing off a few words on the interweb. Add to that the pressures of overseeing the production of a magazine (highly stressful and time-consuming most of the time), it’s amazing he found the time for ONE post…

  5. Also, forgot to mention – this kind of information is precisely what Boris’ constituents might be interested in finding out. He’s not an MP for our amusement, but to represent the interests of the people of Henley-on-Thames. That’s it.

  6. ‘Firearms controls consultation’, that is are you talking or listening?
    After all we now fully understand the modern meaning of the word consultation, it is as if the HMG is holding its palm up to the popultaion and saying – talk to the hand.
    The Vonversation, consultation and studies about hunting.

    I would be fascinated as to what the consltation can achive other than to rubberstamp what the Govt has already decided.

  7. Blogging Boris Johnson

    Hugh at gaping void discovers that my MP, Boris Johnson has a blog. However he seems to be impressed that it’s there, rather than it being useful.

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